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Point Cook College

No 19, November 2017

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

From The Principal's Desk

It is hard to believe that we are already in December and that the year is coming to an end. It has been great to see all students remain on task considering the extremely warm weather we have been experiencing. As we approach the end of year we begin to reflect on the wonderful year we have had. December is typically busy with events that bring us together and begin to make us feel festive. Having said this, teaching and learning is still our priority and we expect all members of the community to encourage students to remain on task. Teachers are finalising reports and end of year programs.


I would like to thank the school community for their patience whilst the contractors are completing the works on Tom Roberts Parade. I can assure you the final outcome will be worth the wait and disruption. Again please except my apologies for the disruption caused.

Year 2 and 4 Concert

On Tuesday I was joined by hundreds of family, friends and staff at the Year 2 and 4 concerts. The students were so well prepared and all shone on stage. Their performances were outstanding and the audience were thoroughly entertained. We are so grateful for the many parents and friends that helped with costumes and sets. Well done to the Performing Arts team and the Year 2 and 4 staff.

Twilight Market

The Twilight Market a fortnight ago was an outstanding success. It highlighted the great community spirit that exists at Point Cook College. It was great to see so many families and friends together enjoying a bite to eat and being entertained by students and community groups on stage. I would like to thank all the stallholders for supporting the College and we look forward to ongoing partnerships. I would like to thank Rebecca Thornton our Community Partnerships Leader and her amazing team of Point Cook College Staff who worked so hard to ensure its success. Thank you and congratulations on a wonderful event.

Essential Items List and Voluntary Contributions

In the next fortnight all families will receive 2018 Essential items list and Voluntary contributions. This list is in place of the booklist and is in line with Department of Education Policy on Cost of Schooling. Please return by the due date to avoid missing out.

Have a great fortnight!

Frank Vetere

College Principal

Assistant Principal News P-6

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the P-6 community.

  • Year 6 Boys' Basketball Team
  • Prep Information Night
  • Learning Engagement
  • Canberra Tour
  • End of the Primary Years Celebration
  • Year 2 and 4 Concert
  • End of Year Events

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal News 7-9

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the 7-9 community.

  • Weather
  • Learning Experiences
  • Transition 2018
  • End of Term Dates

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9


Important Dates - December

  • 5th - Prep Camping Day
  • 5th - Proposed Canberra Camp Information Night 2018 Year 5/6
  • 6th - House Celebration - Term 4 ( TBC)
  • 6th - Parents & Friends Association Meeting 2-3pm
  • 6th - House Celebration - Term 4 (House TBA)
  • 7th - Year 1 Camp - Movie Night
  • 7th - Year 2 Camp - School Sleepover
  • 12th - Year 6 into Year 7 Step Up to Secondary
  • 11th-12th - Year 9 into Year 10 Orientation Day
  • 13th-15th - Year 9 Camp - Lake Dewar
  • 15th - Subway Lunch Day
  • 15th - Prep Assembly 9-9:45am
  • 15th - Year 1/2 Assembly 2-2:45pm
  • 18th - Prep Christmas Concert 2pm
  • 18th - Year 7 Wonder excursion
  • 19th - Year 5 and 6 Adventure Park
  • 19th - Year 9 Graduation
  • 20th - Year 6 End of the Primary Years Celebration
  • 21st - 2018 Meet the Teacher session

Library – end of year book returns

Starting next week all classes will be returning their library books. We always get some books that disappear. Could I ask all parents to please have a search in their houses for any Point Cook College library books. If you are at all unsure if it is one of ours please send it along to the library. Books like to hide in bookshelves, under and behind furniture and any place that is obscure. Please help and thoroughly search your homes. Thank you!

Sonja Faust

Planning for 2018

Planning for 2018 has begun. Parents are asked to advise the office if their child/ren will not be returning to Point Cook P-9 College next year. This will assist us greatly with forming classes and staff recruitment to support our workforce planning for the coming year.

Student Administration

Extra Curricular Activities Calendar

Click on this link to download the PCC Extra Curricular Activities Calendar. It can also be found on the PCC website under Our College - College Policies and Accountabilities

Please Note - This calendar is a live document and changes every two weeks, events get added and events get taken off. Costs are approximates.

Engagement and Wellbeing

Please click read more to find out about PCC Engagement and Wellbeing information and events including:

  • SPACE Tour
  • Dental Van Follow ups
  • Never Away November
  • Uniforms
  • Uniform Assistance
  • Camps, Sports and Excursions Funding (CSEF)
  • Warmer Days

Robyn Fincher

House Celebration

On Wednesday 6th of December we will be holding the final House Celebration for 2017. As part of this celebration students involved will be required to have permission for one aspect of the day (food). Students from the winning house are encouraged to come dressed in their house colour (no donation is required). The finer details of this will be sent out through compass to the parents/guardians of students of the winning house. The winning house will be announced this Friday (1/12) and the compass note will be sent out promptly following this information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Best of luck to all houses!

