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Point Cook College Newsletter
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Point Cook College

No 9, June 2016

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

From The Principal's Desk

Your Vote Matters

I will rarely make a political statement in my capacity as College Principal, however on this occasion I feel obliged to make an exception.

The outcome of the upcoming Federal election on the 2nd of July is critical for the future funding of our students and schools including us at Point Cook College. There is so much at stake and your vote matters!

If the full Gonski model is not implemented, this once in a generation opportunity to ensure needs-based funding flows to our students will be lost.

The Gonski model of needs based funding was recommended after an 18-month review by an expert panel headed by respected business leader David Gonski.

The Federal and State Governments signed an agreement to jointly provide Gonski funding to our schools over a six-year period. This funding is distributed according to student and school need and increases every year. It’s only after the full six years of funding that schools will start to have the right resources to meet the learning and welfare needs of every student.

If this commitment is not honoured, the opportunity may be gone. It will be very difficult for any political party in the future to implement a needs based education funding model. The loss to Victorian schools in years five and six is over $960 million. The impact for Point Cook College is over $1,000,000.

As Principal of our great school I can't emphasise enough the importance of the full delivery of the Gonski funding model. Please be clear, the outcome of this election will be vital in ensuring our schools have the resources they need to deliver a quality education for all students.

You can find out more about Gonski needs based funding at

CEO Sleepout

Next week I will be participating in the ‘Vinnies’ CEO sleepout to raise awareness and funds to hopefully help end all homelessness in Australia. Together with leaders from a range of industries I will be sleeping out at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in harsh conditions similar to those of the 100,000 homeless Australians who sleep outside, cold and unsafe each and every night.

As a community I hope we will be able to achieve my goal of raising $5,000 for the CEO Sleepout event. Even if we don’t meet the target we should be proud of our collective contribution. All donations will go to those in need of help, to provide them with hot meals, beds and supplies that will ultimately change or even save their lives.

I have been incredibly supported by the SRC and they have led the way in supporting my endeavor.

On Thursday the 23rd of June the SRC be holding an out of uniform day to raise donations. They are asking all students to bring a $2 coin for donation. They will also be selling freshly made soup from the canteen at recess for $2.00 per cup.

You can also donate now by going to the website and searching for Frank Vetere to assist me in reaching my donation goal of $5,000.

I greatly appreciate the donations made and messages of support.

People of Point Cook

In this edition of the newsletter we meet our wonderful crossing supervisors. Their amazing work in ensuring the safety of all pedestrians is often taken for granted. Take the time to say thank you next time you use the crossing.

College Fences and Buildings

In 2015 during parent forums many community members suggested that we should raise the height of the fences on the school perimeter. I am pleased to announce that over the break we are doing just that. We are raising the height to 1.8 meters. In addition we will be mending the bottom rails and gates that have become uneven over the years. This project is a positive investment in ensuring a safe a secure environment for all. Early next term I will outline gate closure and opening times. Entry to school during school hours will be through the main entrance on Ponsford Drive.

Furthermore, I have been advised by the Department of Education that we will have two new relocatable buildings delivered in the next few weeks to meet our continued enrolment growth. I can assure you we have no more room and this is the final delivery in the college master plan. We may experience some disruption next week.

End of Term

This is the last newsletter for the term, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful break and look forward to a very exciting Term 3. Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in ensuring you children have access to the best possible educational programs. I look forward to seeing everyone return to school in full school uniform, as the grace period will officially end at the conclusion of this term.

Thanking you,

Frank Vetere

College Principal

Assistant Principal News P-4

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the P-4 community.

  • End of Semester Assembly
  • Encouragement, Not Just Praise
  • Happy Holiday

Marg Holness


Important Dates - June

  • 20th - APA Showcase Year 3
  • 20th - P-4 Special Assembly in the Gym 9am
  • 20th - Zumba Classes for Parents
  • 21st - Year 9 Dance Pathway
  • 21st - Bus Safety Excursion (group of Year 4 students)
  • 22nd - Year 7-9 Winter Sport (selected students) Girls AFL
  • 23rd - Casual Clothes Day - Fundraising CEO Sleepout
  • 24th - Subway Lunch
  • 24th - House Celebration Day (Winning House TBA)
  • 24th - End of Term 2 3pm

Important Dates - July

  • 2nd - Election Day BBQ
  • 11th - Term 3 Begins
  • 11th - Zumba Classes for Parents

Semester 1 Reports 

Parents will be able to access Semester One reports for students in years P-9 through the College’s COMPASS portal from Friday June 24. All parents should have now received details on how to log into the portal. You can download the free Compass School Manager app from iTunes or Google Play and you can access our school portal at or via the link on our school webpage. During the first week of term 3 parents or guardians of students in years P-4 will be able to book parent teacher interviews through the portal. If you have not received COMPASS details please contact me at the College on 83487100.

Daryl English

House Celebration Day

On Friday the 24th of June PCC will hold its first ever house celebration.

The winning house will get the last hour of school to play various games on the oval and listen and dance to music in the gym. Furthermore they will be able to come to school dressed up in their house team colour.

