Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Friday, June 08, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Great, Week 8!

We are Learners…

The reporting period for semester one is well underway and this is a great opportunity to celebrate all of the learning achieved this year. As well as celebrating the successes, it is important to utilise this reporting time to consider where growth can be achieved for the remainder of the year. Take time to start talking about some of your child’s learning achievements for semester one and what learning in semester two might look like. Our teachers are always happy to discuss your child’s learning, please contact them via email with your queries or to make a time.

We are Responsible…

In the secondary year levels, our students become much more responsible for getting ready for learning. This includes preparing good food to fuel them for the day and wearing the uniform correctly. We would like to ask that parents support their children to take responsibility for their readiness for learning, by checking in and ensuring that they have brain fuelling food in their bags and that they are wearing the correct school uniform.

We are Respectful…

We have a tremendously respectful community at PCC. It never ceases to amaze me how considerate and caring members of our community can be towards each other. Nothing helps us get ready for learning better than a sincere ‘good morning’, ‘how are you?’ or ‘are you okay?’ What seems simple and easy, can make a huge difference to our lives. Take time to be present with each other and lean in.

We are Safe…

Having discussions at home about being safe are crucial to the development of our student’s ability to make safe choices when not supervised by an adult. Talking about safe choices and options for social situations that teenagers encounter. Talk about the challenging topics of alcohol, smoking and even vaping. Discuss the dangers and empower our children to make informed, healthy choices. For more information, again, speak with your child’s teacher.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

We are Learners…

NAPLAN is over and we could not be more proud of the efforts put in by all students participating. Our attention is again drawn to the main game of learning, with students having time to working on individual and group learning goals. We would be expecting some positive home learning habits being well underway at this stage of the year. Reading should be occurring every day, plus some time should be spent completing incomplete learning tasks. Lots of the learning happening in class is accessible though the Google Classrooms and other online platforms, so conversations about learning could be happening at home. Please make contact with your child’s teacher is you would like any support or tips with supporting positive home learning habits.

We are Responsible…

Again, I would like to remind everyone that up to date calendars and timetables are accessible through the student COMPASS page. Student login details are the same as their log in for our server which is the student code (CASES ID) and Network Password.

It is also very important for us to support students to be responsible for the management of their extra-curricular responsibilities. This includes, organising payments for events and excursions on time, getting notes signed and returned in a timely manner, as well as turning up to the right location (in full school uniform, un otherwise stated). Students in 7-9 are often required to meet at Williams Landing for some city based excursions, please help students be organised and prepared for this.

We are Respectful…

We would like to acknowledge and wish all the very best to all of our students and families observing Ramadan over the next couple of weeks. We can be respectful by learning about the cultures of others. Ramadan, the ninth month in the Muslim calendar, is a special time for the Muslim community. As a most blessed month, it is a time for reflection, prayer and renewal of faith. Muslims worldwide fast from dawn to sunset to achieve greater self-discipline, self-purification, and compassion for those less fortunate.

For more information to learn about Ramadan go to

We are Safe…

Developing resilience is an extremely valuable way to become more safe. Resilience help us adapt when we are in hard times and during stress. It helps us ‘rebound’ when we fall down, and we are likely to fall many times through our journey of lifelong learning. Here is one valuable way to develop resilience together. Talk and unpack challenges/issue together – talking about challenges, putting them into perspective and considering the perspectives of others helps us learn about choices to deal with them. Always encourage your children to take control and discuss strategies for them work through their challenges.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Thursday, May 10, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Welcome to the end of Week 4. We could not have asked for a better first month of Term 2!

We are Learners…

The energy across the college is palpable, with so much learning happening for both staff and student. Staff have continued their learning around the Berry Street Education Model, which helps us to build an even more positive climate for learning. Students have been engaging in a wide range of learning experiences including Indonesian speaking competitions, 7-9 athletics carnival and preparation for NAPLAN.

