Year 5/6 Camps

  • Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Camp Crimson

On the 30th of October, the Crimson MAG headed off to the YMCA Anglesea Camp. They enjoyed 3 days full of fun activities, great meals and also an awesome beach day! We did things like the giant swing, canoeing, high ropes, and played in the Gaga Pit. We got to be in cabins with our friends and eat as a MAG every morning and night. At night we also got to do a fun activity like trivia night and watching a spooky movie! The biggest highlight was definitely the beach day where we boogie boarded, played fun beach games and went on a long walk. Everyone loved experiencing all the activities, with their friends and classmates, no matter how scared or nervous they were. Obviously this whole camp wouldn’t have been possible without out our amazing teachers and staff organising it all, a big thanks to Miss Irvine for organising it! We’d like to thank them as well as all the students, for making this camp such a great success!

Written by Wendy Widjojo and Jye Paladino

Camp Teal

The Year 5/6 MAG’s have recently been to camp, and crimson sets off on Monday. The camp is located on the coast of a town called Anglesea. The camp had a series of fun activities to enjoy. They included the giant swing, high ropes, canoeing and mountain biking. When we arrived the camp staff introduced

us to the camp rules and had us play some games, not video games obviously. After we got set up in our cabins we were called to come to the meeting area to start our first two activities. As the sun went down, we had dinner, watched a movie and soon we entered the insane asylum known as our cabins, or you can say we slept.

As the sun rose, we woke up and got out of our beds. We walked out of our cabins and let the staff provide us with breakfast. We packed our bags and got ready for what was to come, we were getting ready to walk to the beach. Our teachers had planned a trip to the beach and paid for a surfing lesson to teach us to surf. We were placed into three different groups doing three different activities at different times, the activities were, surfing, a beach walk and beach activities. As our fun day ended, we walked back to camp and had some soothing showers, followed by free time and then dinner. After dinner we had even more free time and eventually slept.

As our last day crept upon us we woke up, and got ready to pack up and leave. When we finished getting ready, we met up and were sent off to our last two activities. As soon as we finished our activities, we ate lunch and packed the buses then left for home.

Ben Schaper 5/6S

Camp Indigo

It was finally MAG Indigo’s time for Camp. We set off excited as ever, knowing we’d be getting some awesome weather. We arrived at Camp and were quickly into our first activity – Geo Caching. We found our way around the Camp and then had a chance to settle in. It was then time to get into our activity groups. The days were warm and the activities were challenging but equally awesome. Here are a few snippets about Camp from the students’ eyes:

“Being 18 metres above the ground with your trust in a few strings and an absolutely amazing view of the sea, life honestly cannot get any better.”

“The vibe of joy and being in your calmest state of mind whilst canoeing on a beautiful lake is the most flawless feeling ever.”

“The sudden energy that you gain when it’s light out time and you’re in your cabin with your most trusted companions is just amazing.”

“This camp is one of the most sensational and exciting ones I’ve been on and it has definitely changed the way I have viewed things.”

“The confidence I gained, the open mindedness that YMCA staff gave me and their positive vibes as well was just awesome.”

“A-S-T-O-U-N-D-I-N-G is how you spell my days at YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp.”

“The shock of nearly capsizing on a wobbly canoe added to the many adventures taken on by those young and fit.”

“The difficultly of trying to swat away mosquitos from you leg as you ride a bike down a steep hill was insane, but I managed - JUST!"

“This camp was truly amazing and helped me in so many ways, I’m really happy that I went.”

The students and teachers all had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Beach’ camp. We look forward to going back, next time ensuring we have mosquito repellent in bulk!

Julie Ryan

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

With so much happening across 7-9 at this time in term 4. I through it would be best to hear from them. This is just a snapshot of a whole host of experiences happening in our neighbourhood, with many more to come. For example; year 9 camp, POKO Fest plus many more.

