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Point Cook College Newsletter
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Point Cook College

No 19, November 2016

Point Cook College, 18-50 Ponsford Drive Point Cook,
Melbourne, Australia 3030. Tel: 03 83487100

Principal News

Assistant Principal News

Mr Vetere is on leave until the 9th of December and I will be Acting Principal in his place.

Please click on the Read More button to read about the following things that are happening in the College community.

  • Prep 2017 Transition Sessions
  • Year One and Two Billy Cart Incursion
  • Year Four and Year 2 Sleep Overs
  • Year Nine Graduation
  • Prep Celebrations Concert
  • Prep to Year Four End of Year Assembly

Marg Holness


Important Dates - December

  • 1st-16th - Christmas Raffle
  • 5th - Year 8 Village Cinemas Excursion
  • 5th-6th - Year 4 Excursion and Sleepover
  • 7th - Prep 2017 transition session 12-1pm
  • 7th - End of Year House Celebration (House TBA)
  • 9th - Cooking class for parents 1.30-3pm
  • 12th - Preps Christmas Concert 2pm
  • 12th-14th - Year 9 Lake Dewar Camp
  • 13th - Year 3 Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Parent Helper Celebration
  • 14th - Prep 2017 transition session 12-1pm
  • 14th - P-4 Final Assembly 9.15am
  • 15th - Year 5 and 6 Adventure Park excursion
  • 15th - Year 7 Adventure Park excursion
  • 15th - Year 1 movie afternoon and Year 2 Sleepover
  • 16th - Prep - Year 2 Camping Day
  • 16th - Subway Day
  • 20th - Last Day of Term 4 (Dismissal 1.05pm)

Library End of Year

The end of the school year means ALL library books must be returned. Could all parents ensure their child/ren have returned every single one of their books. They may be hidden in some rather interesting nooks and crannies so a thorough search is recommended. If you are at all unsure please see the library.

Replacing books is a costly and time consuming business and all too often we do not have funds to purchase the replacements or we are unable to purchase more copies of the lost books so PLEASE do ensure all books are returned. Fines may be issued if not.

Sonja Faust

Extra Curricular Activities 

Click on this link to download the PCC Extra Curricular Calendar. It can also be found on the PCC website under Our College - College Policies and Accountabilities.

Please Note - This calendar is a live document and changes every two weeks, events get added and events get taken off. Costs are approximates.


Thunderstorm Asthma

As a follow up to the information in last week’s newsletter regarding Thunderstorm Asthma, the Department of Education and Training has provided the additional information. Please refer to the previous newsletter for College requirements regarding Asthma management.

DET Information – Supporting Students experiencing Thunderstorm Asthma:

Thunderstorms have been linked to epidemics of asthma, especially at the end of Spring, when grasses are flowering. An asthma attack can be life threatening. Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call 000.

Anyone with a known history of asthma is at risk of experiencing an exacerbation of their usual symptoms at this time. In addition, people who do not usually experience symptoms of asthma but have a history of allergies may be at increased risk.

The common signs of asthma are difficulty in breathing (gasping for air), chest tightness and wheezing.

If a child's condition is deteriorating, parents or guardians should seek urgent care. Signs of rapid deterioration include little or no relief from a reliever inhaler, inability to speak comfortably, or lips turning blue. People with asthma should continue to use their usual medications. Where possible, stay inside when the weather is windy with high pollen counts or dust.

Families Leaving PCC

If you are leaving PCC at the end of the year and have any uniform items that you would like to donate to our Pre Loved Uniform Bank it would be greatly appreciated. We have a number of families experiencing financial difficulties and all pre loved items, in particular those in good condition, are always welcome and graciously accepted.

Year 7 2017 Uniform Support

State Schools’ Relief (SSR) is continuing to support students who are recipients of the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) by providing a subsidised Uniform Pack to students moving into Year 7 next year.

Applications for the CSEF Uniform Pack will open on Wednesday the of 2nd November and are managed through the secondary school the student will attend. Once the application is approved students will receive a voucher subsiding the purchase of items at the school’s uniform retailer.

In 2017 students will also receive a free pair of shoes. There is a choice between shoes to match your school’s uniform requirements.

For further information refer to the fact sheet link on the SSR website parent page at If your child will be at PCC in Year 7 for 2017 and you are a current CSEF recipient, please complete an application form at the main office after November 2nd.

Students who become CSEF recipients in 2017 can still apply for a uniform pack once their eligibility is confirmed at the beginning of next year.

Prep 2017 Uniform Support

Prep students who become eligible for 2017 Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund ( CSEF) assistance will automatically qualify for a Uniform Package through State Schools Relief, however eligibility cannot be confirmed until your child starts school. If you are likely to be eligible for assistance you may wish to consider the following information before making your initial purchases in preparation for Day 1 of next year.

