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  • Thursday, May 10, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Welcome to the end of Week 4. We could not have asked for a better first month of Term 2!

We are Learners…

The energy across the college is palpable, with so much learning happening for both staff and student. Staff have continued their learning around the Berry Street Education Model, which helps us to build an even more positive climate for learning. Students have been engaging in a wide range of learning experiences including Indonesian speaking competitions, 7-9 athletics carnival and preparation for NAPLAN.

We are Responsible…

When transitioning into the secondary part of the school, expectations to direct and manage our own learning increases. Students can improve their organisation by accessing their timetables and calendar through COMPASS. This is where they will be able to see if their class has been split, if they have a different teacher or there has been a room change. Student login details are the same as their log in for our server which is the student code (CASES ID) and Network Password.

We are Respectful…

The way we present ourselves to school at school goes a long way to maintaining the positive school culture we have. A big part of presenting ourselves truly ready for learning is to present ourselves respectfully by wearing our uniform in line with our uniform guidelines. It is up to all of us to maintain these high standards, please speak to our neighbourhood leaders if there are any challenges with acquiring the correct uniform. We are extremely fortunate at PCC to have such amazing facilities, awesome staff and amazing students. Let’s show our respect and pride for our college.

We are Safe…

When we feel safe, our minds are primed much better for learning. For our year 7-9 students talking about safety online becomes extremely important. Our adolescents are interacting with others online in ways that are sometimes beyond our comprehension. Their digital literacy is often far superior than the adults in our community. Please spend time learning about how your child works in the online world. Ask them questions about how they communicate with others. Ask them about Fortnite or Sarahah app. What does it mean to be safe on these sites?

Nathan Gage


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