Thank you all for following up on the email that I sent to you all over the last week. It is important that we continue to take the time, both at school and at home, to discuss the importance of making safe choices. We forwarded a whole range of information to the police about the graffiti incident of the long weekend and will continue to support their investigations.

Thank you all for your support in this very important work of educating our community!

Year Nine Outdoor Education Camp

The students learning how to put up the tents and how the trangias work.

The Year Nine Pathway Outdoor Education is currently investigating hiking/camping to prepare us for our overnight hike in Lorne. Throughout the term we have been working towards developing the skills and preparation required for an overnight hike. Despite many setbacks we will be going on our hike on the 27th and 28th of November.

Throughout the first day we will hiking twenty kilometres and visiting many different waterfalls along the way. We will then stay overnight in a campground close to the track we have been walking during the day. Using the provided equipment we will be cooking our own dinners camping style. So no steak. We did try. The following day we will be heading to Anglesea to enjoy some surfing with a trained professional to show us the ins and outs. It will be a fantastic trip and we can’t wait for the experience.

Sports Reports

Year 7 Girls Table Tennis

Continuing their wonderful success, the Year 7 Girls Table Tennis team went off to regionals on the 1st of November, travelling with Miss VanBraam in her personal vehicle to the Geelong Table Tennis Association. Although the team did not come in 1st place, we fairly came in 4th place, beating 2 different schools. Almost every student that participated in the competition were genuinely positive towards us and were fair when it came to either a loss or a win. Everyone put in a lot of effort on attending to the event and trying their best when it came to their single games as well as double games. We hope to be able to represent the 2018 Year 8 Girls Table Tennis team and win again.

Volleyball Game

On the 10th of November, the Year 8 girls volleyball team, competed in the next stage of the volleyball competition, against The Grange high school, Sunbury High and Oberon high school. On our first game we went against The Grange high school, it was a challenging battle till the end since it was a draw at one point, but in the end the Grange took the win with 4 points ahead of us.

On our second game against Sunbury High, I admit we didn’t play our best game. We had arguments which put us down on our teamwork, which also made us lose 2 - 0, but this game made us realise that teamwork was important, working as a unit and no all people we’re perfect because everyone of us had a weakness. As we had a break for the volleyball game, we decided to have a meeting to work on our next and last game. We sat down as a group deciding on our layout of how the team should be placed, who was serving first and practicing our weaknesses which the our calling.

As the last game came, we did a team circle talking about how we could prevent our weaknesses from showing, our confidence in our skills, just having fun and our teamwork because at the end of the day being a team in the end was important. On our last game against Oberon we won 0-2 by working as a team and having fun. As the day progressed we did really struggle with some problems that we had like calling for the ball, not going into other teammate’s spaces and the most important one working on our serving.

The final scores of the day was The Grange against us 2-1 the Grange won, Sunbury high against us 2-0 Sunbury won and final Oberon high school against us 0-2 we won, which made me really proud. Throughout the day we had our highs and lows as a team, but in the end we worked as a unit to win and lose against Oberon high school, which made us proud that we could come to Point Cook College having a proud win. The day was challenging and fun, but overall it was about us working as a team and having our proud moments as one.

Kym Bays 8S

Year 7s at the Immigration Museum

On Wednesday, the 15th of November, the year 7’s went to the Immigration Museum by train. This was connected to the topic that we’re studying on in class, which is Urbanisation. Urbanisation is moving into towns or cities from rural (country) areas. We first studied on some suitcases that were placed on different tables. We looked at the objects that were inside the suitcase and answered some questions. After that we explored the museum, looked at pictures, items and articles about stories of migrants. After that, we went to SouthBank food court (which was on other side of the Sandridge bridge) to have lunch. The good things about the excursion is that all the students made it in time to the Williams Landing station and we had fun (especially at the food court). Maybe we could’ve stayed at the museum a bit more so we can get enough notes for our topic. Overall it was a great day because of the weather.

Let’s be Sunsmart!

