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Point Cook College

No 2, February 2016

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

From The Principal's Desk

I am delighted to say that the 2016 school year has kicked off exceptionally well. Students have settled comfortably into routines and expectations and home room and neighbourhood spaces have been established to provide a safe and supportive learning environment. These things do not happen by chance so students, staff and parents of PCC, stand up and take a bow. Our new Preps have taken to school like ducks to water, and no doubt enjoyed their well earned rest last Friday, the first of their four Friday ‘recharge days.’ It was wonderful to catch up with a number of parents, both new and old, at our parent morning tea on the first day of school. We look forward to meeting more families at future community occasions.

The start of a new year can raise many questions for parents, particularly when students move into new year levels and programs, often with different expectations. We know that talking with other parents is often a convenient way to get answers, however sometimes misinformation is shared. Staff at the College are in the best position to answer any query or provide clarification. Remember, when in doubt, go straight to the source. Appropriate contacts were listed in the previous newsletter for your convenience.


It is pleasing to see so many of our students wearing their uniforms with pride, which is both in line with our reinforcement of uniform dress code and SWPBS expectations. Special mention should go to our Prep students who always look adorable in their brand new outfits, but also to our year 7-9 students, many of whom have relished the opportunity to don the more formal expectations outlined for the Secondary Years. Please remember we have allowed a six month grace period for students to adjust to the revised expectations and the policy is located on the website for your convenience. Some questions have been raised about the availability and fit of certain items, which I will be discussing with our Noone representative next week.

Traffic Grant

This year we have been fortunate to receive a grant from the Wyndham City Council to investigate traffic issues around the College. The purpose of the grant is to assist the College with improving student safety by gathering information about how students travel to and from school and then using this information to create an action plan for decreasing traffic flow, raising safety awareness and increasing physical activity. There will be opportunities for parents to be involved in the process so please keep your eyes and ears open for more information.

On the subject of traffic, concerns have been raised about a number of unsafe practices occurring at drop off and pick up times. These include; double parking and allowing students to get in and out of cars, stopping in no parking zones and driving above the 40km speed limit. Please ensure you refrain form engaging in these practices, no amount of time saved is more important than the safety of our students. Using the YMCA car park for school drop offs and pick ups is also inappropriate, as it endangers the safety of their users, especially the practice of reversing out of the car park. Leaving a few minutes earlier and adhering to traffic expectations will be in everyone’s best interests, so please remember to do your part. Students are also reminded that if they are riding bikes and scooters to school that they must wear a helmet and the school crossings should always be used when crossing the roads around the College.

College Council Nominations

Over the next week we will be calling for parent nominations for College Council representation. This is a great opportunity to increase understanding of and contribute to, the future direction of the College. Please read the information provided below and on the website, it might just be the opportunity you are looking for.

Cyber Safety - Information Evening

The next community event on the calendar is this upcoming Tuesday night, 16th February. We would like to see as many families as possible represented at our Cybersafety presentation by Susan McLean. Susan is a renowned expert in the field and provides timely and often eye opening revelations into the cyber world and what parents and students need to know – an educative experience no parent should miss. Our Year 5-9 students will attend the student sessions on Monday and Tuesday and the attending the parent session will provide the perfect platform for follow up discussions at home. Please go to the website for further information and don’t forgot to book your tickets as there will be no sales on the night.

Term 1 Events

Term one is a short term so I would like to bring your attention to the last week as there are a number of events taking place. The week will kick off with Harmony Day, which will see our students involved in activities that celebrate cultural diversity through inclusiveness, respect and creating a sense of belonging. Harmony Day will be a perfect lead in to our College launch of SWPBS on the Wednesday, which will showcase the spirit of the behaviour matrix and promote our ‘house community’ system. On this day students will be encouraged to come to school in their house colours and as a gesture of community spirit, will be asked to bring a gold coin donation to donate to the Good Friday Appeal. The week will conclude on Thursday with our younger students participating in the traditional Easter Hat Parade. A busy week, but one we are very much looking forward to.

Finally I am happy to inform you that Frank Vetere, College Principal, is well on the way to recovery. We look forward to having him back on deck very soon, just as much as he is looking forward to being here.

Robyn Fincher

Acting College Principal

Assistant Principal News P-4

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the P-4 community.

  • How to help keep your child happy and less anxious.
  • Prep to Year 4 Team Newsletters
  • Sun Smart College!

Marg Holness

Assistant Principal News 5-9

As we complete our second full week I would like to acknowledge and congratulate our staff, students and their families on a great start to 2016.

