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Point Cook College Newsletter
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Point Cook College

No 10, July 2016

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

From The Principal's Desk

Welcome to Term 3

A very warm welcome back to school. It has been great to see everyone return to school relaxed and energised for a very productive Term 3. A special welcome to all our new families and staff, we sincerely hope your association with Point Cook College is rewarding. I would like to welcome the following new and returning staff members:

Ms Ellen Taylor - Joining the Year 1 and 2 Neighbourhood

Mr Marc Mudford - Joining the Year 5 and 6 Neighbourhood

Ms Sarah Krstev - Returning from family leave and joining the Year 1 and 2 Neighbourhood

Ms Aileen Traynor - Returning from family leave and joining the Prep Neighbourhood

Ms Stephanie Bulic - Returning from family leave re-joining the office admin team

Mr Joseph Scrivens - Joining our ICT support team

People of Point Cook

In this edition of the newsletter you will meet Sarah Moore as part of our ‘People of Point Cook’ segment. Please take the time to visit the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden and see the amazing work Sarah does.

Learning and Teaching Overviews

This week you will receive Learning and teaching overviews. It is important that you take the time to read over these and know what your children are learning. This term is special in that we celebrate the Olympic games as a whole College. We look forward to the fun, colourful learning during this amazing time. I know all staff and students are very excited.

Victorian Indonesian Statewide Speaking Competition (Sayembara Lisan)

On Friday night I am attending a very special presentation for the following students who achieved a winning place Victorian Indonesian Statewide Speaking Competition (Sayembara Lisan):

  • Level II: Amelia Collins (1st place), Jason Lim (1st place), Wendy Widjojo (2nd place), Ella Wallace (3rd place)
  • Level III: Riva Dubey (2nd place)
  • Year 7C: Isabelle McGrath (1st place), Ella Pettigrove (2nd place)

  • Year 8C:Kar Mun Chan (3rd place)

The Awards Ceremony will be held at the University of Melbourne. This is a fantastic achievement.

P-4 Parent Teacher Interviews

At the end of last term you all received the end of semester reports and in the coming week, Prep to Year 4 parents will have an opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss individual progress. It is an important time for all students, parents and teachers to reflect and build on what is going well and also create a plan for growth and improvement for all the other areas.

College Fences

You would have noticed that the fencing project has begun and is almost complete. We are waiting for the gates to be delivered and installed for the project to be completed. By the next newsletter I hope to inform you of the new arrangements in terms of gate opening and closing times. Similarly, the two new relocatable classrooms have arrived and are being fitted out. We expect that handover will take place towards the end of the month.

CEO Sleepout

Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement. Together the Point Cook College community, family and friends raised $5250. What a tremendous effort!!

The event was wet and uncomfortable but insignificant compared to the harsh conditions endured by hundreds every night including men, women and children.

I met so many amazing people who were so impressed with what Point Cook College had achieved in terms of raising awareness throughout our community. We all want to see homelessness and the issues that lead to homelessness addressed but it's going to require hard work and real commitment.

The money raised will assist St Vincent de Paul’s work in supporting those in immediate need and also addressing the long term issue of housing. Thank you for your support and to the 1540 students at PCC; you have done an amazing job.

I would like to specially thank the SRC, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Holland, Julie Paris and Mrs. Rebecca Thornton for all the work organizing the soup kitchen and the organisation of the event.

I wish you all a great term.

Frank Vetere

College Principal

Assistant Principal News P-4

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the P-4 community.

  • Welcome
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Prep Enrolments
  • Term Overviews
  • Olympics

Marg Holness

Assistant Principal News 5-9

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the Middle Years community.

  • Welcome
  • Changing Brains

Bernadette Cronin


Important Dates - July

  • 15th - St. John ambulance first aid Year 1 and 2 FREE incursion
  • 19th - Prep-4 Parent Teacher Interviews 3:10-7:00pm
  • 22nd - Cooking classes for parents
  • 27th - Prep's 100 Days of School (Prep PJ Day)
  • 29th - National Tree Planting Day
  • 29th - Subway Day

Important Dates - August

  • 2nd - Grade 5/6 AFL Academy Challenge
  • 3rd - Primary Districts Athletics Carnival (selected students)
  • 1st-5th - Chocolate Drive
  • 8th-19th - PCC Olympics Celebrations
  • 8th - PCC Olympic Opening Ceremony
  • 9th - 7-9 Olympic Games Day
  • 10th - Year 9 Winter Sport Boys and Girls
  • 11th - P-2 Olympic Games Day
  • 12th - Curriculum Day
  • 16th - International Food Day
  • 17th - 3-6 Olympics Games Day
  • 18th - Year 8 Winter Sport
  • 19th - PCC Olympic Closing Ceremony

P-4 Parent Teacher Interviews

Prep to 4 Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday the 19th of July from 3:10pm until 7:00pm. Parents are able to book times online through the COMPASS parent portal. If you have issues logging onto the portal please contact me at the College on 8348 7109.

