Out of the gates!

  • Thursday, March 28, 2019
  • Sally Hill

What a fantastic way Point Cook College has kicked off the year. With new construction underway and improvements towards our students learning and expectations, being back at school for our students has never been better. The College has portrayed a positive attitude for what is to come. New exciting challenges, obstacles, achievements and experiences await us.

PCC has changed drastically from previous years. The change of structure throughout the College has been influencing our perception of what it is like to attend a real high school, for future knowledge and growth.

Speaking of growth, the College has also been working extremely hard to demonstrate and teach students the values and importance of adopting a positive and healthy growth mindset. It is crucial, as a school and community, to come together and communicate, to allow everyone to recognise and acknowledge the true meaning of having a truly growth mindset. This has been our main focus from the start of the year, and we are striving for success.

Point Cook College is known for our magnificent cultural diversity. As a school we absolutely enjoy seeing everyone confidently display our most important values and expectations. We, as students, completely and utterly love the energy that our College brings and offers.

We would like to remind everyone that, every day every, lesson counts.

Mina and Mason
(2019 College Captains)


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