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Point Cook College

No 10, June 2017

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

From The Principal's Desk

I would like to begin by thanking the community for supporting all staff to participate in a professional learning day last Friday. The focus of our learning was ‘Creating Global Leaders Today.’ We examined the skills and capabilities required of educators and students to promote success in the future. We look forward to sharing more of our investigations into the following capabilities:

Citizenship, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character, Communication and Connectivity.

I have attached a letter here from Professor John Hattie the Deputy Dean from Melbourne Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne. Professor Hattie is without doubt one the leading educational researcher in the world. His research into what works in schools has had a positive impact on schools across all jurisdictions. Point Cook College has been selected to participate in a significant research- based improvement initiative.

As you are most likely aware, we had a significant incident after school last week, which involved one of our students. Without going into too much detail I am super proud of how our community responded to the incident and following the incident. Please take the time to read Rebecca Thornton’s article in our Community News about road safety. I am really happy to announce that the student involved is doing just fine.

As we head into the final fortnight of a very successful Term 2 and Semester 1, I urge all students and parents to reflect on the past and begin thinking about how the second half of the year will support ongoing growth and learning. What will you continue doing well and what do you need to change?

Beginning with this newsletter I will be sharing simple strategies that you can utilise at home to support your child’s learning growth. Some are more relevant to different stages of learning.


In the early years of primary school, students learn to read through rhymes, story-telling and following along with their favourite book. Learning to write begins with scribble and drawings. The activities below will help your child develop these skills.

1. Share rhymes and songs and encourage your child to join in.

2. Save safe cardboard and household items for your child to build with. Ask your child to describe what they are building.

3. Have a dress-up box for your child to use for imaginative play.

4. Listen to your child and respond to their ideas with questions and ask for more information.

5. Write down your child’s stories as they tell you and encourage him or her to read it back to you.

6. Point out and talk about letters and words all around you. For example, on cereal boxes, car number plates, signs.

7. Cook simple things together. Read out the recipe, talk through what you are doing.

8. Join a toy library and choose toys together.

9. Look at junk mail and talk about the things for sale.

10. Provide materials and create a writing/drawing table or area.

11. Talk about family photos and histories.

All the best,

Frank Vetere

College Principal


Important Dates - June

  • 19th-22nd - Year 9 C.A.P. Week
  • 20th - Year 4 Camp Information Evening 5:30-6:30pm
  • 21st - Year 6 Cabaret rehearsal
  • 21st - Parents and Friends Association Meeting 2-3pm
  • 21st - Year 6 Cabaret
  • 22nd - Primary and Secondary Regional Cross Country
  • 23rd - Prep G, LB, P and RW - Animal Land Children Farm Excursion
  • 23rd - Year 7-9 Girls AFL and Boys Netball
  • 23rd - Year 1/2 Musical Theatre Performance for Year 1/2 students
  • 26th - Year 1/2 Musical Theatre Performance for Prep students
  • 26th-30th - Education Week
  • 27th - Year 6 Excursion - Places of Worship
  • 27th - Year 5/6 Camp Information Evening 5:30-6:30pm
  • 28th - House Celebration - Term 2 (House TBA)
  • 30th - Out of Uniform Day for Blanket Melbourne (Gold coin donation)
  • 30th - Subway Lunch Day
  • 30th - Cooking Class for PCC parents
  • 30th - End of Term 2 - 3pm

How best do we communicate with your family?

At PCC we are committed to provide families with up to date and relevant information. We employ a range of media to communicate with families and they include this newsletter, our College website, twitter, Facebook and our parent portal COMPASS. We are currently reviewing how we make the best use of each of these media and are seeking your feedback. If you have a few minutes, it would help us greatly if you could complete our survey. The survey can be found by clicking on the link below:

Daryl English

YMCA Winter School Holiday Program

Our holiday programs are full of stimulating and engaging activities for children aged between 5 and 13 years. This includes spontaneous and planned activities based on children’s interests and abilities.

YMCA Point Cook is running a Winter school holiday program in the upcoming school holidays. BOOK ONLINE NOW AT: CHILDRENSPROGRAMS.ORG.AU and download the flyer for details here.

Adam Imber | OSHC Coordinator

Extra Curricular Activities Calendar

Click on this link to download the PCC Extra Curricular Activities Calendar. It can also be found on the PCC website under Our College - College Policies and Accountabilities

Please Note - This calendar is a live document and changes every two weeks, events get added and events get taken off. Costs are approximates.

PCC Staff Digital Learning Conference

Creating Global Leaders Today

On Friday the 9th of June, all staff participated in our 2017 Digital Learning Conference. The theme for this year’s conference was “Creating Global Leaders Today”. Looking further into our pedagogical practise the key focus was based on teachers being able to design quality-learning experiences that incorporate new pedagogies, accelerated by digital technologies.