Daryl English

Prep Enrolments 2017

For more information regarding Prep enrolments in 2017, please click this link to view the flyer.

Please make sure you enrol your child to ensure they do not miss out on our transition program, beginning in early October.

Rachel Wallace

Chocolate Drive

As part of the College fundraising events, we will be running a Chocolate Drive later this term. Boxes will only be sent home to those families who indicate that they would like to sell them. A note will be sent home shortly with a section for you to fill out and return to school if you would like a box to sell.

The boxes will be a mixture of Freddo Frogs, Caramello Koalas and an assortment of chocolate bars. There will be 50 items in each box that sell for $1 each. The boxes will be sent home from Monday the 8th of August with the money due back to the College by Friday the 9th of September.

Thank you for your support.

Gina O'Keefe

Extra Curricular Activities 

Click on this link to download the PCC Extra Curricular Calendar.

Please Note - This calendar is a live document and changes every two weeks, events get added and events get taken off. Costs are approximates.


Uniform Policy Implementation kicks off

We are delighted and proud to see see almost all of our students wearing the school uniform in line with College SWPBS expectations and would like to thank students and parents for their support. In addition to this it has been great to hear so many positive comments from visitors in relation to student appearance and presentation.

We plan to keep you up to date with uniform information via the newsletter. Previous newsletters can be found on the website so you can always revisit earlier information if unsure of anything.

What’s working...

  • FULL NAMES on removable items – misplaced items can always be returned.
  • Uniform combinations chosen that suit the weather conditions – this week has been particularly cold.
  • College identifiable uniform items highly visible in all areas.
  • Combinations selected from those available in the policy and adhering to guidelines.
  • Year 9s in either Full Sport OR Full Standard combinations.
  • Noone taking orders and advising parents when out of stock items arrive.
  • Discussions with students and communication with parents about uniform infringements.
  • Second Hand Uniform sales – Sandy Thornton is doing a great job at finding new homes for pre-loved uniform items. Keep an eye out for these sales, it’s a great way to pick up a bargain or two.
  • Generosity of families donating outgrown items to the college to sell at the abovementioned sale. Thank you for your assistance.

A work in progress...

  • Leggings, jazz pants and non- college track pants - please check the policy for correct options.
  • Long sleeve tops and leggings worn under summer weight dresses for warmth – please choose a weather appropriate combination form those available. Both the polo and striped shirts are available in long sleeves and the dress is not suitable for the colder months.
  • Students leaving removable items behind – we encourage responsibility by reminding students to collect their belongings, but having things clearly named (including surnames) can help them find their way back to the owner and avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Communicating with teachers when issues arise – this helps to avoid unnecessary or uncomfortable conversations with students.
  • Older students pushing boundaries – we encourage independence but need to work with parents to ensure students are presenting in line with expectations
  • Noone are working hard towards keeping up with demands – we are only one of their many schools and as such they are unable to keep an unlimited supply in store - we can help by anticipating our needs in advance.

What's new...

  • A ‘soft cell’ zip vest with logo has been added as an OPTIONAL item which can be worn with any of the standard combinations. We will advise you when this is available at Noone, it will retail between $40 and $50, depending on size.
  • Photos of acceptable combinations will be added to the website and put on display in the foyer over the next few weeks to assist you.

We get it...

Multiple uniform purchases all at once can be a costly exercise for families, particularly when there are a number of children or the family is experiencing financial difficulty. We have a number of supports in place to assist you, you just need to contact us to discuss the options.


Attendance rolls are marked on COMPASS at the start of the day. If you have concerns about whether your child has arrived safely please log into your COMPASS portal, go to the profile link and select the Attendance tab. You will be able to check both daily and overall attendance from here.

