Year 5-9 News

  • Thursday, February 09, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Welcome back to another wonderful year across Year 5 to 9.

We welcome our new families and teachers and look forward to building strong relationships as the year progresses.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the great effort across these year levels in regards to the uniform. Our students look great, especially our Year 7 – 9 students in their academic uniforms. They have adapted to the change – only wearing Sports uniform on sports days – and we look forward to the continuation of this across the year. A reminder to our secondary students – we highly recommend that students wear SunSmart hats for PE and breaks. If you don’t have a hat please be SunSmart – stay in the shade, use sunscreen, wear sunglasses etc. If you have any issues with uniform please speak with your child’s teacher.

There are many events coming up and we use our PCC Facebook page for reminders and details. If you haven’t liked us on Facebook please do so, then you’ll never miss anything.

With the newsletter we publish the Learning and Teaching snapshots. These documents provide overviews for each level of learning and give you insight into what your child is studying. As always we stand committed to teaching at point of need – we work to grow your child from where they are. I encourage you to read the relevant snapshot and discuss with your child.

I look forward to sharing our students’ learning across the year,

Enjoy February

Bernadette Cronin

Year 5 – 9 Assistant Principal

Year 9 Pathways

  • Tuesday, January 31, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Dear Parents,

Last year the Year 8 students brought home an invoice with their Year 9 pathways allocations and costs, with a payment due date. This is just a reminder that Year 9 pathways payments are due at the end of this week, Friday the 3rd of February, and will need to be finalised by then. Parents may call the office and make payment arrangements if needed but this also will need to be completed by the end of this week. On Monday, students who have not paid their pathways, or made arrangements, will be sorted into new groups that have little or no cost. As you can imagine, we want all students to participate in the pathways that they were interested in, however, in the interests of ensuring all pathways run smoothly we need to make any changes as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about Year 9 Pathways please speak to either Ms. Bern Cronin or Ms. Jennifer Hayes. We can be contacted through the office.

Thank you,

Jennifer Hayes

Assistant Principal

Year 9 Graduation 2016

  • Tuesday, December 13, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

What a night!

On Thursday the 8th of December Point Cook College celebrated our 2016 Year 9 graduates final year at our school. This years graduation was attended by a record number of guests numbering over 450 to help us celebrate this very special occasion for all of our Year 9s who will departing our college this year.

With the outstanding number of guests the atmosphere created was electric, with plenty of celebrations, cheers and a sense for the students that they were celebrating a very special occasion.

Below are our 4 graduating classes of 2016:

The Year 8s were amazing too, catering for the night with a range of canapés and drinks! They had spent 2 full days preparing, cooking and plating all of the food, this is a tough ask for anyone and these 8s outdid any previous group. They led as we would expect the future leaders of our school from setting up to serving they demonstrated amazing leadership, initiative and spark!

On this night along with each child receiving a graduation certificate we awarded some very special efforts to students for their participation in college life and the community. Listed below are our award winners for 2016.

Irene Norman Scholarship – Awarded to a female student who is an all round achiever: Recipient this year was Lina Legenhausen

Andrew Skeels Scholarship – Awarded to a male student who is an all round achiever: Recipient this year was Leiron Santos

Mick Hayes Scholarship – Awarded to an outstanding student leader: Recipient this year was Riarn Richards

Principal’s Award – Awarded to a student who has contributed to everyday school life and the broader school community: Recipient this year was Ada Cardona

Werribee Toyota Awards – The Werribee Toyota scholarships w presereented to two all round students who live by our expected college behaviours of: We are learners, We are Responsible, We are Respectful, We are Safe. They have worked hard to achieve at school – always demonstrating grit, determination and perseverance to achieve to the best of their ability in all they do: Recipients this year were Alessia Curcio and Adam Coustley.

Rotary Award – A student who has contributed to the Community, either the PCC Community or beyond: Recipient this year was Nadiah Mohamad Said

Julie Gillard Award - : Recipient this year was Jemi Banson

Point Cook College Lifers – Students who have attended Point Cook College from Prep through to Year 9 - Lilli Anstee Ethan Atkinson-Leach, Adam Coustely, Nathan Ellis, Theodor Nguyen, Marshall Robertson, Aidan Sinclair, Caleb Smith

Pathways - Pathways Awards were presented to students who have shown a dedication to learning in their chosen Pathway. Nominated students consistently displayed: resilience, effort and commitment to their learning. They consistently displayed the school’s values in this subject. Nominated students showed evidence of strong development and growth in their skill set and demonstrated this through the completion of specific tasks and improved outcomes.