“No Hat, No Play,” is a motto that teachers say to students that don’t wear hats. We are now at the time of the year where the weather is starting to get hot and sunny. Make sure you slap on some sunscreen, slip your hat on and drink lots water so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. Don’t forget to stay under the shade if you don’t have a hat.

As for our 7-9, whilst they do not have to wear a hat, being Sunsmart is still a priority. Every classroom has sunscreen available and students are encouraged to apply regularly when outside. Drink bottles are a must, hydration is key!

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal 7-9 News

  • Friday, November 03, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

What an enormous fortnight of learning, it seems like only yesterday we were composing our week 2 newsletter.

Thanks to all who were involved and attended out house assembly last week. We hope to make this a regular fixture at PCC and are currently working with our school leaders to make it even better!

Twilight Market is fast approaching and it would great to see many of you on the night. Your donations would also be greatly appreciated, please refer to Facebook posts about details.

A very big thank you to all the parents who attended our Parent Forums on Wednesday the 1st of November. As a leadership team, we found the sessions to be extremely valuable in informing the strategic direction of the College.

Congratulations to our amazing team of students who presented at the 2017 Kids Teaching Kids Conference, this team of students are leading the way to create a more environmentally sustainable.

Year 8 students spoke on the STEM projects they had completed this year at ACMI. Which included, creating and coding games to solve environmental problems and raising awareness of environmental issues experienced in our waterways, through the use of VR technology. Students were amazing and were congratulated by a huge audience of over 150 people!

The Year 7 students had an amazing day exploring the Victoria Market on Tuesday in Week 4. Mr Holland cannot wait to taste the gastronomic creations that the year 7 Master Chef Competition cooks up.

Massive thank you to all the parents who attended and supported the Year 9 information evening. During this time parents and students had the opportunity to take a look at the Pathway options for 2018. We have encouraged all year 8 students to have many conversations about their options for 2018 and beyond… Reminder that Pathway Selection forms are due to the office by Wednesday the 8th of November.

Our Year 8 POCO Fest filming is well underway. PCC is almost looking more like a Hollywood studio than a school. Stay tuned for more details on the POCO Fest event.

Reminder that WE ARE SAFE at PCC and we love seeing students and families walking that extra few metres to cross at school crossing.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Assistant Principal News 7-9

  • Friday, October 20, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Term 4 is always an important and complex time in the school calendar. Teachers are collating information to share for the semester two reports and students are working to get the most out of their learning for 2017.

Everyone is beginning to set their sights ahead to 2018. Whether it be transitioning from PCC to senior secondary, transitioning into secondary from year six or simply transitioning into another learning community, preparation is extremely important. One of the most important things families can do to support a smooth transition into 2018 is to talk. Ask your child questions about how they are feeling about the transition into 2018, unpack ideas, share similar experiences and collate any questions that might arise. PCC will have a range of transition experiences organised for Term 4, encourage your child to raise concerns with our experienced PCC staff during this time.

One part of our preparation for 2018, is the highly anticipated Pathway selection for our Year 8 students. We will be having our Year 9 Subject Information Evening on Wednesday the 25th of October at 6.30pm, in the Year 4 Neighbourhood Space. To confirm your attendance, please email Nathan Gage on:

Also, stay tuned for our Parent Forums for our 2018-2021 Strategic Planning. We will have three parent forums throughout on the day (including and evening session), we will share some information about some exciting changes to PCC in 2018 and beyond, plus we will be seeking your input into how we can all work together to achieve some very important goals.

As always, feel free to contact me on to discuss any of these points in any more detail.

Below we have some year level round ups, compiled by our amazing College Captains.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Year 9

Year 9s have been told all year round that this year is dedicated to prepare us for year 10. Term 4 is now the predominant focus for year 10 preparation. Teachers are now telling us some of the expectations we will experience in Year 10 and setting the same rules for year us. Also, they are giving Year 9s shorter due dates, and more homework!!

