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  • Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • Daryl English

We are Learners…

The final two weeks of every term are always amazing in 7-9. This is the period where our students are able to synthesise their learning from across the term into some amazing products. For example, our year many students will be spending time creating AVDs, which stands for Annotated Visual Display. An annotated visual display is a combination of visuals and summaries with explanations. This information is used to answer set criteria and assess student learning and understanding from across the term and can include new facts to show further knowledge.

We are Responsible…

With all of this work building up towards the end of term, it becomes increasingly important for students to self-manage, or organise their time better, in order to maintain the high expectations held of them for their learning. Sometimes we develop these skills organically, other times people need support to develop these very important organisational skills. Take some time to explore ways to manage and organise learning. Help your child to use their iPad to store due dates, complete to do lists or even spend time looking a certain apps designed to help students organise their studies.

We are Respectful…

The way we present ourselves to school at school goes a long way to show our respect for our college community. A big part of presenting ourselves truly ready for learning is to present ourselves respectfully by wearing our uniform in line with our uniform guidelines. It is up to all of us to maintain these high standards, please speak to our neighbourhood leaders if there are any challenges with acquiring the correct uniform. Students in 7-9 have been reminded that, if they are not in the correct college uniform they will not be eligible to participate in college programs. Students will be expected to hand over incorrect uniform items (for example, hoodies under polos) to teachers and can collect them at the end of the day throughout Semester 2.

We are Safe…

School holidays can be an amazing time to unwind after a massive term of learning. It can also become an amazing time for students to spend time with friends and family. Conversations about safe choices across the break, whether it be taking the bus to Town Centre or going to the movies at night with friends, talking about potential situations and discussing safe options will be extremely important over this time. We would like to wish all students and their families a safe and enjoyable break. See you in term three for an amazing second semester.

Nathan Gage 

Assistant Principal 7-9


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