Firstly I’d like to specifically congratulate our secondary students for embracing the revised uniform policy so well. Most are now wearing the standard or academic uniform on their non PE / Sport days and wearing it well! Thank you to our families for supporting this cultural change. Any uniform questions, from student or families, should be first directed to Homeroom or Advisory teachers. The revised policy is available on the website.

Please click on the Read More button to read about what is happening in the 5-9 community.

Bernadette Cronin


Important Dates - February

  • 15th - Yr 5-6 Cyber Safety Session with Susan McLean ($5 per child)
  • 16th - Yr 7-9 Cyber Safety Session with Susan McLean ($5 per child)
  • 16th - Parent Cyber Safety Session with Susan McLean ($10 per family)
  • 19th - Yr 9 Outdoor Education Excursion Anglesea
  • 25th - Subway Lunch
  • 29th - Whole School Cyber Safety Day
  • 29th - Year 8-9 Phunctional Drama Cyber Performance

Important Dates - March

  • 1st - Secondary Divisional Swimming Carnival
  • 2nd - Primary District Swimming Carnival
  • 4th - Clean Up Australia Day
  • 14th - Labour Day Public Holiday
  • 18th - Year 7 Immunisations
  • 21st - Harmony Day
  • 23drd - SWPBS Launch
  • 24th - P-2 Easter Bonnet Parade
  • 24th - Subway Lunch
  • 25th - Good Friday(Public Holiday)

Term 1 Activities And Excursion Planner!

Following on from the success of last year’s planner, please see our Term 1 Activities and Excursion Planner.

In this document we aim to capture all of the events across the College that you need to know about to help you plan as a family – details will come via the Homeroom teachers as usual.

Click on the Read More Button to open the Activites Planner.

Bernadette Cronin

Family Invoices - Parent Payment Policy

All families will have been sent home their family invoices. Please note as part of the State Governments new Parent Payment Policy all unpaid amounts for past years have been reversed and are no longer payable. The exception is the Prep Reader Case that all Preps receive in their first year at the college. The college purchases this item on behalf of the parents and is a requirement for the reading and communication program.

All families have been invoiced according to the booklist they submitted at the end of the year. If you did not submit a booklist you will have been charged for the Essential Curriculum Items that your child requires. Part payments will be accepted. Some parents may have been charged incorrectly as they did not supply a booklist but have since supplied stationary. If you have any issue with your invoice please speak to your Neighbourhood Leader.

Janette Carey

School Banking

School Banking Day for Dollarmite account will be Tuesday this year. Please send your child’s bankbook to college on Tuesday for processing. All Preps and Year 1 students have been given an application form to open an account. Any other student who would like an application form can ask for one at the office.

Janette Carey

Camps Sports Excursion Funding

Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. $125 per year is paid for eligible primary school students, with $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school students. A special consideration eligibility category also exists. Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student. This funding can only be used for the payment of Camps and Excursions. It is non-refundable to parents.

  • CSEF applications open from term one 2016.
  • Parents or legal guardians are required to submit a new CSEF application form each year.

If you are entitled to this funding please call at the office for an application form.

All applicants must complete and lodge their submission by 29 February 2016. This applies to 2015 applicants seeking funding in 2016.

Janette Carey

Easter Raffle

As part of the College’s fundraising efforts we will be running an Easter Raffle this term. We would appreciate it if all families could donate an item for our hampers. All donations can be placed in the Easter Hamper box at the office from Monday February 29th.

Raffle tickets will be sent home to every family starting the first week of March and will sell for $2.00 each

All tickets and money due Wednesday March 23rd.

Gina O'Keefe

Out Of Uniform Day

Each year PCC raises funds for the Royal Children’s Good Friday Appeal by having an out of uniform day where students bring a gold coin donation in support of this great cause. This year we will be continuing the tradition as part of our SWPBS Launch Day on Wednesday 23rd March. The spirit behind the Good Friday Appeal aligns closely with our College values which underpin our SWPBS behaviour matrix so it makes sens to merge the two events. Students will already be out of uniform by wearing their ‘house’ colours on this day and therefore we would love everyone to bring a gold coin to contribute to the amount raised. We are hoping to see our College Captains have their first official duty of handing over the cheque of the funds raised LIVE at the telethon on Good Friday.

Gina O'Keefe

Parents Cooking Class

Cooking classes for parents will be held again this term. Everyone is welcome and there is no cost for the class. The first one will be held on Friday 26th February from 1.30-3pm.