The first 5 weeks of Term 4 is focused towards book club. Every student must select a book of their choice and read it throughout the 5 weeks. Each week, on Tuesday, students will have a task that will be due with high quality expectations.

Year 9s will be participating in camp this year as we are returning to Lake Dewar. However, this time it is a choose your own adventure with Year 9s getting to choose every activity they do throughout the 3 days.

The most exciting thing for most people would be Year 9 graduation!!! Many people did not graduate in Year 6 meaning this is a first. Celebrating the end to our time at Point Cook P-9 College and going into a big year ahead is going to be massive.

By Michael Balnozan

Year 8

For this term, there are a few things for Year 8s to look forward to. As the year begins to come to an end, the transition into Year 9 starts to begin. The first step of it being a Year 9 Pathways information evening on the 25th of October, getting a little insight into all of the amazing options open to in the year coming.

There are also a couple of successful sports teams that are going onto the Western Metropolitan Regional Finals. One being the girls Hockey team, who were previously our divisional champions, their hockey sports day is on the 31st of October. There is also our girls Volleyball divisional champions, going onto the Western Metropolitan Regional Finals, their Volleyball finals are on the 10th of November.

Another thing that the Year 8s are most definitely going to be looking forward to, is their POCO Fest Movies! As they plan, script, film, and edit their movie creations over the term, the POCO Festival movie night is on the 11th of December.

By Sophia Potter

Year 7

The Year 7s have had a busy first year of high school. As the year comes to an end, there are many exciting things to look forward to.

From the 18th of October to the 20th of October they will be enjoying their camp at Lake Dewar. The weather is looking fine for an undoubtedly awesome camp. Our year seven campers will be busy packing, ensuring they have all they need for a safe and enjoyable time.

As well as the Year 8s, the girls hockey team has made it through to the next round and will be competing on the 31st of October. Not to be outdone the boys team will also be competing in the next round of baseball on the 9th of November.

A number of excursions will be enjoyed by the Year 7s over the coming weeks, it is very important that all permission documents and due dates are followed.

By Ella Nicholson

As the year begins to come to an end, we are beginning to look for some new College Captains for 2018. You will find out more information on how to become a College Captain for 2018 and the application process will begin soon. We would like you to be aware that the process is beginning, with more information to come. Good luck!

- 2017 College Captains, Ella, Micheal and Sophia

Assistant Principal News 7-9

  • Friday, September 15, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

It is truly hard to believe that term three is nearly over, it is almost a shame that we are only a week away from out two week mid-semester break. The break is, however, definitely well deserved. Term 3 always is the ‘business term’ of the year. The teaching and learning is particularly accelerated during this time and we are able to witness substantial growth and development. All students across 7-9 have been working hard exceed their own expectations for their learning. We hope that all families will be able to come into student-led conferences and the 7-9 Open Day, as our students are ready to share their learning.

Our interim reports were able to provide a snapshot of the progress being made across the college. This feedback has been very valuable and students have all started considering ways to enhance their learning further over the break and into term four. Across years 7-9 students are beginning to develop preferred study skills that are going to help them gain a deeper understanding of the content being covered in class. Here is one study skill that could be used to support learning at home:

Your feedback and thoughts for years 7-9 are always welcome.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Year 7-9 Open Day

  • Friday, September 15, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

On Wednesday the 20th September the Year 7-9 teams will be having an Open Day to showcase all of our term 3 work! We will be showcasing the amazing work, high standards and curriculum that we are undertaking at our school in the 7-9 community.

All PCC parents are welcome to attend during session 3 and 4 (11.30am - 1.20pm). Please enter through the front office.

What our students are showcasing:

Year 7 Projects: Inquire and Inspire

The Inquire and Inspire project in Year 7 has been designed to allow for student directed learning, giving them full ownership of what they learn and the pace that they learn it. This is a precursor for projects in Year 8 and Year 9 that follow a similar model and instils a sense of independence within our students. They have been given the opportunity to choose a topic of interest, which cannot be ‘Googled’, and explore various paths to reach their answer.