What a better way to celebrate the winning of your house and the end of term. The winning house is the only one that must come dressed up in their house colours on the day. We look forward to seeing how excited the winning team is when it's announced next week.

Amy van Braam

Extra Curricula Activities 

Click on this link to download the PCC Extra Curricular Calendar.

Please Note - This calendar is a live document and changes every two weeks, events get added and events get taken off. Costs are approximates.

Pre-loved Uniform Sale 

Our next sale will be held on Tuesday the 21st of June at 8.15-9.15am in the canteen near the gym. If there is uniform left from the morning sale, we will be open again from 2.45-3.15pm. Cash only. Items are mostly $5-$10. We will also have a number of worn items in size 4 and 6 for $2. Please note we don't have all items of the uniform in all sizes.

If you have any items of uniform you no longer need and would like to donate to our sale, please drop them off at the sick bay/office. All money raised goes to a charity to help children with their uniforms.

A reminder: Please make sure all your child's uniform are marked with their name and grade. This makes it easier for it to be returned.

Sandy Thornton

Premier's Reading Challenge Update

Students are really getting the books read now. We must offer hearty congratulations to Afiqa Alye Azme, Sienna Barton and Angel Shrestha who have completed the challenge. Angel has even read a massive 70 books so far and is the leading reader at this stage. We have quite a few students who are logging in lots of books they have read. Well done to: Syeda Adnan, Esme Fourie, Maysseh El-Hawli, Paige Goodchild, Matthew Goodchild, Naadirah Johnsen, Emily Kelly, Holly Moore, Nia Arianna Mohd Salleh, Hannah Sugiyama, Moe Tuala, Maya Thomas and Isaac Yip. The amount of reading being done is incredible.

If anyone is having trouble logging on, using the system or have lost their logon details please see Mrs Faust in the library. Keep warm and keep reading.

Sonja Faust

Community News

We need your help please

We will be holding a BBQ on the day of the election (Saturday the 2nd of July) as a fundraiser for the College. We need your help to make this a successful day! If you can spare an hour or two between 8am-3pm it would be greatly appreciated.

If you are able to help, please contact me with your preferred times.

Thank you for your support.

Rebecca Thornton

Election Day Stalls

There are spaces still available if you would like to book a stall. Some stall holders are using their space to run their own garage sale and others are selling new items similar to a market stall.

All sites are outside but undercover. They are $20 each and you will need to supply your own table and chairs if needed. The stalls will open from 8am-3pm with setting up to start from 7.30am.

Registration forms are available at the office or by emailing me. Payments need to be made through the office to secure your booking.

Rebecca Thornton

West Welcome Wagon

The West Welcome Wagon are a non-profit group supporting families in the western suburbs who are seeking asylum. PCC has proudly collected donations for the group a number of times and we are continuing to support their work in our community by inviting them join us on the day of the election as one of our stall holders.

Volunteers from the group will be collecting donations of non-perishable food items, blankets and coats. If you have any items that you can spare please bring them along with you on the day.

Rebecca Thornton

Save the Date - Twilight Market

On Friday the 14th of October we will be holding our first College Twilight Market! Our market will include stall holders, food trucks and performances. More information will be advertised at the beginning of next term.

Rebecca Thornton

People of PCC

School Crossing Supervisors

This week we have spoken to our four School Crossing Supervisors- Cathy, Jo, Wayne and Victor. Jo is a Grandparent to two of our students and Cathy has three children at our College. One of the messages that stood out when speaking to them was that they all enjoy their work. They complimented the students of our College for their great manners and for following their instructions. The enjoy saying hello to the students and families each day and try to learn all of their names. Their interactions with the students and parents is a highlight for them.

Rebecca Thornton

PCC Olympics 2016

Come To Rio

This year is an Olympic year. If you have joined the college in the last three years you are in for a treat, however if you attended the college four years ago you will remember the fantastic celebrations we conducted for the London Olympics. You might also remember that at our closing ceremony we handed the Olympic Flag over to representatives from Rio. We are now gearing up for our Point Cook College version of the Olympics, Rio style! There are many celebrations, activities and opportunities to learn being organised at the moment. One of these is our torch relay that will begin shortly so that the torch arrives at our gym in time for the opening ceremony in early August. We look forward to a fantastic two weeks as we celebrate one of the world’s most important sporting events. There will be a small cost for students which will cover all the activities over the two weeks including incursions, excursions, international food tasting, opening and closing ceremonies, sporting events and a special treat for all. We will be sending out more information shortly so keep watching this space!

You might like to watch Episode 3 of PCCTV - The Olympic Edition 2012

P-4 News & Events

P-4 Assembly

The P-4 end of term assembly will be held on Monday the 20th of June, beginning at 9am in the Gym. At this assembly, we will be introducing our Junior School Captains, our Student Representative Council members as well as our House Captains.

5-9 News & Events

Mr. Frank Vetere to sleep rough for the homeless

FUNDRAISER - Thursday 23rd June

Casual Clothes Day - $2 donation Freshly made Hot Soup sale at Recess - $2 per cup

Mr. Frank Vetere, our Principal, in partnership with the charity "Vinnies" will embark on a journey to raise awareness and to hopefully end all homelessness in Australia altogether. He plans to be sleeping out at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday the 23rd of June at this years CEO Sleepout. He will spend one night in harsh conditions similar to those of the 100,000 homeless Australians who sleep outside, cold and unsafe each and every night.

