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  • Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Daryl English

Term 4 would have to be the best term! Everyone is able to reflect on all of the things they have learned and celebrate what has been a very successful year. What else is super exciting is the considerations and preparations for next year, that make term 4 even better. There are so many things in the works for an even better 2019, some of which I will mention in this edition.

We are learners

This year in 7-9, we made some significant changes to the way we deliver teaching and learning. With the introduction of specialised English and Maths teachers, we have been able to learn more about how to teach these subjects better and deliver a richer curriculum. Next year we are looking to make some more improvements to the way we deliver our curriculum. Breakthrough is going to be a new subject area that years 7 and 8 will be doing, this subject is going to be designed to deliver a rich student centered integrated curriculum. Another addition for 2019 is going to be Growth, which is going to be a more sophisticated version of Advisory, this subject will support personal and interpersonal development. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

We are responsible

Term 4 is jam packed with camps, excursions and other expectations. Also, preparation for next year is also important for families to take responsibility for. We are spending a huge amount of time at the moment sorting out our student numbers for 2019. If your child is not going to be at PCC in 2019, please contact the office if you have not already done so. Another huge, and new, responsibility we will be expecting of families this year, is going to be the ordering of student supply packs and payment of family contributions. PCC is proud to announce that parents will be organising all of their payments for these essential items with our trusted supplier, Officemax. Again, stay tuned for more details of what you will need to do!

We are respectful

Over this term, our classes for 2019 will be created. This process takes a significant amount of time, with a large number of variables to take into account. We endeavour to meet the needs of all of these variables, including balancing range of personalities, academic needs, friendships and personal needs in each class. At the conclusion of this very long and detailed process, it is going to be very important that students and parents demonstrate respect for the decisions made on placements of their children. Once our classes are published, we will not be making significant changes to classes. Thank you for your understanding with this.

We are safe

We have an amazing announcement for our year 9 students of 2019 and beyond. Our college has committed to working with the Young Hearts Program that will equip all year 9 students at PCC with the necessary skills to stay safe and potentially save lives. At the end of the program, our students will receive their First Aid Certificate and have a strong awareness of mental health first aid. This will be a great initiative that will empower all year 9 students at PCC. We will also provide parents with a complimentary 1 hour workshop that will inform you all of what your children have learned. Stay tuned for more details of as we move into 2019.

This week we have a report from our year 9 students. Stay tuned for years 7 and 8 in the coming weeks…

Year 9 Report

As Term 4 is beginning, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about what’s in store. ‘Lion’ is the major film study that will be conducted throughout the majority of the term. Students will be analysing this movie on its complex themes and plots.

The first five weeks of term is deemed to be stressful, but keeping on top of your workload and tackling one task at a time, will deduct the stress helping the students anticipate the end of the term.

Camp will be where the most excitement begins. The trip to Lake Dewar will work differently to the camps students have previously attended- this time they are given the opportunity to choose their own activities, meaning, being able to create a schedule that’s totally theirs! Any activities that they weren’t keen on completing are now out of the picture.

As students are steadily approaching their final year at the college, students will be preparing their entry to senior secondary school, to understand how our schooling lives will differ in senior school. Transition periods will vary from school to school, though majority of the students will be attending the one week transition unit at Point Cook Senior. To finally top the year off, the year 9’s will be to celebrate their successes throughout the year at Graduation! After the awards are given out, a student only disco will be held. Students are encouraged to dress formal at this event, so students may want to start considering what they want to wear.

As hectic as it sounds students are always encouraged to do the best of their ability and finally enjoy their last year here at Point Cook College.


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