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Point Cook College

No 11, July 2016

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

From The Principal's Desk

This week we congratulate the wonderful Preps for reaching a very important milestone; ‘100 days of School’. On Wednesday students and staff in Prep came to school in their pyjamas and had a day filled with learning and heaps of fun. As a community we are proud of their achievements, growth and smooth transition to school. We wish them ongoing success.

Today we participated in the annual National Tree Day proudly supported by our corporate sponsor Werribee Toyota. 100 native plants were planted across the college increasing biodiversity at our school. I would like to thank the Year 3 and 6 students, Senior Environment leaders and the green gang and staff. A special thanks to Werribee Toyota for their ongoing support.

On a very sad note, we offer of sincere condolences to the Margeta Family (Tommy in Year 5 and Mikayla in Year 2). Suzi (Snjezana), who often helped out around the College, bravely lost her battle with cancer. We offer Goran, Elena, Olivia, Tommy and Mikayla our deepest sympathy and we look forward to having Tommy and Mikayla return to school.

The fencing project has been completed and I am extremely pleased with the quality. Beginning next week, gates around the perimeter of the College will be locked at 9.15am and reopened at 2.45pm. All pedestrian traffic will need to enter the college through the main entrance on Ponsford Drive. We understand this is a change of practice however we are pleased that the College is now a more secure place. We welcome your feedback.

I would like to thank and congratulate Rebecca Thornton for her successful grant application to The Brook on Sneydes Community Partnership Program for 2016. We would like to thank The Brook on Sneydes and The Geelong Football Club for their support and generous grant of $5000. The grant will be used to expand on the work we are doing for the Active Travel Schools Program with the Wyndham Council. Kylee Brealey (College Council President), Rebecca Thornton (Community Partnerships Leader) and Marg Holness (Assistant Principal) attended the cheque presentation last week.

In this edition of the newsletter you will meet the College Student Captains as part of our ‘People of Point Cook’ segment. The Captains attended College Council on Wednesday evening and presented the amazing work of the Student representative Council. What an inspiring group of young people.

Just a reminder that Friday the 12th of August is a Curriculum Day. No students are required at school.

I wish you all a great fortnight.

Frank Vetere

College Principal

Assistant Principal News 5-9

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the Middle Years community.

  • Uniform
  • Semester 1 Reports
  • Parenting Teens

Bernadette Cronin


Important Dates - July

  • 29th - National Tree Planting Day
  • 29th - Subway Day

Important Dates - August

  • 2nd - Grade 5/6 AFL Academy Challenge
  • 2nd - Prep's Responsible Pet Education Program
  • 3rd - Primary Districts Athletics Carnival (selected students)
  • 1st-5th - Chocolate Drive
  • 8th-19th - PCC Olympics Celebrations
  • 8th - PCC Olympic Opening Ceremony
  • 9th - 7-9 Olympic Games Day
  • 10th - Year 9 Winter Sport Boys and Girls
  • 11th - P-2 Olympic Games Day
  • 12th - Curriculum Day (student free)
  • 16th - International Food Day
  • 17th - 3-6 Olympics Games Day
  • 18th - Year 8 Winter Sport
  • 19th - PCC Olympic Closing Ceremony
  • 21st - Tournament of the Minds
  • 22nd - Alpha Show – The Hunchback of Notre Dame P–Year 2 students

International Visit

A big thank you to all of the parents who have offered to host a student from SMP1 Singaraja, our Year 7-9 partnership school in Bali, who will be visiting us from Tuesday 29th-Friday 28th October. This will be a great experience for these families. We have lots of activities and events organised including a 2 night camp at Healesville with a child from the host family. We are looking for 4 more families to take one student into their home. All the students have quite good English so communication won’t be a problem, they just need a bed and some food! A note was sent home with all oldest students in the family from years 5-9. There is also a FAQ about hosting students attached. Please call me, Jeff Wilson or Bec Thornton at the college if you are interested.

FAQ - Hosting International students click here.

Jennifer Hayes

Prep Enrolments 2017

For more information regarding Prep enrolments in 2017, please click this link to view the flyer.

Please make sure you enrol your child to ensure they do not miss out on our transition program, beginning in early October.

