Assistant Principals News#17

  • Thursday, November 29, 2018
  • Daryl English

It is hard to believe that the 2018 school year is coming to a close. There is so much happening behind the scenes in preparation for 2019, with information being shared with the community as early as humanly possible. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support for our amazing College.

Below is a compilation of brief reports from our Journalism Pathway for today’s newsletter. Lots of very important points for students and families to take into consideration.


Parents of year nine students are being encouraged to donate their uniform to the second hand uniform shop for others to purchase. It’s nearing the end of the year and year nine students will be transitioning to year ten, so their uniform will no longer be needed. This will be a huge opportunity for families to provide others with a cheaper alternative to buying school uniform for their children. All donations will be appreciated greatly. 

By Shania Johnsen 9D

We are respectful 

Year 8 end of year celebrations                

The school year is coming to an end for all, however the Point Cook College year 8 students have a fun day planned to end the year on a positive note. On the last Thursday of term 4, they will start their day by playing games and enjoying some free time. They will then be going for a walk to the park for a fish and chips lunch. After a long day, they will come back to the campus to reflect on their year and have more time together, before leaving and looking forward to the long Summer break ahead of them.

Saige Rushton 9B

Year 9 Graduation

Christmas is coming and so is year 9 Graduation. Point Cook College is inviting all of year 9 and their family members to come dressed formally and celebrate the end of their year. Year 9 teachers have put the effort to prepare a graduation on December the 18th 2018. Students and parents should arrive at school in the gym by 6:30pm were year 8’s will be catering. Invites will be sent with each year 9 student tomorrow and must be returned by Friday 7th of December 2018. We invite all family members to join the celebration.

Diviya Naiker 9D

House Spirit

All students in Point Cook College have been set a competition to create Mascots (Prep to Year 5/6) and Chants (Year 7 to 9) for their coloured houses. Each entry must be connected to the name and origin of their house. All entries must be submitted to Miss Vanbram via email or her pigeon hole with your house name, homeroom and name by the 29th of November. Prizes will be awarded to students with the winning designs and chants. For more information; please contact Miss Vanbram or the College Captains.

Daphne Belstead 9D

We are Responsible

Uniform policy 

Senior students at PCC are required to wear the appropriate uniform according to the uniform policy. Students can be dressed in any uniform either formal or sport so it is understandable that students may need to time to get with the program. On days without any sporting events, students are required to wear formal uniform— the light blue shirt with the winter skirt or the summer dress, in comparison to that students with sporting events on a school day are required to wear sport uniform. In addition, students must also wear ONLY white socks with the uniform. The leaders at our college want students to have the feeling of responsibility and maturity whilst being proud wearing the PCC uniform. 

Tara M 9A

New Play Areas

During weeks 6, 7 and 8 Point Cook College will be holding a yard duty trial focusing on opening up different areas of the school to every year level according to a timetable at both recess and lunch. Areas such as LRC/Library, Gym and Zen (outside science 1) will be open and organised using a card system for each student coming and going from the area. For more information on the trial, timetable and rules for each of the areas please ask homeroom teachers.

Maddi Kelly 9B

Cleanliness in Point Cook College

All students in the school should be responsible for their study area and the school yard’s cleanliness. If you ever see a waste on the floor, put 1 minute of your time to put it in the bin, it would be much appreciated. This will make the school cleaner and reduce accidents.

By Joshua Wong, 9D

Year 9 Drug Education Day

The Year 9’s participated in a drug education day, where teachers planned out fun and educational activities around drugs. Teachers and students came together for a whole day of learning how to protect yourself, while also learning what not to do. ‘Drug Education Day’ is a great way to share information and learn skills to survive in the real world. Many activities will be scattered around the school for Year 9’s to enjoy. These activities ranged from a self-defence, first aid and drug education classes which act as a range of learning tools for students. Additionally, staff at the Wyndham Youth Services are also coming to PCC, offered a free sausage sizzle at lunch and information about their services that help teenagers. Please see the Point Cook College website for more information or ask the Year 9 teachers.

Jez Minfaq Year 9

We are Learners

Canteen is in business!

At PCC the senior house captains have reopened our beloved school canteen for our year 7-9 students. They have sold various items for affordable prices including , Zooper Doopers, pasta, smoothies, drinks and so much more! Our College is excited for this new start and our junior students are certainly looking forward to their future senior year privileges.

Yukta Gembali 9A

Year 9 Transition Days

From the 3rd to the 6th of December Year 9 students have the opportunity to get a taste of what Year 10 at Point Cook Senior will be like. The Year 9’s will meet at 8:30am at the Point Cook Senior Campus for a 9:00am start. Year 10 orientation day gives everybody a chance to get to know new people and learn more about the  school and the way it works. On the  last day, there will be a lunch provided by the school however every other day you  need to bring your own lunch. All the Year 9’s are excited to carry on  their journey at Point Cook Senior.

Hannah S

We are Safe


On the 22nd of November, the year nine students will be participating in classes dedicated to Drug Education. Throughout the day, students will learn about first aid, legal and illegal drugs, and how to defend themselves against attackers. As well as this, year nine students are able to enjoy 20 minutes of extended lunch and a free sausage sizzle provided by Wyndham  Youth Resource Centre.

By Shania Johnsen 9D

Assistant Principal News 7-9 November 16

  • Thursday, November 15, 2018
  • Daryl English

As Term 4 continues to roll on, we are all hard at work preparing for 2019. So many exciting things are on the cards for 2019, with many of these things being reliant upon our student numbers and access to resources.

Please ensure you contact the office if your child is not returning to PCC next year. Also, please consider donating any uniforms to our College. Many students could really benefit from access to second hand uniforms that are in good quality.

We are Learners
The Emerging Entrepreneurs tested out their businesses at the Twilight market. They had their first real taste of dealing with customers, placing orders and selling their wares. Some come away with a tidy profit, showing their potential to be successful future business owners. Year 9 Iron Chef students will be producing lunch for the staff on Friday 23rd. The budding culinary experts will go through the learning process of designing a menu, ordering quantities and cooking according to a schedule to get everything out on time. We wish them luck!

We are Safe
with the temperature warming up we are encouraging all 7-9 students to wear a hat. 
Hats can be a navy bucket hats with the College logo or a plain navy baseball cap. Also a reminder to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Full Cycle, our Year 9 Pathway group, has started their bike servicing business offering including things like tyre repair, change breaks and services to the community at reasonable prices. By ensuring that you have a well maintained bike, you can travel safely wherever you go. For my details please contact Dom Zylka for details and rates.

We are Responsible

Journalism students attended the Big Issue on Friday to learn about how the social enterprise is supporting the marginalised Members of the community. The students learnt about the reasons why people become homeless and how we can best support Those who need it.

We are Respectful
The Living Landscapes pathways group has been working with the local nursing home to create a garden that the residents could enjoy. During that time our students got to know some of the people living there, learning about their lives and their wonderful personalities. A lot of our students come away feeling truly enlightened by the experience.