We are Responsible…

When transitioning into the secondary part of the school, expectations to direct and manage our own learning increases. Students can improve their organisation by accessing their timetables and calendar through COMPASS. This is where they will be able to see if their class has been split, if they have a different teacher or there has been a room change. Student login details are the same as their log in for our server which is the student code (CASES ID) and Network Password.

We are Respectful…

The way we present ourselves to school at school goes a long way to maintaining the positive school culture we have. A big part of presenting ourselves truly ready for learning is to present ourselves respectfully by wearing our uniform in line with our uniform guidelines. It is up to all of us to maintain these high standards, please speak to our neighbourhood leaders if there are any challenges with acquiring the correct uniform. We are extremely fortunate at PCC to have such amazing facilities, awesome staff and amazing students. Let’s show our respect and pride for our college.

We are Safe…

When we feel safe, our minds are primed much better for learning. For our year 7-9 students talking about safety online becomes extremely important. Our adolescents are interacting with others online in ways that are sometimes beyond our comprehension. Their digital literacy is often far superior than the adults in our community. Please spend time learning about how your child works in the online world. Ask them questions about how they communicate with others. Ask them about Fortnite or Sarahah app. What does it mean to be safe on these sites?

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Sunday, April 29, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Term 2 definitely started with a bang!

We hope that all families discussed the importance of cyber safety, following our extremely successful Cyber Safety Day. The internet is such an integral part of all of our lives, especially for our students across 7-9. Conversations about safety online has never been so important. The internet has become a space where many of our adolescents interact socially, whether we like it or not, and creating a space where your children can openly discuss the nature of their social interactions online will go a long way. Please come and visit the College and take a look at all of the ways our students have pledged to be safe online. We all need to work together to support safe online environments.

Thank you to all of the families who attended the learning conversations with the 7-9 English and Mathematics teachers. We hope that this has sparked an ongoing conversation about student learning. If you were unable to make a time with your child’s teacher on during the set time, our amazing teachers are ready to make themselves available to meet with you. Their contact details would have appeared on the recent Compass push.

I know that we have only just started the term, however we can’t avoid getting a little excited for the end of this term where our amazing students will perform for you all in Aladdin Junior. It is sure to be awesome, let’s get behind the musical team and show our support.

Thank you to our amazing Student Leadership Group who ran our whole College ANZAC day commemoration service. It was well conducted and all of our students represented the College with the highest level of respect.

Our recent curriculum day focused on the Berry Street Education Model was a tremendous success. All staff participated in learning the ‘Body’ component of the course, which focused on how we can support our students to develop strategies to understand and deal with stress. This is a whole College focus and over the course of this year and beginning of next, teachers will complete 4 days of training that will assist us to strengthen our already Positive Climate at the College.

In the upcoming weeks our year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students will be taking part in NAPLAN. Further correspondence in relation to how we support our students through the NAPLAN assessments is also in this newsletter. At Point Cook College we value our capacity to develop a Positive Climate to support our students to do their best. We value students' efforts and strongly support them to put their best foot forward with anything they are doing.

On your marks… Our annual Athletics Carnivals are coming up (3/4, 5/6, 7-9), we would love to see as many of you as we can at our carnivals supporting our students to create an amazing atmosphere of sportsmanship. These days are highly valued at the College and this year they are compulsory for all students 3-9. There is no cost associated with the day, as the bus cost was included in your Essential Learning fee, please ensure that you complete the COMPASS permission form. It is important that you understand there will be no classes for the attending year level on the day of their athletics carnival.

We love hearing your feedback! Please contact myself, Dani or Bec if you have any that relates to the secondary space.

Be kind to one another,

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Thursday, March 29, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

And just like that… we come to the end of yet another amazing term at PCC. We have so much to be grateful for and to start this newsletter item I would like to share three things that I am grateful for at PCC. I am going to encourage all families to spend some time talking about what they are grateful for. Research has shown that gratitude is an invaluable tool for building our happiness and capacity to be the best we can be. Have a go, you will be surprised at how valuable this can be.

1. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the most amazing secondary students. Our students are resilient, respectful and demonstrate a deep understanding of tolerance for the differences that all members of our learning community possess. All of our students are leaders and we are confident that their leadership capacity is going to direct them to become valuable leaders beyond our school gates.

2. I am grateful for the adult learners across our college, including, staff and parents. The adult learners at our college are supportive and inquirers. Always exploring ways to do our jobs, whether parent or teach, better every time we are with children. We work to explore ways to support our young people to find truly valuable pathways of personal success.

3. Finally, I am grateful for the plethora of opportunities we are able to provide our students here at PCC. We are truly lucky to have the resources of authentic learning extra-curricular learning opportunities. Whether it be the awesome range of Pathways we have for year 9’s, any of our leadership programs, the sporting events or the opportunity to perform in a professional standard musical. When our students participate in these ‘extra’ programs, this becomes their core learning! Rich and authentic.

The term has closed with a bang with amazing things happening across the college in 7-9. With so many things happening across the college, it’s hard to keep up. Here is the smallest of snapshots of what is going on...

- Year 8 camp was, as expected, amazing.

- The annual robotics excursion to the Grand Prix was a hit.

- Our sporting teams represented our college on a number of occasions with pride.

If there is anything I have missed, the best way to find out more is to speak with your children about all of the amazing things that are happening.

Following a well-deserved break, term 2 is not going to disappoint. We will start off with a bang in week one with our super special Cyber Safety Day, where we will officially meet some very special characters. Also, in week one, we will have our Student Learning Conferences where we get to discuss student learning achievement in English and Mathematics, including next steps for learning. Our student free curriculum day is on the 26th of April. All of our staff will be spending the day learning strategies to enhance our positive climate for learning. I can’t wait to share more details on this one in term two.

Term One comes to an end, but we are only just getting started. This term we have collected a huge amount of evidence of learning for our 7-9 students. Our students are learning more about themselves as learners and are working with their teachers to set achievable goals for 2018. All of our teaching teams have been working together to design appropriate learning opportunities for all of our students. We are moving from strength to strength, our collective efforts and confidence if what is going to make the difference.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Friday, March 09, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Just over half way through the term and we are flying along. Our teachers and students are building such strong, respectful relationships centred around learning, it is just magical to witness. Students are relishing the extra responsibility of transitioning safely between classes and working with a range of teachers. Who would have known that living the SWPBS Matrix would be so easy!

As the year continues to warm up, the opportunities to represent our amazing college increases. For example, we congratulated our awesome new SLC (Student Leadership Council) students in to the leadership team. Their first major engagement as leaders is coming up in the coming weeks during their GRIT Conference at the Melbourne Exhibition and Events Centre. Super exciting opportunity for these students. More opportunities will present themselves for students to lead within and across our college, stay tuned and continue to have conversations at home about what good leaders do.

Home Learning (or homework) is all about developing good learning habits at home. Besides spending around 30 minutes reading every night, students at PCC are often required to complete a range of learning tasks at home. Sometimes this is work that has not been completed in class, other times this is learning that is going to support or extend the learning happening in class. We are currently working on our PCC Home Learning Policy, this is a great opportunity for our community to have an input into what home learning should be like at PCC. Home Learning needs to be purposeful and tailored to the needs of our students and community. If you would like to have a say in this policy, please feel free to email Lizzie Tout or myself to share your thoughts.

Thank you to the new families who attended our New Family Seminar, the session was extremely informative. We understand that our College can at times be complex and value those of you who were able to give up your time to build stronger partnerships with us. In moving forward with developing partnerships, it would great to see more parents in attendance. This is our College and we value and appreciate your feedback. When future sessions are offered please ensure that you demonstrate your commitment, by joining in.

Across the term, our teachers have been participating in professional practice days. These professional practice days are a part of the Education Department new agreement. For terms 1, 2 and 4 teachers at our College have chosen to work within their Professional Learning Teams to enhance their teaching practice and influence how they go about teaching and learning. The days have been extremely productive and teachers have gained further insight into their profession.

