Assistant Principal 7-9 December 21

  • Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • Daryl English

At this time of year, it is important to look back on your year at Point Cook College and see how far we have come. Remember the effort you have put in to your learning, family, friendships and our entire community. We are grateful for the opportunity to have learnt with you this year at our very special college. Reminisce about all of the fun times, the sad times and the stressful times. Reflect on what you have learned about yourself and look at how far you have come.

This year has been massive! So many peaks and troughs for us to reflect upon over the break, all the while recuperating for an amazing comeback in 2019. For our families not returning in 2019, your support and feedback has contributed to our impressive improvements through this year. For our families who will be with us again in 2019, get involved! The efforts of our families truly make the difference at our school. Get contact with us at the start of next year to see where you can contribute.

2019 is set to be nothing short of spectacular, with so many improvements on the horizon at 7-9. We are looking to enhance the level of student voice, that is where our students will have an even greater say to the way we operate and learn. Students will be taking greater ownership of their learning and our college. From planning and organising events, to leading and having an impact on our community.

Find time to talk, play and read together. Build memories together, the greatest form of learning!

We wish you a very safe summer break, together with a happy new year!