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Point Cook College Newsletter
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Point Cook College

No 7, May 2016

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

From The Principal's Desk

I hope you are all well. We are well into the second half of Term 2 and all educational programs for 2016 are well established and running smoothly. All teachers are currently writing reports and we look forward to sharing these with you at the end of the Semester. As you read through the newsletter or browse our website and social media you will see the many extra-curricular activities that your children participate in on a weekly basis. I highlight this point as we would like our Parent Opinion Survey later in the year to reflect the many opportunities provided to enhance learning.


Last week our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students completed NAPLAN and I can proudly say that students approached NAPLAN demonstrating the School Wide Positive Behaviours.

Revised Uniform Policy

Furthermore, I would like to congratulate all families and students who are embracing the revised uniform policy. Students are looking great and wearing their uniform with pride. As we approach Term 3 I ask all those families who are yet to fully support the policy to do so.

Introducing 'People of Point Cook'

Commencing with this edition of the newsletter we will be introducing ‘People of Point Cook.' This will be an opportunity for you to find out a little about our staff, their roles in the school and something about them outside of school. This week we begin with Kate McCallum our school based Speech Pathologist.

Education Week

This week the State celebrates Education Week. Whilst we don’t have a special program this week, we have much to celebrate as a dynamic and inclusive learning community and we look forward to continuing to build strong partnerships with our families and the broader community into the future. We are actively focussed on a HUGE and eventful Olympics Week later in the year. If the last Olympic celebration is a guide we have a fantastic celebration ahead of us in Term 3.

Student Leaders

A highlight of my week next week will be meeting with the Student Leaders in a formal meeting. I look forward to engaging with them and enabling the group to actively participate in school decisions. In 2015 the student leadership group proposed a revised Music program for the College. This idea was endorsed by College Council and is now operating. The student body raised considerable funds to support the purchase of musical instruments.

Annual Report Online

Finally on Tuesday 24th June (evening) I will be presenting the 2015 Annual Report through an online environment. In the next newsletter I will provide details on how you can participate.

I wish all the very best for the next two weeks.

Frank Vetere

College Principal

Assistant Principal News P-4

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the P-4 community.

  • Assembly

Marg Holness

Assistant Principal News 5-9

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the P-4 community.

  • Community Action Plan
  • Year 6 Camp
  • Uniform
  • Absences
  • Upcoming Events

Bern Cronin


Important Dates - May

  • 26th - 27th - Active Kids – Year 4 - Gymnastics
  • 30th - Primary Athletics Carnival
  • 31st - Secondary Athletics Carnival

Important Dates - June

  • 2nd - Primary Athletics Back-up
  • 3rd - World Environment Day – Whole School P-4 Dress up as endangered animal
  • 6th - Secondary Athletics Back-up
  • 6th - 7th - Year 1 and 2 Royal Botanical Gardens Excursion
  • 9th - Primary and Secondary Regional Cross Country
  • 13th - Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Extra Curricula Activities 

Click on this link to download the PCC Extra Curricula Calendar.


The cost of the camps has been added to the Family Invoices details as follows.

  • Year 5: Lady Northcote Recreation Camp – Cost $280 Monday 14th -  Wednesday 16th Nov.
  • Year 7: Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA – Cost $310 Wednesday 12th – Friday 14th October.
  • Year 8: Anglesea Recreation Camp – Cost $320 Wednesday 30th – Friday 2nd December.
  • Year 9: Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA – Cost $280 Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th December.

Please disregard this cost if your child is not attending the camp. It will be reversed from your invoice.

Janette Carey

Camps Sports Excursions Fund (CSE Funding)

Many of our families have applied for and received this funding from the State Government. Please be reminded that this funding can only be used for camps, sports and excursions. Under no circumstances can it be applied to Essential Items ie Stationary, art supplies etc.

The funding appears as a credit on your statement but the charges need to be looked at individually as the total outstanding on the invoice can be misleading. If you are having any difficulties please contact the office for an explanation.

Janette Carey

Working With Children’s Check

A reminder to all parents who would like to volunteer at the school that a Working With Children’s Check is required before starting. You can apply online

Once all details are filled, print out the Application Summary and take it to Australia Post with proof of ID documents, a passport size photo and a fee is required.

When signing in to volunteer at the college you will be asked to produce the card.

Janette Carey

Community News


Zumba classes are held every Monday from 9-9.45am and cost $5 per class. The classes are fun, casual and a great way to start your week! If you would like to come please meet us at the office at 8.50am.

Cooking Classes

There are two more cooking classes for this term. They will be held on Friday the 3rd of June and the 17th of June from 1.30-3pm. The classes are free and everyone is welcome. If you would like to come please email or leave a message at the office for catering purposes.

Sausage Sizzle & Car Boot Sale - Election Day

Our College has been chosen as a polling venue for the federal election on Saturday the 2nd of July.

We will be holding a sausage sizzle on the day as a fundraiser for the College. We will also be running a car boot sale which is similar to a garage sale. Stall holders usually sell second hand items which may include household or garden goods. Sites will be $20 each, they will be undercover and a similar size to a carpark space.

Limited sites are available so please email or contact me through the office to ensure a space is available. Bookings will then be confirmed when the payment has been made.

We will also need support on the day to run the sausage sizzle. If you are available for an hour or two between 8am and 6pm please let me know.

Save The Date

On Friday the 14th of October we will be holding our first College Twilight Market! Our market will include stall holders, food trucks and performances. More information will be advertised soon.