Amy van Braam

P-6 News and Events

Prep Camping Day

As part of their end of year celebrations the Prep students will be engaged in camping style activities that support the SWPBS expected behaviours and prepare them for future year level outdoor education camps. Students will also be encouraged to demonstrate positive values by caring for and encouraging others in their school camp community. Individuals will develop self-esteem by encouraging each other to overcome personal and group challenges that have positive learning outcomes. Please see your homeroom teacher or COMPASS for more information.

Year 1 Camping Program

As part of Point Cook College's camping program, the Year 1 Students will be participating in a Movie Night at the College and a House Team Activities Day. The Movie Night will take place on Thursday December the 7th followed by a day full of House Team Activities on Friday the 8th of December. Please see your homeroom teacher or COMPASS for more information.

Year 2 Camping Program

As part of Point Cook College's camping program, the Year 2 Students will be participating in a Sleepover at the College and a House Team Activities Day. The sleepover will take place on Thursday December the 7th followed by a day full of House Team Activities on Friday the 8th of December. Students will be provided with a camp booklet and more detailed information shortly. Please see your homeroom teacher or COMPASS for more information.

Camp Organising Committee

Prep Christmas Concert

On Monday the 18th of December we are holding an end of year Prep Concert under the sails on the outside stage near the gym (please note this may change to inside the gym in the event of extreme weather). Parents are invited to join us from 2pm to celebrate the end of the Preps’ first year at school. Please notify your child’s homeroom teacher if they will not be attending the Christmas concert. Please note that while there is some shade it is a good idea to bring a hat and please ensure your child has a hat on the day also. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Rachel Wallace

2018 Year 5 & 6 Canberra Tour

As a part of our whole College camping program, we are excited to offer our 2018 Year 5/6 Students a Tour of Canberra. We have been working behind the scenes to put together a comprehensive Tour heavily linked to supporting our students in the humanities learning areas. We believe this program will support students to make strong learning connections with the Australian Civics and Citizenship curriculum. To provide further details we are holding an information evening at school on Tuesday 5th December starting promptly at 6.30pm.

If you are unable to attend we will be providing a link to watch a video of the evening at a later date. This evening will include details about venues, dates, accommodation, cost, etc.

The Canberra Planning Team - Lizzie Tout, Julie Ryan & Amanda Wilson

7-9 News and Events

National Young Leaders Day

Celebrating 20 years, National Young Leaders Day was held on the 13th of November 2017. We witnessed four inspirational speakers. Speaking to the future leaders of Victoria, from all aspects of the state. The crowd bursts out in tears when John Coutis gives us an insight into his past, present and future. Overcoming his fear of bullies, dogs and everyone's opinions, he stunned us with his witty charm and antics.

The day was full of laughter and education. We learnt so much throughout the day about being a leader, how to be a leader and what to expect. The most important lesson that I learnt that day was from John Coutis, appreciate your family and all the hard work that they do for you, because others don't get the opportunity to have what you have. Remember kids, we are the leaders of tomorrow.

Ashlee Stokes and Yasmin Romania

Community News

Please click read more to find out more about:

  • Twilight Market
  • Parents and Friends Association (PFA)
  • Cooking Classes for PCC Parents
  • Subway Lunch Orders

Rebecca Thornton

EAL & Community Partnerships Leader

Bilingual Book Program

WANTED - Book translators wanted for Bilingual Book Program

Can you read and write in another language as well as English? Then we need your help to translate simple picture books from English, to your home language. Translated books will be used by the EAL department to support students learning English, and allow families to enjoy books together in both their home language and in English.

Families who read and share books together promote a life-long love of reading.

Interested? Call the school on (03) 83487100 extension 14, and ask for Chris Durbridge


Learn to Ride a Bike. Enjoy health benefits and new opportunities.

Drop in 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Fridays October 27 – November 24, 2017 The Werribee Men’s (and Women’s) Shed, 57a Kookaburra Ave, Werribee.

Download the flyer here for more information.

Chris Durbridge

Sustainability News

SAGK and Green Gang Pop Up Stall

On Thursday the 7th of December there will be a pop up stall at 2.45pm onwards in front of the outside stage selling items leftover from our stall at the Twilight Market. These items all made by our students include:

  • Mandarin Jam
  • Potpourri Bags – great little gifts made by our Year 3s with flowers and herbs from our garden
  • Pressed flower bookmarks
  • Badges
  • Organic Skin Care- Made by our Year 8s

Robyn Cairns



The hot days and warmer weather are now upon us. This is the time to lay down mulch in the garden. This will help to reduce weeds, hold the soil temperature at a more even temperature and aid in water retention in the soil, by producing a barrier between the sun and the soil, improving the health of your plants and reducing the amount of time you need to spend watering this summer.

All mulches will be able to attain these results if applied correctly. Pine bark, euci mulch, coloured mulch or pebbles will be effective but lucerne, pea straw and sugar cane will add organic matter back to the soil as they break down as well.

When applying the mulch make sure to water thoroughly beforehand so that there is moisture trapped in the soil for the plants to utilise. Apply the mulch in an even layer so that the soil is no longer visible, making sure to keep away from the trunks of plants to prevent plant rot. Once applied water the mulch it, this will help to bed it down.

Sarah Moore

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