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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden


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Year 1 Melbourne
Zoo Excursion

As a part of their unit of Inquiry, ‘What do living things need to survive’, the year ones will be going on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo on the 31st of July. Students will be participating in the ‘Cycles of Life’ program and will also explore the zoo, looking at different habitats and learning about endangered animals. The students are really looking forward to their trip to the Melbourne Zoo.

Layer Up Days

PCC will be participating in Layer up Day on the dates listed below. Layer Up days aim to reduce the College greenhouse emissions through energy reduction. Classroom heaters will be either turned down or limited to 18 degrees on these dates. This is a uniform day but we encourage all students to wear multiple layers of clothing including beanies and scarves to school so they don’t feel the cold.

5-9 Layer Up Day Thursday 31st July
P-4 Layer Up Day Thursday 7th August

Prep 100 Days
of School

On Monday 28th July our Preps will have been at school for 100 days and will be celebrating with a dress up day. Some creative ideas include dressing up like a 100 year old, 100 buttons/stickers on a t-shirt, a fake 100 dollar note on a t-shirt, draw 100 things on a shirt etc.. PJs also fit the bill as 100 days are a LONG time!

Welcome to Point Cook

Michael Hayes - PrincipalWelcome to the Point Cook Prep – Year 9 College community. The College (formerly Point Cook Primary School) was established in 1923 on the RAAF Williams Base, Point Cook. The College re-located to the Ponsford Drive site at the beginning of 2010 school year.

Point Cook College has a firm commitment to preserving the highly regarded traditions and culture built on the foundation of “Nobody has the right to physically or emotionally hurt another” whilst focusing on the exciting vision of “Creating Tomorrow Today”.

Point Cook College is a Public Private Partnership facility in accordance with the Victorian Government's Partnerships Victoria framework. Partnerships Victoria is designed to combine Government facilities with the expertise that the private sector has in designing, financing, building and maintaining infrastructure projects. All education and school curriculum services will continue to be publicly delivered in line with state government policy.

The College brings together the best in contemporary educational design and promotes active student-centred learning through the creation of flexible, functional spaces. It will also be a leading example of ecological sustainability, with a wetland to retain and reuse water and a range of other utility conservation measures. This is a key initiative in linking the teaching of environmental sustainability with its practical application and the College vision.

Michael Hayes - Principal.

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