The package includes basic items students require to a maximum value of $57.

There are two options available that align with PCC’s uniform policy;

  • Basic windcheater and tracksuit pants OR
  • Zip Jacket

Robyn Fincher

P-4 News & Events

Year 2 and 4 Concert

Please read all about the Year 2 and Year 4 concert on the P-4 Blog. The night was a huge success!

These entries have been written by students and they tell all about the experiences and fun they had on the night.

Arthur Tao and Mikaela Kerr 2A, Ella Wallace and Amanda Li 4C

Year 3 Camp

The Year Three Camp was successfully held across Thursday and Friday of last week. We survived two extremely busy but fun filled days with events such as: 

An extended stay at the Werribee Zoo where students enjoyed a Zoo School experience, Safari Bus journey and Meet the Keeper talks. 

Read more on the P-4 Blog to find out about the students' reflections about their experience!

Alison Kip

Year 1 and 2 Billy Cart Incursion

This term the Year 1s and 2s have been learning to inquire into ST.E.A.M. - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. As a part of this we have had a Billy Cart Incursion over the last 4 days.

Students had the opportunity to design, build, test and drive Billy Carts within small groups. They had the chance to learn the parts of a Billy Cart and continue to discuss the importance of force and motion.

Students loved being able to drive the Billy Carts with their friends which led to them understanding the testing process

Janelle Freeman

2017 Prep Parent Information

Thank you to the parents who came to the college tour and Prep information night last night. It was fantastic to see so many families and new preps at the college. Here is the presentation from last night and a copy of the 2017 Prep handbook. If you have any questions please contact Rachel Wallace or Marg Holness.

Rachel Wallace

Year 1 and 2 Teaching and Learning Program 2017

A presentation outlining the year 1 and 2 teaching and learning program for 2017 has been posted on the P-4 Blog and can be downloaded here. It outlines how we teach at point of need in order to cater for all students’ learning needs throughout the year. Please enjoy the presentation and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the neighbourhood leader, Lizzie Tout. Her contact details are on the last slide.

Lizzie Tout

5-9 News & Events

Australian Mathematics Trust - Workshop and Award Ceremony

A few weeks ago I received a certificate for the best score in the Australian Mathematics Competition in the school. I also received a prize certificate which signified the top 0.3% of students that sat the test. I was invited to attend a maths workshop and award ceremony on the 18th of November, where there were many exceptional students.

Riva Dubey 5/6M

Community News

Christmas Raffle 2016

Dear Parents,

As part of the College’s fundraising efforts we will be running a Christmas Raffle this term. We would appreciate it if families could donate an item for our hampers. All donations can be placed in the Christmas Hamper box at the office from Monday the 28th of November. To ensure we can contact our winners make sure that you write your name and details on the tickets and return them with the money by Thursday the 15th of December .

Raffle tickets will be sent home to every family and will sell for $2.00 each.

Thank you,

Gina O'Keefe

Cooking Classes for Parents

The last free cooking class for this year will be held on Friday the 9th of December from 1.30-3pm. If you would like to join the class please contact me for catering purposes.

Rebecca Thornton

Community Partnerships Leader

People of Point Cook

Liam Holland and Julie Paris

This week we would like to highlight the work of two of our staff members, Liam Holland, our Food Technology Teacher and Julie Paris, our Food Technology Assistant. Please follow the link to read the full article.

Rebecca Thornton


School Garden Awards 2016

On Tuesday the 29th of November, PCC won an award for having the ‘Best Edible Garden’. The school also won $1000 which will go towards plants and supplies for the garden. The awards were held in the Botanical Gardens attended by Sarah Moore, Michelle Allen, Daryl English, and parents Nikki Flood (Ethan 4E) and Karen Wade (Emily 3F, Olivia 3D, Madison 5/6L).

The Garden Awards began with a smoking ceremony and welcome to the land. Everyone involved heard about the importance of taking care of the environment and the significant link to the environment that occurred during the Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Well done to Sarah Moore for her hard work and dedication in the school garden. Thank you to all the parents who volunteer their time to assist Sarah.

Michelle Allen

Performing Arts News

'Seussical the Musical Jr'


Auditions will be held early next year. Show dates are the 31st of August and the 1st of September 2017.

Please note: A limited number of students will be offered a role in the musical, so unfortunately not all students that audition will be successful.

Students: Find out more by coming along to ONE of our first meetings on:

- Monday 5th & Wednesday 7th December at the start of lunchtime – 1.30pm in the Performing Arts Room (near the gym)

All questions regarding auditions, rehearsals and performances will be answered at the meeting. I look forward to seeing you there!

Loretta Cachia

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