3-6 Sub School Principal's Message

Welcome to the Middle School 3-6 Remote Learning Portal.

We hope that this portal can direct and support you with your child’s home learning. Within the portal you will find the 3-6 students timetable. If you have any concerns with how your child is progressing in the different curriculum areas please contact their homeroom teacher, via email, the best email address will be posted on your child’s MAG classroom.

Please make sure you establish a routine that works best for you and your family. All work will be found in their google classrooms. If you do decide to work on a different schedule, please make sure that your child is at least communicating on line with their teachers through google classroom. If you have any further questions please contact me and I will support you and your child through this uncertain time.

3-6 Daily Learning Schedule

Remote Learning App List

Many thanks

Lizzie Tout

3-6 Sub School Principal

Lizzie Tout 3-6 Sub School Principal

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