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  • Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Daryl English

Semester 2, here we come!

A massive welcome back to our existing Point Cook College families and a huge welcome to our new families joining us this semester. Get involved where you can across the college this semester and make this place even better. So many events are happening this term and in term 4 including; My Melbourne Experience, 7 & 9 Camp to Lake Dewar, Aladdin plus many more. Stay tuned…

We are Learners…

New semester makes way for new learning. We have seen what was achieved through semester one, in our reports, now it is time to set our sights on the next semester. We trust that families have spent some time exploring the reports and discussing ways of improving our learning further. Set some achievable goals together for this semester. They can be as simple as; setting aside 30 minutes when your child gets home from school to discuss some of the key learnings from that day, or having down time from the internet to read! Consider small incremental changes to habits at home that can really amplify learning.

We are Responsible…

We are all responsible for making our school as amazing as it is. Part of this responsibility lies with us being able to meet certain commitments. It has been quite sad to hear that we are not going to be able to run certain programs across our college, due to payments not being made by families. We would encourage you to make contact with our lovely office staff who will be able to support any challenges families might be having. Unfortunately, it is going to be impossible for us to sustain the current way of operating if we cannot get payments for things like; school fees, excursions, Pathways electives etc.

We are Respectful…

At Point Cook College, we are all working extremely hard to maintain a safe learning environment with high expectations. It is important that we all work together on this by respecting the policies, processes and decisions of the college. A huge example of this is our expectation for all students to be wearing correct school uniform correctly, our uniform policy is very simple to follow and can be found on the College website. With Melbourne Experience and other important events coming up, it is going to be very disappointing for students to miss out because they are not in correct uniform.

We are Safe…

We know that when we feel safe, our brains are primed and ready to learn. At our college we value this very important feeling and really want to make serious improvements if students are not feeling adequately safe at school. The feeling of safety can range from feeling left out of their social group, being around people making unsafe choices or feeling pressured to be involved in something that doesn’t quite feel right. We want to encourage all students to take a very important step in discussing these feelings with their teachers, parents or another trusted adult. Together we can explore strategies to improve our environment.


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