7-9 Teaching & Learning

Years 7 – 9 are the Middle Years of a child’s education – they are years that provide students with various opportunities to develop both breadth and depth in their learning and ensure that they are ready to follow their learning pathway into the Senior Years. Middle Years students are young adolescents who are going through a period of rapid emotional, physical and intellectual development; therefore the curriculum offered is designed to engage the students in their learning by making authentic connections between classroom learning and real life.

The year 7-9 learning program at PCC focuses on:

  1. Developing the whole person – academically, socially, emotionally, physically
  2. Balancing explicit, point of need teaching with authentic experiential learning tasks
  3. Providing student choice whenever possible
  4. Scaffolding learning to develop independent learners

Throughout the Middle Years the curriculum focus at PCC develops into a more Discipline based approach. Students maintain their learning in English and Mathematics and begin their formal studies in Science, Health, History, Geography, Economics and Civics and Citizenship (formerly part of the Inquiry program). Learning is connected across Disciplines, planned and delivered by dedicated year level teaching teams in specific year level spaces. All students in the Middle Years have a Homeroom base for their learning, moving to Specialist Spaces for classes as required.

Students in the Middle Years have access to specialist learning areas of Health and Physical Education; The Arts (Visual and Performing Arts,) Food Technology, Science and Language Other Than English (LOTE- Indonesian). Students have the opportunity to attend Outdoor Education Camps in each level and participate in the biennial overseas trip to Indonesia in Year 8 or 9. There are also a range of year level specific activities and events, designed to maximise student engagement and to celebrate learning success in a variety of formats.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a significant component of learning, integrated in all curriculum areas. In the Middle Years students are learning through real life ICT applications. Our Year 7-9 students are also engaged in a 1:1 iPad program (parent funded).

Year 9

As students enter into their senior year at PCC, they have opportunities to participate in a range of events and to develop a learning program that matches their interests and potential future directions. All students participate in the Point Cook Scramble, Melbourne Experience, Year 9 Retreat, PCC Graduation ceremony and Pathways Program.

Pathways Program

Middle Years students learn best when they have a choice in what they are learning and can connect what they are doing now with what they want to be doing in the future. At PCC we offer our Year 9 students a chance to select the focus for part of their learning program.

Students get to select 4 subjects to study, in addition to their core program. By making these choices students have the opportunity to follow an interest and to experience the breadth of subjects that are available to them in future years.

These subjects range from Art through to Theatre Performance, with subjects covering Technology, Health and Physical Education, Environmental Science, Music, Dance and Drama. Students study 2 Pathways subjects each semester.

There is a Parent Information night held annually in Term 4 for Year 8 parents and students to explain the program and the processes involved.

Please see the Pathways Handbook for more information.

Year 9 Pathway Handbook 2019 (PDF)

Year 9 Pathways

Pathway Selection

As well as the core skills, Year 9 students will have the opportunity to experience the breadth of subjects that are available to them in future years.

Students will have the opportunity to select 4 Pathways subjects.

Students will complete 2 Pathway subjects per semester.

More comprehensive details of the process and pathway descriptions can be found by clicking on the link below to download the pathways 2019 booklet

Year 9 Pathway Handbook 2019 (PDF)

Selecting a Pathways Program

Carefully read and consider the Pathway options listed in the booklet.

Year 8 students are encouraged to talk to their home group teachers about their Year 9 choices.

If extra assistance is needed in determining student choices, please contact Mr Nathan Gage (Assistant Principal Year 7-9) or Neighbourhood Leaders 7-9, Mrs Rebecca Collins or Ms Danni Stewart – who will answer your questions or will forward your questions to the relevant staff.

After careful consideration students should go to the Pathways Portal, enter the individual code given to the student and select their pathway subjects.

Language other than English: Indonesian

The study of Indonesian involves learning key language skills as well as developing cultural understanding and general awareness of how different languages work. The focus of this pathway is to develop students as confident communicators whilst building a greater understanding of the Indonesian culture, country and people.

Iron Chef

Students undertaking this unit will explore and research a range of food products from around the world. Some weeks will centre on a ‘mystery’ ingredient and students will be challenged to investigate cultural significance, cooking techniques, nutritional value, and flavour combinations specific to the product. Armed with this knowledge, students will design and produce recipes and dishes that taste great and fit within budget limitations. Students will also work in teams to take on food related Design Briefs such as coming up with a menu for Year 9 lunch orders.