Late last week we sent out a news item on Compass titled ‘staff professional learning program’, we encourage you all to take a look at this news item and watch the linked Ted Talk. Teacher feedback is an essential part of our profession and the executive team at Point Cook, please ensure you are aware of the program we have in place to provide this vital opportunity for teacher growth.

We love hearing from you. Communication between home and school speaks volumes about the partnership we are creating to impact the learning of our students. Please make contact with your child’s teachers to discuss any elements of your child’s learning. This could include finding out more about what’s been happening at school or learn more about what you can do at home.

Continue to discuss safety, learning, respect, and responsibility at home. What do these values mean and look like in your family? Work with us to build better learners!

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

What an amazing start to the 2018 school year.

We have made significant improvements to the way we work here at Point Cook College, particularly in 7-9. With students having the opportunity to work with a greater range of teachers across their learning week and in true PCC fashion, out students have transitioned beautifully into our new learning system. The spaces are buzzing with enthusiasm and dedication to make 2018 an extremely valuable year of learning.

Starting a new school year is filled with challenges, we would like to thank all of our parents and families who have supported these very important transitions. Especially when it comes to the valuable conversations at home that help our students build resilience about something not going their way, or working through some of the significant social challenges students face in the first few weeks of school. The positive partnership between home and school is vital for our work along this learning journey. Together we are going to make this year amazing.

This year is going to be filled with amazing learning opportunities for our 7-9 students at Point Cook College. We have had our first round of leadership opportunities come up, through SLC, and we had an overwhelming response from our students applying for positions. Congratulations to all applicants, Ms. Gigas will contact successful applicants in the coming week. We will have more leadership opportunities coming up across the year, so please continue to encourage and support your children to continue developing their leadership skills.

Some more opportunities occurring beyond our school include:

Victorian School of Languages (VSL) has the following language classes happening on Saturday mornings from 9.00am-12.20pm – Chinese, Russian, Korean, Malayalam, Spanish and Tamil. Please contact the office if you require any more information.

Home Learning

With our new learning system, home learning will be looking a little different across 7-9. The iPads will continue to be at the centre of home learning, with many experiences and tasks being uploaded to Google Classroom or sent via email. If you have any questions or would like to be more involved in the learning, please contact our wonderful neighbourhood leaders (Bec Collins or Dani Stewart) and they will be able to direct you to the best placed teacher.

Here are a number of special dates coming up that will be important for our 7-9 students:

• Year 8 Graffiti Incursion in 28th February

• Year 7 Excursion to Immigration Museum in March

• Year 9s attending the STEAM conference in March

• Robotics excursion to the Grand Prix in March

• Wyndham Youth Forum in March

• Year 8 camp, more information coming soon

If you are new to the College, welcome. We hope that you have settled in well to Point Cook College and are enjoying being a part of our community. The College will be hosting a New Family Seminar on March 1st at 7 pm in the Gymnasium, we hope that this will give you an in-depth understanding of how our College operates.

We love hearing from our families, feedback is what helps us improve. We now have a ‘parents and friends’ association, held at 2 pm every second Tuesday. PFA is a great way to be a part of the College Community, we strongly encourage parent/guardians? involvement and would like to see as many parents/guardians as possible on the PFA, for further details please contact Rebecca Thornton at the College.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

This is the final newsletter item for 2017! What a year it has been, with so many amazing achievements to reflect on and celebrate over the break. We have had a number of amazing events happening across 7-9 over the last couple of weeks.

POCOFEST was an absolute smash hit, breaking all PCC Box Office records! It was an awesome effort by everyone involved, from the movie makers to the staff who work tirelessly to pull it all together. Massive congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to seeing you all on the red carpet in Hollywood!

YEAR 9 CAMP was as expected… Unreal! There couldn’t be a better way to roll into the final week of Year 9 than to spend 3 days in an amazing location with some amazing people. Our camp program, including Lake Dewar, is up there with the best programs around. What makes it work is the participation of our students, the more students who attend the better it gets! Our Year 7 students will have received some information preparing for the Year 8 camp early in 2018. We would love to see record attendance at all camps in 2018.