Year 8 Projects: Change Projects

The Change project has given the students the opportunity to identify a Global, national or local issue that they are passionate about, relating the problem to the United Nations Global Goals. They used the Challenge based learning model to identify their problem and essential questions, which became their focus for the unit. Students narrowed down their problem into one specific challenge, before researching, analysing and ideating possible solutions. Students eventually narrowed down their solutions to one and came up with a plan to raise awareness in the College community about the chosen issue. Throughout the project, students have shared their learning, as well as keeping a progress journal on a Weebly blog that they created. The project has encouraged students to communicate, share, collaborate, question and discuss their project, roadblocks, successes and ideas with their peers.

For more information on the Year 8 Program -

Year 9 Projects: My Melbourne

The “My Melbourne” unit has been developed to support students personal development and showcase their own learning style, personal interest, independence and growing maturity. It is designed to allow students to learn about our City, its precincts, history and orientation. Year 9 students have undertaken an independent project to learn, investigate and expand their knowledge on a topic of personal interest that relates to our city. This unit is designed to develop each adolescence, including:

- Their ability to complete work independently into a topic of personal interest,

- Making decisions and taking actions that are appropriate in the context,

- Taking responsibility for themselves and their peers,

- Solving real life problems and making connections between themselves and the world around them.

For more information on the Year 9 Program -

Thank you,

David Simpson

Twitter: @MrSimpsonY9PCC

Kids Teaching Kids Conference - Western Metro Region 2017

  • Friday, September 15, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

On Wednesday the 6th of August, some of our senior environmental leaders from PCC attended Carranballac College’s annual Kids Teaching Kids conference.

We planned a lesson focusing on nurdles and microbeads which included activities such as, an experiment searching for nurdles within local beach sand samples, a matching game which involved sorting good and bad skin care products and a four corners quiz to finish it off.

Nurdles and microbeads are small plastic pellets that are regularly seen in beauty and skin care products. nurdles are slightly bigger than Microbeads ranging from 3-5mm. They both can end up in our waterways harming animals such as fish, lobsters, birds and crabs.

Our message to the students was to raise awareness and for everyone to find alternative beauty products that don't contain microbeads or nurdles. Look out for the word ‘poly’ (example polyethylene) in the ingredients list in shampoos, conditioners, body washes and soaps.

We completed two activities and taught two lessons to Carranballac and Truganina South Primary School students. Other lessons included water quality, where we tested water for pH levels, temperature and more, up cycling, recycling and landfill.

Thank you to the senior environmental team for contributing ideas and gaining knowledge from Daphne and Alannah in 8W who have been investigating microbeads as part of the Nature West project. The workshop went really well and was a great experience for all leaders. A big thanks to Ms Cairns.

Thank you also to John Forester from Caranballac College for organizing the event and to Kids Teaching Kids for creating opportunity for student leaders to lead.

Jade 7S

Melbourne Experience Reflection

  • Friday, September 01, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Spending a week in the city was an amazing experience. Over time I became more confident navigating in the city, as I learnt all the street names and major landmarks. I also became more familiar with the public transport network, how it operates and what tram routes to catch. By the end of it, I could tell exactly where I was at all times and get somewhere in a reasonable amount of time. The amount of fun I had was off the charts… There was something exciting happening every day! However, all good things must come to an end and when it was over, I was wishing school was in the city.

Jesse 7F

Assistant Principal News 7-9

  • Friday, September 01, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

So much amazing learning has been happening across 7-9 since I have joined the Point Cook College learning community.

Year 8 South Melbourne Market Excursion

A select group of students did an amazing job of representing PCC on their Indonesian excursion to South Melbourne Market and Melbourne High. Students were able to explore the market and locate certain stores. When we thought the day could not get any better, the Melbourne High part of the excursion was an absolute treat. We enjoyed fried rice, mee-goreng and free cake before were fortunate enough to see a performance by one of Indonesia’s greatest pop stars and winner of Indonesian Idol – Michael J.