Pathways - Performing Arts - Ada Cardona

Pathways - The Arts - Jemi Banson

Pathways - Sports: Amber Kelly

Pathways - Design and Technology - Amber Kelly

Pathways - Digital Technology - Luke Gonzaga

Pathways - Sciences - Jorden Cross

Congratulations to all of our 2016 Graduates and thank you to everyone who attended and made the night such a special occasion.

David Simpson

Year 9 Staff Member

Australian Mathematics Trust - Workshop and Award Ceremony

  • Tuesday, November 29, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

A few weeks ago I received a certificate for the best score in the Australian Mathematics Competition in the school. I also received a prize certificate which signified the top 0.3% of students that sat the test. I was invited to attend a maths workshop and award ceremony on the 18th of November, where there were many exceptional students.

When I went to Wesley College which is where the workshop was held, I entered a classroom where there were students from many different schools. Throughout the day we had 3 different teachers who taught about different areas in mathematics. The first teacher taught us about networks how to tell if they are traversable or not. The next teacher was a professor named Mike Clapper who is also the executive director of the Australian Mathematics Trust. He taught about certain types of word problems and how just by changing some of the circumstances the results would differ. The final teacher taught about the existence of things in mathematics and the pigeonhole principle.

We then had a break and I got to meet many amazing people; students of all ages and a few inspirational adults. After that we went to the award ceremony where we all were seated in front of the stage. While waiting for the ceremony to begin we could read a booklet which had the names, schools and year levels of all the award winners. Before our certificates were presented to us a few people gave some wonderful speeches. One was about the background of the Australian Mathematics competition, the second was given by Professor Mike Clapper about the amazing ways Maths is used in the world and the final one, which was my personal favourite, was by an inspiring Year 12 mathematician who talked about her journey in mathematics.

When I received my certificate I felt so proud of myself and glad that my hard work paid off. It was an absolute honour to attend the workshop and to work with such gifted students. It was a magnificent experience and I hope that sometime others can also take the opportunity to do this.

By Riva Dubey 5/6M

Middle Years News

  • Friday, November 25, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

December is almost upon us – wasn’t that a fast year?

There is so much happening across Year 5 to 9. Please ensure that you keep your family diaries updated with Graduation, Year 9 Retreat, End of year excursions to Adventure Park or the movies, Orientation Days, POCO Fest and more. Details will always come through your child’s Homeroom / Advisory teacher so please make them your first contact if you have any questions.

A few reminders:

• All students – even the big ones! - are encouraged to be SunSmart. That can include wearing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, seeking shade and wearing long sleeves/pants.

• Requests for class placements have now closed. Students will be advised of their 2017 teacher on December 19 during the annual transition session. Anyone seeking additional transition support or their child should speak to their Homeroom / Advisory teacher as soon as possible.

• Uniforms must be worn and worn correctly until the very end of the year. If you are not sure about an item of uniform, please speak with your Neighbourhood Leader or myself. 2017 all students need to start the year in uniform.

Year 9 students

As your time with us comes to a close, a couple of special reminders:

• We welcome good quality second hand uniforms. If you would like to donate yours, please send to the Office.

• A reminder that all students need to be enrolled in a senior secondary program before the end of the year. We still have a few students who have not completed their enrolments. Please do so as soon as possible.

• Details regarding the Year 9 Graduation have been provided. Please join us in celebrating this significant occasion. Thanks to Mr David Simpson for leading the organisation once again.

Looking forward to a productive last month of the school year,


Bernadette Cronin

ResourceSmart School Awards Congratulations

  • Wednesday, November 23, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

Congratulations to our senior Year 7-9 student Environment Leadership team on being awarded finalists in the Secondary Student-led Action Team of the Year. The awards were held on Friday the 11th of November at The Melbourne Museum. Representatives of the Senior Environment Team attended the awards and were impressed by the works which had been done by school state-wide for the environment. 

Point Cook College P-9 congratulates the winning schools in all categories. We are extremely proud of our Senior Environment Leaders being state-wide finalists in 2016. The school received $250 for the finalist award from Sustainability Victoria which will go towards our Environment Programs.