Our annual STEP UP DAY was another success, with current year 6, 7 and 8 students spending the day in their 2018-year level. So many nerves, muddled up with so much excitement. 2018 is going to be awesome.

We are preparing for some major changes to the structure of 7-9 in 2018. As mentioned during the parent forums, earlier this term, we are looking to raise the bar even higher. With students working with different teachers for English and Mathematics through the year. Students will be learning to transition more regularly between learning spaces, to maximise the use of our facilities. This is a great opportunity for students work with a broader range of teachers and students who can collectively have an impact on learning. For more information on the changes to the 7-9 program, please feel free to contact me.

Whilst we are on 2018. Next year is going to have a very unique situation, where for the first time in our College’s history our student body will be led by three extraordinary young women. Following a gruelling recruitment process, these three girls demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and we are extremely proud of the appointment of Victoria Bel, Jemma Tapp and Ella Pettigrove as the 2018 College Captains. Congratulations girls!

“The College Captaincy role has been a sought-after position throughout the school and after a lengthy and tough process we have been selected as College Captains for 2018. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to make a difference and influence great change in our school community. We’re excited to share our many ideas and suggestions to the leadership groups and faculty members at PCC. Our former College Captains have achieved a great amount and have set a high standard that we hope to meet and exceed. We look forward to seeing you all in 2018 and start our journey as College Captains.” – Jemma, Victoria & Ella.

In our final week, we still have some great activities happening across the school. Year 7’s will be off to The Sun Theatre to see ‘Wonder’. The Year 8’s will enjoy some movies and pizza for their celebration.

And last, but not least, we will get to formally acknowledge and congratulate our graduating Year 9 class of 2017 on Tuesday the 19th of December. It is sure going to be a memorable event, filled with tears, laughter, memories and some pretty cool dance moves.

To our graduating 2017 Year 9’s:

We trust that you look back on your time at Point Cook P-9 fondly. Reflecting on all the effort that you put into your learning, friendships and our entire community. Reminiscing about your time here, whether it be getting lost in the city during My Melbourne Experience or composing that poem that brought tears to those who heard it! The next stage of your learning journey is driven by you, for you.”

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”Steve Martin

Well done to everyone who has played a role in making this event as successful and memorable as it is. Whether it be big or small, events like this cannot happen without your dedication and effort. On behalf of all those who get to enjoy the evening, thank you.

To everyone in our truly special PCC community, have a marvellous break and safe New Year!

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Friday, December 01, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

It’s hard to believe that Week 8 is upon us, things are surely heating up as we roll toward the end of term. The weather has definitely matched the atmosphere here in Point Cook, with many days sitting well over 30 degrees. Please ensure you discuss the importance of being hydrated and SunSmart at home. Again, all classes have supplies of sunscreen and students are able to have a drink bottles with water available to them at all times.

Our students have been working on so many rich learning experiences recently. Here is just a snapshot of a small few:

• PCC is looking a little more like Warner Brothers Studios as opposed to a school withPocoFest films are being filmed.

• Our Year 8 students have also been experiencing the workplace through their apprentice projects, thank you to all the parents, carers and PCC staff who took the time to supervise and provide our students with real lifer work experiences.

• The Outdoor Ed Pathway group trekked 20km through the bush this week on their overnight camp. Their trip finished with them Hanging Ten, catching some waves on surfboards.

We are in the final stages of preparation for 2018. Classes are being finalised and teachers are mobilising to make 2018 better than ever. Our transition sessions are being planned as we speak, we really want the transitions to a new year level to be as smooth as can be.

Meetings are currently being held with families of students who may need some extra support with the transition. Please contact your child’s teacher or Bec Collins to discuss any transitions concerns you may have.