Students will learn about different dance styles and different forms of creative movement. They will respond to a range of creative stimulus and explore dance in various social and historical contexts. Students will use their own experiences to create dance as a means of expression and will be introduced to various dance making and choreographic techniques. The culmination of the course is the participation in the end of semester dance performance.

Digital Photography

In this Pathway students will explore and experience theoretical and practical learning of digital photography. Students will develop awareness in the ways photographs can be used to communicate ideas and feelings in a contemporary society through the development of their images. Students will also explore how a camera works and how to use a camera to achieve different visual effects.

Forensic Science

Forensic science is the application of science concerned with the analysis of evidence from crime scenes to support criminal proceedings. Students will explore how science is used in criminal investigations. It involves a combination of chemical, physical and biological tests on evidence such as hair, fibers, fingerprints and soil. Students are required to analyse evidence, observe reactions and draw conclusions from experiments performed and research undertaken.

Game On and Virtual Reality

Game on is a Year 9 Pathways subject with a focus on the world’s most popular entertainment industry video games. Students will learn how to create their own video games, such as scrolling shooters and platform games on their iPad. Students will learn about different types of computer programming, visual design and multiple software packages/apps.

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is the study of the nature and development of mind and behaviour in humans. Psychologists investigate everything from the basic workings of the brain to consciousness, memory, reasoning, language, personality and mental health. People study psychology to better understand themselves, relationships and the world around them.

Living Landscapes

Gardens are very special places. They can inspire us, feed us and make us feel great Students will be involvedin “making a difference” to their school and local environment through developing skills to design, improve and add biodiversity to our school grounds. Students will be involved in instigating, creating, planning and designing garden projects at school working in our school’s wetland, Stephanie Alexander Food Garden and general school gardens.

Marine Biology

To celebrate the sea and its inhabitants! Students will be provided with the opportunity to experience the wonders of the local marine environment. Point Cook Marine Sanctuary, situated at our doorstep, will provide the students with the perfect marine environment to promote sustainability and conservation by increasing awareness and understanding of their marine environment. Students will utilise our amazing location through experiencing hands-on activities. Students will be offered the chance to investigate an academic marine program, including water quality testing, reef survey and litter counts, infused with environmental themes and issues.

Music Appreciation

Students will develop an understanding of the basic elements of music. They will learn to analyse music and use appropriate terminology to describe what they hear. Through research and inquiry they will explore the origins and development of a genre of music. Students will identify key components of music composed for a purpose and use ICT to compose their own piece based on their understandings through the unit. They will also have the opportunity to learn traditional music notation and use this knowledge to play simple tunes on the guitar.


This unique and innovative program will provide an introduction to mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. Students will have the chance to construct and program robotic equipment to perform specific tasks. Participating students will have the opportunity to investigate, design, create, test, analyse and evaluate the use of robotic systems, programs and equipment as a part of their study.

Media Production (PCC TV & Radio)

The Media Production Pathway is the ultimate program that utilises our awesome media studio. It will provide opportunities for students to learn the skills involved in media production, including broadcasting throughout our community. Students will be involved in all steps of the production process.

In Our Shoes – Teen Mental Health

In choosing to participate in the ‘In Our Shoes’ pathway, you will explore the many challenges facing young people today, along with the range of tools, strategies and resources available to assist you to manage your own and others’ mental health and wellbeing. You will be expected to participate actively in discussions, work collaboratively on research projects and design initiatives to raise awareness around adolescent mental health and the availability of support for you and your peers. Be part of the solution as you help to spread the message of living each day ‘In Our Shoes.’

Theatre Performance

Over the course of the semester students will be introduced to a range of performance styles and theatrical conventions. They will refine their dramatic techniques, expressive skills and develop an understanding of stagecraft elements. They will use this knowledge to devise theatrical performance.


Over the course of the semester, students will learn about a range of skills to assist them to communicate information effectively through traditional print-based, broadcast and online outlets including social media. Students will refine their communication skills by learning to effectively research and write according to the requirements various mediums.

Visual Arts - Advanced Drawing

Drawing is the underlying skill used to design and develop artworks across all mediums. This course will offer students a deeper insight into different methods and styles of drawings. They will be able to refine their current skills in tonal drawing to create realistic, expressive and creative art works.

Visual Arts – Studio Arts

The Year 9 Studio Arts pathway aims to explore and investigate a range of art techniques and practices. Students explore different studio art techniques to produce art works in response to different contexts. Students will have the opportunity to investigate the processes involved with each technique. Visual Diaries will be used to document the development and progress of the artwork from research through to exploring ideas and designs to reflections.