Rachel Wallace

Chocolate Drive

As part of the College fundraising events, we will be running a Chocolate Drive later this term. Boxes will only be sent home to those families who indicate that they would like to sell them. A note will be sent home shortly with a section for you to fill out and return to school if you would like a box to sell.

The boxes will be a mixture of Freddo Frogs, Caramello Koalas and an assortment of chocolate bars. There will be 50 items in each box that sell for $1 each. The boxes will be sent home from Monday the 8th of August with the money due back to the College by Friday the 9th of September.

Thank you for your support.

Gina O'Keefe

Pre-loved Uniform Sale

Our next sale will be held on Tuesday the 2nd of August at 8.15-9.15am in the canteen, near the gym. If there is uniform left from the morning sale, we will be open again from 2.45 - 3.15pm.

Cash only. Items are mostly $5-$10. We will also have a number of worn items in size 4 & 6 for $2. Please note we don't have all items of the uniform in all sizes.

If you have any items of uniform you no longer need and would like to donate to our sale, please drop them off at the sick bay/office. All money raised goes to a charity to help children with their uniforms.

A reminder: Please make sure all your child's uniform are marked with their name and grade. This makes it easier for it to be returned. Thank you,

Sandy Thornton

Extra Curricular Activities 

Click on this link to download the PCC Extra Curricular Calendar.

Please Note - This calendar is a live document and changes every two weeks, events get added and events get taken off. Costs are approximates.


Uniform Policy Update – 2 weeks in

As we come to the end of the second week of term most of our students are coming on board with uniform expectations. Thank you once again for your continued support and as advised previously we are providing an information update and review of how things are travelling. Please remember that the policy, which includes uniform combinations and guidelines, can be found on the College website.

What’s improving...

  • FULL NAMES on removable items. If it’s not named it can’t be returned to the owner.
  • Combinations selected from those available in the policy and adhering to guidelines.
  • Noone are expecting to receive a new delivery of tracksuit pants this week. If you have ordered these Noone will contact you to arrange collection.
  • Runners of any colour may be worn with Sports Options however black lace up shoes/runners must be worn with the Standard Option.

Needs tweaking...

  • Jackets are designed to be an outdoor garment. Their purpose is to add warmth when going outside and as such students will be asked to remove them in class. Students need to be wearing a weather appropriate top when indoors.
  • Slacks should be navy, trousers are grey.
  • Leggings, jazz pants and non- college track pants are not part of the uniform - please check the policy for correct options.
  • Long sleeve tops and leggings worn under summer weight dresses for warmth – please choose a weather appropriate combination from those available. Both the polo and striped shirts are available in long sleeves and the lightweight dress is not suitable for the colder months.
  • Students leaving removable items behind – we encourage responsibility by reminding students to collect their belongings, but having things clearly named (including surnames) can help them find their way back to the owner and avoid any misunderstandings.
  • For those preferring to go with the standard combination rather than the Sports combination, we are working with Noone to provide an elasticized option for the junior slacks and trousers. We’ll keep you posted on this one!

What's new...

  • Students who are not in the correct uniform should be expected to be questioned by staff, who will record the details on COMPASS. This will automatically send an SMS to parents to alert them of the breach and refer them to COMPASS for details. Where appropriate, initial conversations may be had with the parents to discuss the issue.
  • After initial discussion with the teacher, students who are not in correct uniform will be given a ‘uniform pass’ which they use to show other staff rather than having to repeat the explanation.
  • Photos of acceptable combinations will be available on the website and will be displayed in the foyer in the next few days.

What's worth remembering...

  • Students ‘not liking’ uniform items, is not an acceptable reason for non compliance.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Additional Items and Grooming and Appearance guidelines; ‘how’ you present demonstrates respect, by ‘wearing the uniform with pride.’
  • Second hand uniform sales are held on a regular basis before and after school, usually on a Tuesday (but not every week). Keep watching the newsletter for the next sale date.
  • Compromises can be reached for medical or religious reasons, you simply need to contact Robyn Fincher.
  • We may be able to assist those experiencing financial difficulty – call Robyn Fincher to discuss.


  • Soft cell zip vests with logo have been added as an OPTIONAL item which can be worn with any of the standard combinations. Call or visit Noone Imagewear to order.

Robyn Fincher

P-4 News & Events

The Responsible Pet Education Program

The Responsible Pet Education Program is coming to visit the Prep students at Point Cook College on Tuesday the 2nd of August. The Responsible Pet Education Program teaches the children how to be safe around dogs. Included in the incursion will be role-plays, singing, dancing and there may even be a guest appearance from a dog!