Rebecca Thornton

Pre Loved Uniform Sale

Our next sale will be held on Tuesday 24/5/2016 at 8.15-9.15 in the canteen, near the gym. If there is uniform left after from the morning sale, we will be open again from 2.45 - 3.15pm. Cash only, items are mostly $5-$10. We will also have a number of worn items in size 4 & 6 for $2. Please note we don't have all items of the uniform in all sizes.If you have any items of uniform you no longer need and would like to donate to our sale, please drop them off at sick bay/office. All money raised goes to a charity to help children with their uniforms.

A reminder: Please make sure all your child's uniform are marked with their name and grade. This makes it easier for it to be returned.

Sandy Thornton

People of PCC

Kate McCallum

We are launching a new column in our newsletter to highlight members of our PCC Community. Each newsletter will feature a member of our College community and tell you more about them. The photos will be taken by our Year 9 Photography students.

This week we have interviewed Kate McCallum who has been employed full time at Point Cook College this year as our speech pathologist and also as part of the Wellbeing Team.

Rebecca Thornton

P-4 News & Events

Active Kids Lacrosse Incursion

On Friday 12th and 13th of May, year four students continued their exploration of different sports. Coaches from the Victorian Lacrosse Association, worked with students to try out Lacrosse skills. The state coach said 'There were a number of children who could be great players.'

Jeff Wilson

The Primary School Nursing Program

A reminder to Prep families to please return The School Nursing Program questionnaire to your child’s homeroom teacher before Monday 23rd May.

The Primary School Nursing Program is a free service offered by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to all children attending primary school in Victoria.

The school nurses will be in attendance at the College during the first part of Term 3.

Participation in the program requires parent consent and the School Entry Health Questionnaire must be returned to school even if you do not want your child to be assessed.

Rachel Wallace

5-9 News & Events

PCC Maker Space

Over the past two weeks the PCC Maker Space has been a hive of excitement and creative learning for class 8 Smith. In small teams students were challenged by two briefs.

David Williams


Uniform Update

Only 5 weeks to go until our Uniform Policy gets into full swing! As each day goes by more and more students are meeting expectations, and most of those who aren’t are able to provide a legitimate reason. Over the coming weeks if your child does happen to not meet College expectations you may receive an SMS or email via Compass as a friendly reminder. If you haven’t stocked up on warmer items for the colder weather I suggest you visit Noones as soon as possible to make sure your child is set for Term 3.

Noones have been provided with our policy and a copy is available on the website so there should be no confusion as to what students may and may not wear. The most common misunderstanding that we are hearing is that parents are being told that P-6 students are only allowed to wear Sports uniforms on PE/Sport days which is NOT the case. This rule only applies to Year 7-9 students.

If you have any questions or are struggling to meet expectations please contact the College.

Robyn Fincher


We are in the process of reviewing our attendance policy which will be made available on the Website as soon as it is ratified by College Council. The policy will be supported with an outline of the procedures that need to be followed by parents and staff in relation to reporting and recording student absence. The processes for reporting student absence to schools is still the same, but with the introduction of COMPASS there will be further methods available for parents which we will outline in due course.

It is important to remember that daily attendance is key to consolidating opportunities for learning. Missing the equivalent of even one day a week adds up to twenty percent of learning time in a year, which is quite significant. We do not expect nor want students to be at school when they are ill, however aiming for attendance on all other days is the expectation. If you or your child are struggling with regular attendance issues please contact your child’s homeroom teacher or Neighbourhood Leader as we see school engagement as a partnership and are keen to provide strategies and support to get your child’s attendance back on track.

Student Access Restrictions

We have recently reviewed our Student Access Restriction information. Parents are reminded that the College can only enforce Court Orders and/or Access Restrictions if your documentation is current and has been provided to the College. If you have updated information that you have not provided please do so at the office as soon as possible.

Robyn Fincher

Sustainability News

QR Codes

Congratulations to Jazmiin our of our Senior Environment Leaders for creating her innovative QR codes on birds found in the Point Cook region and linking learning to our partnership with BirdlLife Australia. Jazmiin created QR information codes for several birds found around the Point Cook wetlands and local area with the help of “Birds in Backyards” and “BirdLife” Australia. The QR codes were then made into permanent signage and are displayed in our school grounds thanks to our Senior Environment Leaders Youth Week Grant. If scanning the codes you will access information on the bird an image and can take yourself to the BirdLife Australia website. This is a wonderful way to learn about birds in the local area and some found at our school such as the Buff Banded Rail. Well done again Jazmiin.

Nude Food in 2B - Looking at behaviour change to help our environment.

In Miss Simmons’ class students have made a big reduction in our school to our landfill footprint by increasing their rubbish free lunches from 6 to 26 students regularly bringing in nude food. Classroom “garbologists” Kayden and Hannah think everyone is doing a great job. Hannah says everyone loves getting a token for their house and feels classmates enjoy working towards the goal. Kayden thinks being a “garobologist” is hard work because he has to tick the names off the chart but says it is great the class is looking after animals and our school ground. Claudia brings a rubbish free lunch every day. She suggests mountain bread wraps, fruit and crackers are good ideas and cupcakes without the wrapper. Well done to 2B for working towards helping our environment. Great work!

Robyn Cairns

Hawk Moth Caterpillar - Sighted

This week Sienna and Summer found three hawk moth caterpillars in their grape vines whilst in their Garden class with Mrs Moore. They were very excited and did some research. Click on the "Read More" Button to read their report.

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