Mr. Vetere hopes with the help of the Point Cook College Community he will be able to achieve his aim of raising $5,000 for the CEO Sleepout. All donations will go to those in need of help, to provide them with hot meals, beds and supplies that will ultimately change or even save their lives.

"Help us help them"

On Thursday 23rd June we will be holding an out of uniform day to raise donations. We are asking all students to bring a $2 coin for donation. We will also be selling freshly made soup from the canteen at recess for $2.00 per cup.

You can also donate now by going to the website and searching for Frank Vetere to assist him in reaching his donation goal of $5,000.

We would ask everyone to help us in supporting Mr Vetere in this worthy cause by participating in the casual clothes day and buying some soup!!

Help us help them,

Thank you.

Joseline Torres and Bailey Deal

Year 8 Representatives

Point Cook College SRC


Bike and Scooter Safety

Students are reminded that they are expected to refrain from riding or scooting when leaving the College until well clear of the College gates.

Recently we had an incident where a toddler and her carer were knocked to the ground by one of our students on a scooter as they were exiting the schoolyard. Fortunately both parties, while needing medical treatment at the time, are on the road to recovery. While we understand that at the end of the day most people are in a hurry to get home after a long day, it was disappointing to discover that the child on the scooter did not stop when contact was made, nor did anyone come to the injured parties’ assistance. Our SWPBS matrix not only refers to transitioning safely in and around the school, but also valuing, being considerate of, and supporting others. We would would like you to assist us by talking with your child about what we should all be doing to help keep each other stay safe and how to support those that may need assistance.

Robyn Fincher

Uniform Update

I would like to take the opportunity to thank students and families for embracing our revised Uniform Policy in ‘wearing the uniform with pride.’ The ‘grace period’ will officially end this term and as of next semester we have the expectation that all students will be in the correct uniform.

For those of you who are in the process of purchasing new uniform items I met with Noone last week to clarify feedback received. Note that if you have a Year 6 child you should be aware that as of 2017 they will need to have a Secondary standard option as well as a sports option. You may like to consider this before making further purchases this year. Feedback Clarification is as follows :

  • 1. P-6 students may wear EITHER one of the Standard option combinations OR the Sport option on ANY day.
  • 2. Year 7-9 students may ONLY wear the Sport Option ON Sport/PE days. Note that in 2016 this is strongly encouraged for Year 9 but not compulsory, however they must be in a complete uniform combination.
  • 3. Uniform choices may only be selected from within a combination listed, not some from Combination A and others from Combination B. Remember to dress appropriately for weather conditions.
  • 4. No visible ‘non uniform’ items are to be worn.
  • 5. When items are out of stock parents are asked to place an order with NOONE (no deposit required). When the item arrives parents will be contacted via phone or SMS.
  • 6. New track pants should be arriving in the first week of the holidays, along with other items on backorder. If you have not placed an order but wish to purchase new trackpants I suggest you call the store in advance.
  • 7. A lay-by service is available to families.
  • 8. The pricelist will be made available on the Noone website. The website will also have a correction – the girl’s slacks are meant to be navy, not grey.
  • 9. An additional ‘soft- cell’ vest will be added as an OPTIONAL item. More information will be provided when we have further details.

I would also like to remind families that we have support available for families who are struggling to meet expectations. Please contact Robyn Fincher for assistance.

What happens if my child is out of uniform?

Staff have been asked to challenge students who do not meet uniform expectations, and to send an SMS message to parents as a notification. If your child regularly breaches expectations, you will be contacted to discuss how we can support you to get your child on board. We will be operating a ‘Uniform Bank’ where students who deliberately disregard expectations by wearing ‘non uniform’ items (eg: hoodies and windcheaters) will be asked to swap the item for a suitable replacement to wear. They can then swap these back at the end of the day.

What happens if my child is unable to be in uniform on a particular day?

If there is a legitimate reason for your child being out of uniform parents will need to advise the teacher via email or note on the day.

Thank you for your support.

Robyn Fincher


The last day of this term marks the first celebration for the House with the students who have earned the most tokens and wristbands as part of the SWPBS acknowledgment system. It has been fantastic to see students and staff getting behind the framework by working together towards the common goal of creating a safe, engaging and inclusive learning environment. The winning house will be announced at the start of next week (I hope it’s my house!) however everyone needs to be congratulated!

Robyn Fincher

NAIDOC Week Celebrations

NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year NAIDOC week runs from the 3rd -10th of July, the second week of the school holidays. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. To find out more about NAIDOC week celebrations, including the history, Award recipients and local events please visit the website at

Robyn Fincher

Sustainability News

World Environment Day Congratulations

Congratulations to our whole school community for showing support of our Environment by participating in World Environment Day on June 5th. The day was full of great enthusiasm with activities implemented across the school which our Senior Environment Leaders and Year 5/6 Green Gang leaders planned.

Robyn Cairns

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