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  • Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • Daryl English

We are learners

A tremendous amount of effort needs to go into high quality learning. Whilst the projects that our students presented at the 7-9 Showcase were impressive, it’s the skills and strategies of learning that are of most value to the students. Of course, talking about the topics of the projects are important, but speaking with your children about what they learnt about their learning is super valuable. Some topics to discuss at home include:

  • Planning: This includes how we decide on what’s important (and not important) and then making a plan to get a task done.
  • Organisation: This is about how we stay on task.
  • Time management: Understanding about how important time is and how to get projects done in time.
  • Working memory: This is being able to remember information while working on other tasks.
  • Thinking about thinking: This includes mentally checking on how things are going. Am I on track? Do need to ask clarifying questions? What went well?

We are responsible

Preparations for 2019 are well underway at PCC. One piece of work is the finalisation of our 2019 Pathways for our year 9 students. At the start of next term, we will publish these to the community at the start of next term. We will be moving to an online process for selecting Pathways, streamlining our process. It will be important for families to take responsibility for following up on timelines and supporting students to choose pathways wisely. Stay tuned for more information.

We are respectful

We know that everyone across our school community work really hard to be respect the property of others. Unfortunately, there have been times where some individuals have failed to show respect for the property of others. Recently, we have had some bikes and scooters go missing from our bike shed before being collected by their owners. Please remind your children to securely lock their biked and scooters when leaving them in the bike shed. Sadly, we can’t guarantee their security.

We are safe

Finally, term three has come to an end. Term four is going to be nothing short of amazing, on thing is for sure is that we will say farewell to our year wonderful 9’s and hello to the next wave of secondary students come into year 7. The mid semester break provides us with the perfect opportunity to reset and recharge before jumping head first into term 4. On behalf of everyone at PCC we want to wish everyone a safe break.


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