Assistant Principal News 7-9 August 10 2018

  • Wednesday, August 08, 2018
  • Daryl English

Week Four, how can we learn more!

We are Learners…

We are all learners at PCC. The adult learners in our organisation are learning to do our job even better. At times we have staff learning together, just like we did during our curriculum, student free day. Our curriculum day was focussed on how we can better build positive relationships between teachers and students. We know that, when those connections are strong, our students are going to be in the best environment to learn better. Other times, staff engage in professional learning independently, where they can explore the learning needs of themselves to further enhance their capacity to improve learning for our students.

We are Responsible…

At Point Cook College, we are extremely fortunate to have some amazing programs and facilities. Unfortunately, these things are not free and our funding from the government only come some of what we have to offer. The rest of it comes from the small contributions we ask from families through Compass. It is extremely important that families are responsible for paying school commitments. Many of our special events will not be sustainable into the future without your support. Please make sure you speak with our amazing office staff about any concerns with finances or to organise payment plans.

We are Respectful…

We love your feedback and contributions to how we set up and create learning opportunities for the students at PCC. We are beginning to look at how we can further improve 7-9 for next year and beyond, your feedback and opinion is going to be crucial to this. If you have any suggestions, ideas or acknowledgments please share these with myself (Nathan) through to organise a time to chat or send through your thoughts.

We are always wanting to improve how we do things, we need your valuable perspective!

We are Safe…

We would like to encourage families to continue discussions about personal safety at home. Find opportunities to have meaningful conversations about what is going on in your child’s world. These conversations can be extremely valuable in our quest to support children to make safe choices. Again, we were saddened to learn about some Instagram accounts that have been set up by people to share and discuss inappropriate concepts and ideas. Including personal information and details of other people. Fortunately, we had some diligent students and families alert Instagram, and us ,of the account and it has since been closed down. Be alert and ‘be there’ for your children and seek to understand their world.


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