Our Food Technology Teacher, Liam Holland, will be helping us to cook some vegetarian Middle Eastern dishes. If you would like to attend please email me to register, as places are limited. Please sign in at the office and I will meet you there at 1.30pm.

There will also be a class on Friday 11th March. The menu will be confirmed at a later date. Registrations for this class are also now open.

Rebecca Thornton

Community Partnerships Leader


The Subway Fun Lunches for this term are:

  • Thursday 25th February
  • Thursday 24th March

Just for term 1 we will have our Subway lunch days on a Thursday. This will allow Preps to participate as well as it being a great way to finish up the term.

Gina O'Keefe

P-4 News & Events

Year 1 & 2 Term 1 Newsletter

The Year 1 & 2 team have created a newsletter for Parents. This is a must read for all Parent's of Children in year 1 & 2. Please click on this link to download.

Lizzie Tout

5-9 News & Events

Year 5&6 Snapshot

Wow what an exciting start to the year it has been! We have amazing students doing amazing things and we are incredibly proud of the way they have settled and are getting on with the business of being a student in the 5/6 Learning Community. The MAG Mudder set the tone for a fun & adventurous year! Term 1 marks the beginning of each student’s journey through the 2016 school year at Point Cook College and for our Year 5 students the beginning of Middle Years at PCC. It is an exciting time for students and teachers alike. Click on the  Read More link to view more information on the learning occurring in Term 1.

Julie Ryan

MAG Mudder

The MAG Mudder was an activity created by Ms Peters and Mr Johns to encourage students to use team work and camaraderie within their MAGS (Indigo, Crimson and Teal).

Claudia Schiavello

Welcoming Parents and Youth to a free live theatre performance.

On 29th February, Year 8 and 9 students will be seeing 'Who Stole the Sole' a Vic Health, award nominated theatre performance complete with dance, music and comedy around issues of e-security, on and off-line bullying, sexting and respectful relationships.

Alison Farrugia

School Wide Positive Behaviour

Susan McLean Cyber Safety Expert

Are you concerned about your child’s online behavior? Are you worried that they may not have adequate skills to protect themselves when on the internet? We are and that is why we are bringing out Susan McLean to work with our students in an interactive workshop.

Susan McLean is recognized world wide as an expert on Cybersafety. Susan established and managed the Victoria Police Cyber Safety Project as well as conducting hundreds of highly successful workshops around Australia.

Susan will also be offering an information session for parents on Tuesday February 16 at 7:00pm. Susan will give parents up to date and vital information and excellent strategies for working with your children in their online world. The parent session will be held in the gym at a cost of $10.00 per family (2 adults). We strongly encourage a member of the family to attend. It is an adult only forum and unfortunately no child minding is available.

Notes have been sent home for families in years 5-8 however we are able to offer parents with children in other year levels the opportunity to attend and a note will be sent home with children this week. Read more on our College Blog.

Daryl English

Sports Report

Team VIC State Team Trials

This year the Team VIC State Team Trials structure and application process has changed. Please refer to the following links for information the new structure and how to apply. If you have any questions please contact Matt Saunders.

You Tube Video - Explaining SSV Registration

SSV Online Registration information

Matt Saunders

Swimming Trials

Congratulations to all students who attended the swimming trials on Tuesday 9th February. It was a fantastic turn out with 80 students registering their interest. Thank you kindly to our enthusiastic parents who came along and cheered everyone on and enjoyed the beautiful day. Teams will be announced in the following College Newsletter.

Amy Van Braam

Sustainability News

Buff Banded Rail

Over the school holidays our resident Buff Banded Rails had chicks. We captured a picture of one of the two chicks enjoying our rice paddy in the Stephanie Alexander Food Garden.

World Wetlands Day & bird watching in local area

Last week we celebrated World Wetlands Day in Environmental Science. Many students in the year one and two told me they had never seen a black swan and really wanted to. Below are some places easily accessible which you may like to go to see some of our local wetland and shorebirds. Both Point Cook Coastal Park and Cheetham Wetlands are world recognised wetlands sites – (Ramsar classified wetlands)

  • Point Cook Coastal Park
  • Cheetham Wetlands
  • Sanctuary Lakes – lakes
  • Local estate wetlands for walks
  • Altona beach
  • Cherry Lake

New Wetland Sign - Great to see our school community enjoying our new wetlands sign which last year's year 5s helped design.

Eat My Garden

The "Eat My Garden" project is a project running with a number of local organisations with the aim to get families involved in growing their own patch of food garden on their front yard nature strips to encourage community networking and sharing around gardens. See below for further information about your family becoming involved in this local project.

Robyn Cairns (Environmental Science)

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