Congratulations to these students:

Jazmiin Devereux

Taimur Dar

Isabelle McGrath

Alannah Rechich

Nicholas Brealey

Ella Pettigrove

Ada Cardona

Lina Legenhausen

Ellyssia Hyde

Diviya Naiker

Jemma Tapp

James Garnham

Robyn Cairns

5/6 Crimson Market Day

  • Wednesday, November 23, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

To Market….to Market!!

On 18th November 2016, the Year 5/6s in Crimson had their very first market day. It was absolutely fantastic! Many businesses had sold out within the first hour whereas others didn't sell many of their products. Over half of businesses were in a large profit such as $500 or were in loss. After the market everyone realised Geitz and Exum spaces were prime spots. Other shops were in the other areas and they didn't sell as well. Overall everyone had heaps of fun.

Until next time,

Emma Burns 5/6D

Morgan Mitchell Visits Year 5/6

  • Monday, November 07, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

On the 4th of November, the Year 5s and 6s were visited by Morgan Mitchell, an Australian sprinter who was featured in the Olympics. She talked about a healthy diet and having a good amount of sleep as the 5/6 M.A.G.s have been learning about this previously.

Morgan also explained how even bad days aren't actually so bad and that you can lighten up from small mistakes. Her optimistic charisma really motivated the Year 5/6 students.

Morgan was a very inspirational woman who gave plenty of advice about how to live a happy and healthy life.

Jason Sinclair and Ferlyn Lim 5/6 TEAL

Science Fair and Mini Maker Fair 2016

  • Friday, November 04, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

The night consisted of our Year 8 students articulating their experiments to parents who were highly impressed by their scientific knowledge and investigations. They presented with confidence and responded to the many questions that were fired at them by peers and parents.

This year we included an extra twist to the annual Science Fair night with the inclusion of our Year 7 STEM program. The Year 7 STEM class presented:

3D printed cells

Interactive student made Scratch games and Makey Makey controllers

Sphero maze games

Student demonstrations brought a heightened excitement to the night with rocket launches, fire bubbles and exploding tins. The night had a fantastic community feel. Thank you to all people involved. Looking forward involvement from the junior years next year.

Congratulations to all Year 7 & 8 students on their projects and investigations.

Science Department

Alison Ryan

Year 7 Camp 2016 Lake Dewar

  • Wednesday, October 19, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

On the 12th of October 2016 the year 7's embarked on an adventure to Lake Dewar. Despite the chilly weather, our year 7's had an extravagant time participating in 6 activities and a camp out. They arrived at Lake Dewar in awe of the beautiful camp site. With many activities there was something for everyone. Many students said it was their favourite camp yet. It surely wasn't an experience to be missed.

The year 7 students participated in various heart thrilling and captivating activities, such as raft building survivor, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, kick biking, geocaching, flying fox and a breathtaking gorge walk. Among these activities the water sports were most people's favourites. The students learnt handy and vital skills whilst participating in the activities, such as teamwork, communication and survival skills. They cooked their own dinner on the night they camped and set up their own tents. Many students conquered their fear of heights on the flying fox which flew over the Werribee Gorge, giving the students a fantastic view of the cliffs and rivers.

Not only did the camp have exciting and exhilarating activities, they also had exquisite food. With roast chicken on the first night they knew they were in for some delicious food. Whilst camping out, the students made their very own dinner, a mouthwatering plate of nachos with a minced meat sauce and afterwards enjoyed hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows by the campfire. With five meals a day, no students went hungry and they enjoyed their activities on full stomachs.

Along the way, many students built stronger friendships and gained some new friends along. This was the best part of camp, as many students learnt to work together and spot their similarities, despite never hanging out together at school. Not only did the students build stronger friendships with each other, but also with the teachers. Lake Dewar will always be known as the camp that brought everyone together.

All the year 7 students had a marvelous time at Lake Dewar. The amazing memories made there will stay with the students and the fascinating stories will be shared throughout the school for years to come. It definitely seems that no one will be forgetting about Lake Dewar anytime soon. A big thank you to Mrs Jaz also, for organising our fantastic trip, along with a few other teachers. Those great 3 days wouldn't have been possible without them.

By Jemma, Jazmiin, Elyssia and Ella