Yr 8 Science Fair

  • Thursday, September 04, 2014
  • David Williams

The Year 8 students are holding their annual Science Fair on Thursday evening October 9th from 5.00-6.00pm in the Science Building.

Students have been working on many different science experiments. The experiments cover the chemical and physical aspects of science, and even some environmental issues. You can expect to see explosions, fibre testing and sports analysis!! There will be coke and Mentos fountains, animal races, and taste tests to name a few. Prepare to be dazzled! Some experiments are hands on, while others are demonstrations. This is a good chance to see what the students have been learning, as well as learn a few things yourself!!

The fair is open to all interested visitors. Please feel free to bring along grandma and grandpa and any other family who may wish to join in. You will be encouraged to question all students about their experiments, findings and results. It should be an exciting and entertaining night! There may even be a special guest visitor and presenter!

The students will need to be there for 4.45pm in order to set up and visitors will be allowed entry at 5pm. Full school uniform is required for this event.

Information has been sent home about the Science Fair including a note which needs to be returned by: Friday 12th September 2014

Science fair note

Alison Ryan & Sophie Jean

Science Teachers

Bali Tour 2015

  • Thursday, September 04, 2014
  • David Williams

An information evening for the 2015 Yr 8-9 Bali Tour has been organised for Thursday 9th October at 6pm in the LRC. Interested parents and students are invited to join us for an overview of this trip and a video presentation from our last trip. A note has been sent home with students in years 7-8 with a reply slip attached.

Jenny Hayes and Frank Vetere

Year 6 Debating Event

  • Wednesday, September 03, 2014
  • David Williams

Meet the debating team that will represent Point Cook College at Al-Taqwa College on Monday 15th September- Rahu, Saloni and Adaa.

The topic for debate is “Should school uniform be compulsory?’ Al-Taqwa College is arguing the Affirmative and Point Cook College is arguing the Negative. The teams are planning and practising their arguments ready to debate their side. Each speaker will be given 3 minutes to speak. The judges are Mr Vetere from Point Cook College and Mrs Geetha Nair from Al-Taqwa College. Feedback will be given to each speaker and certificates will be awarded.

As this is such an amazing opportunity we hope to have media coverage and high light to the broader community what wonderful connection schools are making in the area. This will be the inaugural debate and another is being considered in Term 4 to be held at Point Cook College.

Trish Fauvrelle

Yr 6 Teacher

Year 8 Interschool Sport

  • Friday, August 29, 2014
  • David Williams

On Thursday 28th of August, boys and girls representative teams from Year 8 participated in Table Tennis and Basketball against other teams from our local cluster of schools. The teams had been practicing hard over the last five weeks in preparation for the big day. While all of our students battled hard throughout the day playing multiple games, our girls table tennis team managed to win their category. Congratulations girls. The boys table tennis tried hard and won a few games against some tough opposition. The girls basketball team made the final and faced Williamstown High, just missing out by two points in a high intensity affair. Although they lacked height, the boys basketball team persisted and managed to win one game while coming close in the others. Well done to the participants in our teams, they represented PCC showing great competitiveness and sportsmanship.

Tim Bailey

Yr 8 Teacher

Girls Table Tennis Team:Kal, Wendy, Caelyn, Eva.

Boys Table Tennis Team:Jong, Roanan, Connor, Jai.

Girls Basketball Team: Tanesha, Taylah, Zoe, Tyla, Thanushri, Jasmine and Chloe.

Boys Basketball Team:Braden, Jared, Sam, Nick, Dylan, Benny and Aiden. Coach Jemma Kelly.

Upcoming Event -Kids teaching Kids Sustainability Conference

  • Thursday, August 21, 2014
  • David Williams
Kids teaching Kids Sustainability Conference

On Wednesday 10th of September a group of year 5 EAL students will be presenting a workshop at the annual “Kids Teaching Kids”  Sustainability Conference at Carranballac College.

Students are planning their teaching session which will focus on our local waterways. They are preparing an engaging workshop on the adaptations of the platypus and native water rat. The conference is held around Australia and our students will participate in the event that will be held in our local area.

Robyn Cairns
Environmental Science Teacher

The Australian Sharemarket Game With Mr Roberson

  • Thursday, August 21, 2014
  • David Williams

An exciting event is happening with interested Year 6 students. The Australian Sharemarket Game has started and it will be running for 13 weeks taking us into Term 4.

Students are given a virtual $50,000 to invest and the challenge is to make it grow. Students will be playing in real market conditions and select stocks from the S&P/ASX 300.

Today, Thursday 21st August they are buying their shares. Syndicates have been formed and are working from a plan that they have developed.

Some are buying vigorously whereas others have a more cautious approach with many in between.

As students play the game they will learn about investing, buying and selling shares, creating a share portfolio, testing their strategies to possibly win $1500!

Watch out for a progress report from our syndicates! 

Trish Fauvelle
Year 6 Teacher

Year 8 Book Clubs

  • Wednesday, August 13, 2014
  • David Williams

The Year 8 students are currently engaged in gender based book clubs. The program enables students to choose their reading material based on interest. From their choices, students have been grouped and they complete an agreed amount of reading for home learning each week. At school, students pose questions to each other, discuss their reading, clarify their own and others’ understandings and make notes on their group conversations. Students have been using the Google Drive App to record summaries as a group and to provide evidence of their contributions towards group conversations.

Tim Bailey
Yr 8 Teacher

Swimming Superstars

  • Thursday, August 07, 2014
  • David Williams

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August, two of our students participated in the Victorian short course championships at MSAC. Both swimmers have trained extremely hard for this event and should be very proud of their achievements:

Sophia Potter (6H)
State rankings
50m Freestyle- 17th
100m Freestyle- 11th
200m Freestyle- 17th
100m Backstroke- 14th
200m Backstroke- 12th
100m Breastroke- 14th

Kyle Yurkowski (7E)
100m Breastroke- 11th
200m Brastroke- 12th
50m Freestyle- 41st
100m Individual medley-25th

Congratulations Kyle and Sophia!

Katrina Hamilton
Yr 6 Teacher

Reciprocal Teaching in Year 6

  • Thursday, August 07, 2014
  • David Williams

Reciprocal teaching is not about reading the chapters in a book quickly and answering comprehension questions. It’s about developing students thinking, through conversations to enhance their understanding of a text.  After introducing the Reciprocal Teaching technique early in the year and revisiting the format at the beginning of the term, students were placed in groups, over two classes. The Year 6s are now into their second week of reciprocal teaching.  Students are placed in seven groups over two classes with four sessions dedicated to reading in the week.  The books are aligned to the students’ needs as well as extending their conversations within the group.  Students take turn in leading the group following the Reciprocal Teaching format. The format includes making plausible predictions about what they will read, clarifying any unknown words while they are reading, writing thoughtful questions as they are reading and summarising the passage read using the summary format.  Discussion is the most important aspect of Reciprocal Teaching. This is enhanced through the students sharing their predictions, using their prior knowledge and writing thoughtful questions. Challenging each other’s’ thinking such as ‘Why do you think that?’ adds to an in-depth conversation in the groups. Making students become better and more thoughtful readers is a journey well worth pursuing.  “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” Dr Suess

Trish Fauvrelle
Yr 6 Teacher

Marine Biology Yr 9 Pathways Excursion

  • Thursday, July 31, 2014
  • David Williams

Marine Biology students visited Point Cook Town Centre pet store to purchase their new marine animals to house in their aquarium.  Students have a role in looking after their animals- feeding, cleaning, monitoring and maintaining water quality. 

Sophie Jean
Science Teacher