Some reminders for the remainder of the term:

PocoFest: 11th December

Orientation Day Year 9s: 11th – Tuesday 12th December

Step up to Secondary Year 6 to 7: 12th December

Year 7 ‘Wonder’ Excursion: 18th December

Year 8 Celebration Excursion: TBC

Year 9 Camp: 13th-15th December

Graduation: 19th December

We look forward to a very productive final few weeks of 2017 here at PCC and continue to be grateful for the support families afford us.

Please feel free to contact me on

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Year 5/6 Camps

  • Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Camp Crimson

On the 30th of October, the Crimson MAG headed off to the YMCA Anglesea Camp. They enjoyed 3 days full of fun activities, great meals and also an awesome beach day! We did things like the giant swing, canoeing, high ropes, and played in the Gaga Pit. We got to be in cabins with our friends and eat as a MAG every morning and night. At night we also got to do a fun activity like trivia night and watching a spooky movie! The biggest highlight was definitely the beach day where we boogie boarded, played fun beach games and went on a long walk. Everyone loved experiencing all the activities, with their friends and classmates, no matter how scared or nervous they were. Obviously this whole camp wouldn’t have been possible without out our amazing teachers and staff organising it all, a big thanks to Miss Irvine for organising it! We’d like to thank them as well as all the students, for making this camp such a great success!

Written by Wendy Widjojo and Jye Paladino

Camp Teal

The Year 5/6 MAG’s have recently been to camp, and crimson sets off on Monday. The camp is located on the coast of a town called Anglesea. The camp had a series of fun activities to enjoy. They included the giant swing, high ropes, canoeing and mountain biking. When we arrived the camp staff introduced

us to the camp rules and had us play some games, not video games obviously. After we got set up in our cabins we were called to come to the meeting area to start our first two activities. As the sun went down, we had dinner, watched a movie and soon we entered the insane asylum known as our cabins, or you can say we slept.

As the sun rose, we woke up and got out of our beds. We walked out of our cabins and let the staff provide us with breakfast. We packed our bags and got ready for what was to come, we were getting ready to walk to the beach. Our teachers had planned a trip to the beach and paid for a surfing lesson to teach us to surf. We were placed into three different groups doing three different activities at different times, the activities were, surfing, a beach walk and beach activities. As our fun day ended, we walked back to camp and had some soothing showers, followed by free time and then dinner. After dinner we had even more free time and eventually slept.

As our last day crept upon us we woke up, and got ready to pack up and leave. When we finished getting ready, we met up and were sent off to our last two activities. As soon as we finished our activities, we ate lunch and packed the buses then left for home.

Ben Schaper 5/6S

Camp Indigo

It was finally MAG Indigo’s time for Camp. We set off excited as ever, knowing we’d be getting some awesome weather. We arrived at Camp and were quickly into our first activity – Geo Caching. We found our way around the Camp and then had a chance to settle in. It was then time to get into our activity groups. The days were warm and the activities were challenging but equally awesome. Here are a few snippets about Camp from the students’ eyes:

“Being 18 metres above the ground with your trust in a few strings and an absolutely amazing view of the sea, life honestly cannot get any better.”

“The vibe of joy and being in your calmest state of mind whilst canoeing on a beautiful lake is the most flawless feeling ever.”

“The sudden energy that you gain when it’s light out time and you’re in your cabin with your most trusted companions is just amazing.”

“This camp is one of the most sensational and exciting ones I’ve been on and it has definitely changed the way I have viewed things.”

“The confidence I gained, the open mindedness that YMCA staff gave me and their positive vibes as well was just awesome.”

“A-S-T-O-U-N-D-I-N-G is how you spell my days at YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp.”

“The shock of nearly capsizing on a wobbly canoe added to the many adventures taken on by those young and fit.”

“The difficultly of trying to swat away mosquitos from you leg as you ride a bike down a steep hill was insane, but I managed - JUST!"

“This camp was truly amazing and helped me in so many ways, I’m really happy that I went.”

The students and teachers all had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Beach’ camp. We look forward to going back, next time ensuring we have mosquito repellent in bulk!

Julie Ryan