Full Cycle

Students undertaking this unit will experience ‘hands on learning’ in a workshop setting that focuses on recycling donated bicycles. The bicycles that students repair will be donated to people in need through the Lions Club. A strong focus on Recycling, Hands-on Learning and Community is at the core of all our work. Skills and knowledge will be developed by ‘hands on learning’ through mechanical tasks that range from striping, repairing and building up bicycles. Students work independently and in small teams to develop safe work practices that include work bench set-up and management, proper tool use, safe handling of chemicals and effectual social skills.

Emerging - Entrepreneurs

Students undertaking this unit will explore and research the world of entrepreneurs. Some weeks will focus on discussing the habits, mindsets and strategies of the some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Together we will unpack the key business strategies and skills. Other weeks will be centred on our own development as entrepreneurs. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to create their own ‘start up’ company. With a range of individual and collaborative learning experiences, students will towards pitching their business plan to our very own PCC Shark Tank Panel, where their business idea could possibly take off and become the next big thing!

Advanced Literature

Get on the fast track towards VCE English Literature with this exciting new program designed to challenge and extend enthusiastic readers and familiarise them with the essential skills and concepts they will encounter in senior secondary education. Students will explore complex and “classic” literature; poetry and prose from a range of contexts and dive into in depth critical textual analysis. Although there will be some elements of text response and essay writing in the course, this will not be the main focus of the pathway.

Education, Teaching and Learning

Education, teaching and learning will take a very close look at one of the most valuable vocations that exist today. Students will gain an understanding of how learning occurs and how educators design learning for individuals. Students will have to opportunity to experience a range of education settings and will get to apply their skills to teach other, including children and adults.

Law and Politics

Law and politics students will begin to explore and investigate political ideologies and beliefs. They will analyse how and when these ideas and significant political figures have influenced Australian and international historical and current events. They will examine principles of fairness, equity and justice and look at how these have formed the basis for the establishment of rules and laws within society. They will apply this understanding and critically evaluate political issues and debates.

Media and Film Studies

In year 9 Media Studies at Point Cook P-9 College students will delve into the world of media. Students have the ability to learn about local, global, social and cultural contexts that shape the purposes and processes in producing media arts. As well as considering the social and ethical implications of media. Students will work towards understanding the relationship between audience and media. Students work towards analysing short films and creating their own pieces of work. Students refine and extend their understanding of structure, intent, character, settings, viewpoints and genre conventions in their compositions.


Students will investigate the three dimensions of health and explore human development across the lifespan, from prenatal to the aged. They will identify biological and environmental factors affecting growth and development, with a specific focus on foetal development. Students will experience the role of families in optimising personal health and development by participating in a baby simulation Project. They will research the major causes of morbidity and mortality across the lifespan and identify risk and protective factors to maximise health and human development.

Advanced Fitness

The Advanced Fitness pathway is designed to give students an introduction into the knowledge and skills required to be successful in this area during senior secondary college. It will give the students the opportunity to investigate and explore topics including principles of training, fitness components, training methods and training program development. Students will examine their own body’s adaptions to exercise as well as study ways to better their performance in physical activity and sport. This pathway will include both physical and theoretical components.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education Pathway will give the students the opportunity to investigate and explore topics including canoeing, water safety, rock climbing, team building, first aid, hiking and camping. Students will examine the concept of adventure in outdoor activities, as well as the perceived and actual risks. Students will learn about and experience a variety of outdoor adventure activities in natural environments. During participation in a range ofoutdoor recreation and adventure activities, students will develop skills, knowledge and behaviours that enhance safe participation in these activities.

Please click on the link below to access the Pathways Handbook for more information.

Year 9 Pathway Handbook 2019 (PDF)

Year 7 Camp

Coming Soon

Year 8 Camp

Phillip Island Coastal Discovery Camp

At Phillip Island the year 8 students engage in activities that will facilitate positive relationships and allow the entire team to get to know each other and develop a strong team spirit. It will provide an away-from-home environment that is safe, caring and encouraging. Camp instructors provide personal support and mentoring by modelling positive, responsible behaviour. Individuals will take responsibility for themselves and others by using their time constructively and participating in camp duties that benefits the whole school camp community. Main activities on the camp include: Body Boarding, Surfing, Mountain Bikes, Camping (inc Bushwalking, Hut Building and Bush Cooking) and Archery.

Year 9 Camp

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1-1 iPad Program