We were fortunate enough to have Eleni Kyritsis to join us for the day who presented an exciting keynote and breakout sessions. Taking us through a journey of what a 21st century teacher looks like; providing students with a range of tools to support their learning and connecting students with wider communities giving student learning an authentic purpose and meaning.

Our Digital Leaders and Eleni presented the Deep Learning Competency Framework, which focuses on a set of 6 future skills, the 6C’s in breakout sessions; Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Character and Communication. We also added a 7th C; Connectivity. In order to flourish in today’s complex world these skill sets combined with information about student achievement, interests and aspirations allow us to get a clear understanding of what each student needs to learn.

Thank you to all staff in the Digital Leaders group who helped organise the day. Your hard work definitely paid off, as teachers were left feeling innovative and motivated not only for their students but to “create tomorrows teachers today.”

Engagement and Wellbeing

Please click read more to find out about PCC Engagement and Wellbeing information and events including:

  • Must Attend May – Attendance Champions
  • A House by any other name...
  • Counselling and Education Services
  • Kids and Separation Webinar

Robyn Fincher

Parenting Adolescents Seminar – Expressions of Interest

The wellbeing of our students and their families is a high priority for us as a community. Due to a high number of concerns from parents in relation to the challenges and concerns of parenting adolescents, I am seeking expressions of interest from parents and caregivers in the college community about who would like attend a seminar on this topic.

The seminar would be held at the school by a local support agency and would run for approximately 60-90 minutes one evening late in Term 2 or early Term 3. It will be an interactive seminar, including a question and answer time and provide strategies to support and assist you as parents to have a positive relationship with your child.

If you would like more information, or would like to register your expression of interest please contact me via 8348 7100 or via email,

Abbi Chamberlain

Social Worker

5-9 News and Events

Game On Pathway

This semester during the pathways subject Game On students investigated a web based software program called Scratch. Students used block coding to create their own games. Have a play by clicking on the link below to go to the 5-9 Blog and let us know what you think!

Alison Ryan

Community News

Please click read more to find out about the following Community News:

  • Road Safety
  • Parents and Friends Association (PFA)
  • Cooking classes for PCC parents
  • Book Swap

Rebecca Thornton

EAL & Community Partnerships Leader

Science News

Year 8 Science

The Year 8 students are learning all about chemical reactions. They did experiments exploring endothermic and exothermic reactions. They did a series of eight experiments and measured the temperature before and after the reaction. They learnt that an exothermic process releases heat, causing an increase in temperature and that an endothermic process absorbs heat causing a decrease in temperature. They also investigated the process of rust, by placing steel wool in different solutions to see how each substance effected the rusting process.

Year 6 Science

The Year 6 students are investigating different reversible and irreversible reactions. This week they did an experiment called Bubble, bubble, plop, plop. In this experiment the students melted butter, candle wax, sugar and chocolate in foil patty pans on a hot plate to see what would happen. Through their observations they were able to discover that some substances returned to their original form whereas other changed.

Debra Bednarek

Laboratory Technician

Sports News

Year 8 Boys Interschool Soccer Competition

The 13th of June was the day we'd trained for, for an entire year. It was the Year 8 boys interschool soccer competition. Every recess and lunch playing soccer had led up to this and we needed to rise to the occasion. We caught a bus to a soccer pitch in Williamstown and our first match was against Bayside. Mark Putter and Jack Thorpe were our co-captains and they lead us to an easy 3-1 victory. Throughout the match, Mark had been one of our key players, however in the last minute he had suffered an injury. He was accidentally kicked by a Bayside player and he had fractured the growth plate in his ankle.

Ms Alaalatoa stayed with Mark until the ambulance came, but we had another match less than five minutes later so we needed to manage ourselves. We picked our own starting lineup and rotated through our subs ourselves. We showed responsibility and pulled ourselves together, which Ms Alaalatoa acknowledged. Our next match was against Alamanda, which we won 6-0. Steven Kehagias and Metua Porima both scored a hat trick, and we dedicated the match to Mark, as he couldn't play for the rest of the day. The next match was against Williamstown High's B team, which we won 7-1. We were all pushing towards the final, and after that win we actually made it!

We had been put up against Williamstown High's A team for the final, and it was by far the hardest team we could've played against. We gave this match everything we had, pushing our hardest until the very last minute.

Unfortunately we had lost 1-3 to them, placing second overall, but we were very proud of ourselves for working so well. We had great chemistry on the pitch, and we all had a crucial part in getting to the final. It was a great day, and definitely one for us to all be proud of. Now, our goal is to train even harder and win the final next year, and we're already practising for it.

Casey Southern 8A

Performing Arts News


Our fabulous cast has been busy rehearsing over the past few weeks and the show is looking and sounding amazing!

Tickets are on sale and are available through the office (adults $20, children $12).

Performance dates: Thursday 31st August and Friday 1st September!

Come along and support the talented students of PCC as they take you on a journey through the wacky and wonderful world of Dr Seuss!

Loretta Cachia and the Seussical Team

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