Year 9 Melbourne Experience

A massive congratulations to everyone who participated at the 5-Day Melbourne Experience. It took a huge amount of preparation from both teachers and students, super impressive stuff! Well done to all those involved. Everyone demonstrated responsibility and worked to ensure we stayed safe throughout the entire experience.

Sure enough the Melbourne Experience lived up to the expectations and everyone involved had a ball. It’s fantastic to see is the remarkable development of our student’s confidence and independence skills, particularly when heading into the city, using public transport and visiting so many parts of our beautiful city.

Pathways Feedback

Our Pathways program is an absolute standout element of our year 9 program! Currently we are looking ahead to 2018, where we will be making our Pathways program bigger and better than ever. Our information evening for Year 8 students is coming up in Term 4, so please start collating your questions and wonderings about the program. We are interested in your feedback also, if you have any visions for our Pathways program. Please feel free to email me on to share your thoughts and questions.

Other Bits

Years 7-9 Showcase is on the 20th of September. Please come on down to witness some of the amazing learning that is happening.

Student-Led Conferences will be on the 21st of September. All students have been working very hard on their presentations, so it is extremely important to make sure that parents/carers are there to share.

Nathan Gage

Assistant Principal 7-9

Investigating the Impact of a Body Image Program for Adolescents

  • Friday, August 11, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Students in year 7 and 8 have been invited to participate in a research project: Investigating the Impact of a Body Image Program for Adolescents. Part of the project is a presentation delivered to students by the Butterfly Foundation. This is a FREE presentation that we fell will benefit our students in a positive manner.

This project is being conducted by a student researcher Emily Keohane as part of a PhD study at Victoria University under the supervision of Dr Jenny Sharples, Dr Laurie Chapin and Dr Siân McLean from the College of Health & Biomedicine.

Project explanation

Your school will be participating in a program delivered by the Butterfly Foundation and we are interested to learn about the impact of the program on young people. To find out the effects of the program we will compare the responses of two different groups, one group will attend the Butterfly program while the study is being done, the other group will attend the Butterfly program after the study has finished. Participants will be allocated into a group by chance.

The research project will cover topics such as, body image, self-esteem, the influence of the media, comparing yourself to others, and conversations that you might have about your appearance. We are also interested to explore how wellbeing, school engagement, and the support of family and friends impact you. Your responses will help us to understand if participating in the Butterfly Education program has made any changes to the lives of young people. The project is funded and run by Victoria University separate to the Butterfly Foundation, but the researchers will combine everyone’s responses and then write a report to the Butterfly Foundation about what they find.

What will you be asked to do?

You will be asked to take part in a 40-minute survey. Whether or not you fill in the survey is entirely voluntary and you are free to stop the survey at any time without it affecting your participation in the Butterfly Foundation’s Education Program. You can also choose not to finish the survey at that time. You will never need to discuss or show anyone your answers or the options you select in the survey. We will ask you to complete the survey three times over approximately a three-month period.

What will you gain from participating?

You will have the chance to make a difference to what is being done to improve body image and wellbeing for young people like yourself. You may find that you learn positive things about yourself by sharing your experiences, beliefs and attitudes. Your responses will provide important information about the impact of the Butterfly Education program to identify if it is effective in improving positive outcomes for people like yourself. The information you provide will assist to make any needed changes to the Butterfly Education program for future participants. You may find the research interesting and learn a bit about how researchers study the issues affecting young people. In addition, you will go into a draw to receive a movie ticket.

Information sheets and consent forms will be going home on Monday 14th November. There is a sheet for parents to read, and one for students to read with all the relevant information. If you are unsure or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the college on 8348 7100.

Abbi Chamberlain

Social Worker