Early Arrivals

We have a number of students who continue to enter the schoolyard well before students are able to enter the classroom. Not only is this a safety issue in terms of supervision, the weather has been extremely cold of late and will more than likely continue to be for most of this term. Please consider this when leaving your child or sending them off to school, starting the day cold, damp or uncomfortable does not align with being ‘ready to learn.’

Early Leavers

Frequent announcements during the day can be very disruptive to the learning environment. In order to minimize the need for this, we request that if your child needs to be collected early from school due to an appointment, you send them to school with a note indicating the pick up time. We can then ensure your child is waiting at the office when you arrive to collect them. We accept things pop up unexpectedly, however we prefer this to be the exception.

Student Access Restrictions & Court Orders

Parents are reminded that the College can only enforce Court Orders and/or Access Restrictions if your documentation is current and has been provided to the College. If you have updated information that you have not provided please do so at the office as soon as possible. If you have any concerns please contact Robyn Fincher.

Robyn Fincher

P-4 News & Events

P-4 Newsletters and Learning Overviews

Please click on the links below to download the Term 3 P-4 Newsletters/Learning Overviews:

Year 2 EAL Library Excursion

At the end of Term 2, the Year 2 EAL students visited Point Cook Library. They played on the ‘Busy Things’ app. After that they read books. Then the students did a scavenger hunt. The presenter also gave the students book marks. The presenter told the students there was a chess club on Tuesdays, a kid’s club on Wednesdays and a Lego club on Fridays. The presenter told the EAL students they could borrow the books and DVDs for free. All of the students had fun at the library.

By Rayat 2F

For more information about the fantastic programs on offer at the Point Cook Library please visit:

Year 3E's Global LYNCs Project (LYNC – Linking Your through Net Communications)

During semester 2 year 3E with their teacher Mrs. Krishnan will be participating in the Global LYNCs project with another class in Korea.

The students have already had their first digital classroom lesson. Students and Teachers participated in a video-conference with children in their partnership class in Korea.

Click the link below to read more on the P-4 Blog.

Jeff Wilson

Year 4 Bus Safety Excusion

On the 21st of June, some of the Year four students were chosen to go to the Southern Cross Station in the city for an excursion about bus safety. We went there because it was bus safety week and Bus Victoria chose Point Cook College to participate. We met Craig and Keith who work for Bus Victoria.

5-9 News & Events

Learning & Teaching Snapshots Year 5-9

Please click on the links below to download the 5-9 Learning and Teaching Snapshots:

Year 7-9 News

Welcome back to Term 3!

It is going to be a very exciting term in Year 7-9. We are looking forward to lots of very engaging learning opportunities. 'My Melbourne' will run in Year 9 as well as the beginning of Semester 2 pathways. A really engaging movie study and script writing unit will occur in Year 8 and in Year 7 there will be lots of work on biographies and the Olympics! We are all looking forward to being great role models and leading the Olympics in week 5. Learning Snapshots are available this week. Please read more and see what your children will be focussed on this term.

Kate Sykes

Thank You - Term 2 Student led Fundraising Campaigns

On behalf of 9C, 9D and the PCC Student Representative Council (SRC) I would like to say thank you to all of the Point Cook community. Through our three fundraising campaigns run by the students; Swags For the Homeless, Handbags of Hope and CEO Sleepout, we raised $8685 and collected approximately 85 bags full of toiletries that were donated to Welcome Wagon.

This support and participation from the students, staff and families in our college blew the students, and our, expectations out of the water! Our students developed many life skills through his experience including strategies in fundraising, writing formal proposals, public speaking (both to business and large groups), banking and money management, advertising and formal letter writing, skills that can really assist them in the future.

I can't wait to see what we can do next year!

Thank you.

David Simpson and Alison Farrugia

Twitter: @MrSimpsonY9PCC

Community News

Election Day BBQ

Thank you to the parents and staff who were able to help at our BBQ. Your support is greatly appreciated and you helped to make it a very successful day!

Thank you to...

Michael Jeffrey, David and Shelly Baird, Sue Yen, Navneet Rekhi, Con and Toula Katsouranis, Jamie Fan, Ovi Costea, Sharon Cooper, Heidi Gallina, Mark Yates, Jenny Maric, Rob Paladino, Kate Baryla, Debbie O’Donnell, Saman Samaranayake, Shelly Parcell, Megan Robinson, Anu Syaja, Rupesh Ramachandran, Sandy Thornton, Robyn Fincher, Frank Vetere, Carly Corr, Liam Holland, Julie Ryan, Marg and Peter Holness, Lizzie Tout, Tim Brennan, Annabelle Gornia and Jeff Wilson.