Please let you child's teacher know if your child is allergic to dogs.

100 Days of School

Congratulations to our Preps who celebrated their 100th day of school on Wednesday the 27th of July. It was a very exciting day with students coming to school dressed in pajamas or something to do with the number 100. It has been a wonderful 100 days in Prep, we are all very proud of all of our students and look forward to what the rest of the school year has to bring!!

Rachel Wallace

Community News

College Disco

We will be holding a disco again this year for our students on Thursday the 25th of August. More information will be available soon but we can tell you that it will be an Olympic theme!

Rebecca Thornton

The Brook on Sneydes Community Partnerships Program

We are pleased to announce that a grant application from PCC was selected as part of The Brook on Sneydes Community Partnership Program for 2016. We would like to thank The Brook on Sneydes and The Geelong Football Club for their support and generous grant of $5000.

The grant will be used to expand on the work we are doing for the Active Travel Schools Program with the Wyndham Council. We will publish an update about this work soon. Kylee Brealey (College Council President), Rebecca Thornton (Community Partnerships Leader) and Marg Holness (Assistant Principal) attended the cheque presentation on Thursday the 21st of July.

Rebecca Thornton

Competition for students

We are holding a competition for students to create a design that will be used to decorate the shipping container which is on the fence line on Tom Roberts Parade.

The focus of the design needs to be about active travel to school and/or road safety. Earlier this year we announced that PCC was selected by the Wyndham Council to be part of the Wyndham Schools Active Travel Program. More information about the work that has been done will be announced shortly but the aim is to encourage students and families to actively travel to school by walking or riding to reduce traffic congestion around the College and to promote a healthy lifestyle. In doing this, we also would like to remind students, parents and drivers in our community about road safety.

The winning designs will be used by the Year 9 Art Pathways students and painted onto the shipping container later this year.

You need to draw your design, logo or slogan on a piece of paper and include your name and homeroom. There is a box at the office to submit your entries. The competition will close on Friday the 19th of August. Prizes will be awarded to the winners after this date.

Good luck!

Rebecca Thornton

Cooking Classes for Parents

Our cooking classes for this term have started! Last Friday, we learnt how to make homemade pasta and two sauces. We all agreed that is was delicious and worth the effort to make our own pasta!

Rebecca Thornton

Zumba Classes

We would like to thank Shelly Parcell (front row, 2nd from the left) for running our Zumba classes this year. Shelly and her family are moving back to America and we would like to wish them all the best.

We are looking for a qualified Zumba instructor who would be interested in running a class each week for our parents. If you or someone you know is interested please contact me.

Rebecca Thornton

Community Partnerships Leader

People of PCC

Junior and Senior College Captains

This week I have spoken to our Year 4 Junior College Captains and our Year 9 College Captains. From left to right they are Jemi, Kaeli, Peter and Riarn. Please follow the link to read more.

Rebecca Thornton

Community Partnerships Leader

PCC Olympics 2016

1 week to Rio!

The Point Cook Olympics is now only a week away and excitement is building! The Olympic torch is now in the year 3/4 area. The Olympics t-shirts are ready to be distributed for students to wear during our events. If you haven’t returned your participation note and $10 payment (which covers the t-shirt and food) please do so as soon as possible. The t-shirts make a great memento of the PCC Olympic Event and the food tasting is great fun. There is a link to the notes below, however, feel free to request a paper note from your child’s teacher if needed.

All students will be meeting in their country groups on this Monday to make flags, banners and items for their march into the arena during our Opening Ceremony on Monday 8th August.

Teachers have been working hard to organise the International Food Tasting Day on Tuesday 16th August. Thank you to parents who have offered to help out on this day. If you would like to help please contact us at the college.

*Just an important reminder - all students must return the signed allergy note in order to participate in International Food Day.

Event Competition dates are all on the calendar and parents are encouraged to come and cheer on the athletes!

We are also hoping to live broadcast the opening ceremony and other events over the next 3 weeks -we will send out more information on that shortly.


2016 Olympics Committee

Download the Olympics note here and the International Food Day note here.

You might like to watch Episode 3 of PCCTV - The Olympic Edition 2012

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