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  • Friday, December 01, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

It’s hard to believe that Week 8 is upon us, things are surely heating up as we roll toward the end of term. The weather has definitely matched the atmosphere here in Point Cook, with many days sitting well over 30 degrees. Please ensure you discuss the importance of being hydrated and SunSmart at home. Again, all classes have supplies of sunscreen and students are able to have a drink bottles with water available to them at all times.

Our students have been working on so many rich learning experiences recently. Here is just a snapshot of a small few:

• PCC is looking a little more like Warner Brothers Studios as opposed to a school withPocoFest films are being filmed.

• Our Year 8 students have also been experiencing the workplace through their apprentice projects, thank you to all the parents, carers and PCC staff who took the time to supervise and provide our students with real lifer work experiences.

• The Outdoor Ed Pathway group trekked 20km through the bush this week on their overnight camp. Their trip finished with them Hanging Ten, catching some waves on surfboards.

We are in the final stages of preparation for 2018. Classes are being finalised and teachers are mobilising to make 2018 better than ever. Our transition sessions are being planned as we speak, we really want the transitions to a new year level to be as smooth as can be.

Meetings are currently being held with families of students who may need some extra support with the transition. Please contact your child’s teacher or Bec Collins to discuss any transitions concerns you may have.

Some reminders for the remainder of the term:

PocoFest: 11th December

Orientation Day Year 9s: 11th – Tuesday 12th December

Step up to Secondary Year 6 to 7: 12th December

Year 7 ‘Wonder’ Excursion: 18th December

Year 8 Celebration Excursion: TBC

Year 9 Camp: 13th-15th December

Graduation: 19th December

We look forward to a very productive final few weeks of 2017 here at PCC and continue to be grateful for the support families afford us.

Please feel free to contact me on

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9


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