We would like to thank Point Cook IGA and Tomkins Bakery for their generous assistance and support. We would also like to thank Hocking Stuart Point Cook for their donation of two display boards to advertise our event. Thank you to our stall holders for taking part in the day. Thank you also to the families who came along. We appreciate your support too and we hope that you enjoyed our event.

Rebecca Thornton

Competition for students

We are holding a competition for students to create a design that will be used to decorate the shipping container which is on the fence line on Tom Roberts Parade.

The focus of the design needs to be about active travel to school and/or road safety. Earlier this year we announced that PCC was selected by the Wyndham Council to be part of the Wyndham Schools Active Travel Program. More information about the work that has been done will be announced shortly but the aim is to encourage students and families to actively travel to school by walking or riding to reduce traffic congestion around the College and to promote a healthy lifestyle. In doing this, we also would like to remind students, parents and drivers in our community about road safety.

The winning designs will be used by the Year 9 Art Pathways students and painted onto the shipping container later this year.

You need to draw your design, logo or slogan on a piece of paper and include your name and homeroom. There is a box at the office to submit your entries. The competition will close on Friday the 5th of August.

Good luck!

Rebecca Thornton

Classes for Parents

Our Zumba classes are held every Monday so come along and join in the fun! We meet at the office at 8.50am with the class running from 9am-9.45am. The classes are $5 each.

Our cooking classes are usually held every fortnight on Friday afternoons from 1.30pm-3pm. Due to other events at the College this term, the classes will not always be held every fortnight. The dates will be 22/7, 5/8, 26/8, 9/9.

For the first class on Friday the 22nd of July, our Food Technology teacher, Liam Holland, will be teaching us how to make homemade pasta. For catering purposes, please contact me to register for the cooking classes. We meet at the office at 1.30pm.

Thank you.

Rebecca Thornton

People of PCC

Sarah Moore

This week, we would like to introduce you to Sarah Moore who is our garden specialist. Her role at PCC is to work with our students to manage and maintain our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden. Sarah started working at PCC four years ago. Prior to that she has worked in a nursery and in grassland management. She has a Diploma of Horticulture and a Degree in Resource Management.

Rebecca Thornton

Community Partnerships Leader

PCC Olympics 2016

3 weeks to Rio!

The Point Cook Olympics is fast approaching and we are getting very excited! The Olympic torch has begun its journey around the College and each homeroom will have a chance to keep it in their room and learn about the history behind it. The t-shirts have arrived and look fantastic - the flags are really cool. All students have had the opportunity to get together in their country team to learn a bit about it and have chosen an “anthem” to play when they enter the “stadium”.

A note was emailed out to all families via COMPASS last term. The note includes a return slip with the money for the t-shirts and other events. We have included a link at the bottom of this article for those who have not been able to access it. Homeroom teachers also have the note and parents can request a copy. It is important that this note and money is collected ASAP.

You will receive another note shortly. This note is really important as it is about the International Food Day. We must have one note per child returned to the homeroom teacher so that we can gather up-to-date information on student allergies and food restrictions. This note also gives permission for students to participate. Students will not be able to participate in this event without a returned note.

In order to help us with the massive organization of the Olympics events, please ensure these notes are attended to ASAP.

There will also be athletics events days for all students. You can check out these dates on the calendar and parents are encouraged to come and cheer on the athletes!


2016 Olympics Committee

Download the Olympics note here.

You might like to watch Episode 3 of PCCTV - The Olympic Edition 2012

Sports Report

Sport, Sport, Sport!

Please click on the read more button to find out about the sports reports from Term 2! PCC students have certainly been busy with the following sports:

  • Year 6 Girls Netball
  • Year 6 Girls Soccer
  • Year 6 Boys and Girls Teeball
  • Year 7-9 Girls AFL
  • Year 7-9 Boys Netball
  • Primary and Secondary Athletics Record Breakers for 2016.

Matt Saunders


Indonesian Youtube Channel

All Year Prep – 2 students learning Indonesian!! A new youtube channel has been created especially for Years Prep – 2 learning Indonesian. This way all the stories, songs and dances we do in class can be found in one spot. I would encourage all students in these classes to visit the site and add it to their favourites! The address of the new junior primary Indonesian site is as follows:

If you have any queries or feedback about the program, please contact me at

(Ibu) Anne Mackelvie

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