Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Thursday, March 29, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

GO MIDDLETON! Well done and congratulations to Middleton House. It was great to see Middleton students enjoying their house celebration last week. Thanks to the College House Captains and Ms. Van Braam for their wonderful organisation of the celebration.

A timely reminder to all students to uphold the SWPBS expected behaviours of ‘We are Learners,’ ‘We are Respectful,’ ‘We are Responsible,’ and ‘We are Safe.’ Demonstrating these expected behaviours and wearing the correct college uniform helps your house to receive tokens, these tokens go towards a collective total. The house with the most tokens at the end of the term wins a house celebration. Parents and guardians you can find copies of our expected behaviour matrices on our College website.

Divisional Primary Swimming Carnival. It was wonderful to see many of our talented swimmers heading off to represent our College at the carnival. Well done to all students who made it through to the divisional and congratulations to Ellie Swift, Savannah Cope and Brian Lee who also represented the College this week at the Regional Swimming Carnival.

A big thank you to all parents and guardians for having their children ready for College Photos. It was great to see lots of toothy grins and some toothless ones! Our students looked amazing in their full school uniforms, if you haven’t already, you can purchase your photos online through your Compass accounts. Please contact the general office if you need to update your Compass or account.

Yummo! Thanks to all the parents and friends of the College who participated in the Harmony Day afternoon tea. Well done to Ms. Rebecca Thornton for her leadership with the afternoon tea. It was great to see many parents in attendance and wonderful to try lots of different foods from many cultures.

What a great day the Year 6 Gala Sports was. All students demonstrated our expected behaviours and enjoyed the sunshine at the various sports. It was great to watch a bit of the girls’ cricket who were fortunate enough to make it through to the next round. We wish the team well in moving forward.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! Well done to all students who participated in Ride 2 School Day. It was a lovely start to the day watching many students participate in the movement. Great job everyone.

Big thanks to the Parents and Friends Association for their organisation of the Family BBQ and Activities Night. It was wonderful to see many of you enjoying the night. If you didn’t get a chance to make it, be on the lookout for more of our wonderful family events and be sure to join in.

What a wonderful event the Prep Easter Hat Parade is. I’m sure that everyone enjoyed the parade, I know I certainly loved watching all the little bunnies hopping around the Gymnasium!

It is with great enthusiasm that I wish to welcome Miss Faye Hatzigeorgiou. She will be joining us from term 2 until the end of the year and will be teaching Prep H. The college has made the decision to add an 8th Prep class commencing from term 2 due to the increasing numbers we have had since the beginning of the year.

Farewell Mrs. Hall. It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Mrs. Hall who has been with us since the opening of the College in 2010. Mrs. Hall has made the decision to move on from our College to broaden her career. We wish her well in her endeavours, thanks for all that you have done for our students you will be greatly missed.

On that note, I would like to wish all of our families a happy and safe Easter holiday. I hope that the Easter Bunny is good to you all. Please enjoy the break. A major thank you to our wonderful teachers and support staff, what an action-packed start to the year we have had. I am proud of each and every one of you; thanks for everything you do for our kids. We couldn't do any of our work without the community partnerships that we have. Huge thanks go to our families for your ongoing positive support. It is greatly appreciated.

Have a great break everyone, we will see you on April 16th!

Kind Regards,

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Friday, March 09, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Congratulations to all of our student leaders that have been announced over the past two weeks. It is with great pride that we get the opportunity to offer our students a multitude of leadership opportunities. These extra-curricular opportunities help to shape our students into becoming well-rounded students; giving them skills they can use in their future endeavours.

It was super exciting to receive our highest amount of applicants in our College history, which demonstrates to us that the leadership programs we offer are giving our students voice and agency in what happens in their College. Unfortunately, we do not have enough positions for everyone who applies, it is during these times that we encourage our students to draw on their resilience. Being disappointed is a natural feeling, how we move forward demonstrates our true capacity to be leaders. It is important that students have the capacity to deal with these emotions in a supportive environment, your assistance in helping your children if they have missed out would be greatly appreciated.

Well done to our year 4-6 students who participated in the District Swimming Sports this week. You are to be congratulated for your efforts and for upholding our College expected behaviours whilst representing us.

It's a whole new world out there!!! Congratulations to our cast of Aladdin Junior who were announced this week. After the success of last year's production, it is with great anticipation that I wait for ticket sales. I strongly encourage the community to get behind the production, which will be on show in September.

Thank you to the new families who attended our New Family Seminar, the session was extremely informative. We understand that our College can at times be complex and value those of you who were able to give up your time to build stronger partnerships with us. In moving forward with developing partnerships it would great to see more parents in attendance, this is our College and we value and appreciate your feedback. When future sessions are offered please ensure that you demonstrate your commitment to us by joining in.

This week our 5/6 students participated in a free incursion funded through the Wyndham City Council. The incursion discussed graffiti prevention, it provoked students thinking and gave them insight into how they can demonstrate respect within their community.

Across the term, our teachers have been participating in professional practice days. These professional practice days are a part of the Education Department new agreement. For terms 1, 2 and 4 teachers at our College have chosen to work within their Professional Learning Teams to enhance their teaching practice and influence how they go about teaching and learning. The days have been extremely productive and teachers have gained further insight into their profession.

Late last week I sent out a news item on Compass titled staff professional learning program, I encourage you all to take a look at this news item and watch the linked Ted Talk. Teacher feedback is an essential part of our profession and the executive team at Point Cook would like to ensure you are aware of the program we have in place to provide this vital feedback.

Kind Regards,

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Congratulations to all of our teachers and students on a smooth commencement to 2018!

If you are new to the College, welcome. We hope that you have settled in well to Point Cook College and are enjoying being a part of our community. The College will be hosting a New Family Seminar on March 1st at 7pm in the Gymnasium, we hope that this will give you an in-depth understanding of how our College operates.

It has been with great pride that I have been visiting classrooms, enjoying joining in with the students learning. With this newsletter you will find Neighbourhood term outlines, these outlines share with you the major curriculum foci for each Neighbourhood for this term, including specialists. I strongly encourage everyone to take a look at these outlines.

This week Year 3/4 parents were sent via a COMPASS email the 3/4 2018 iPad App list. If you did not receive this list can you please see the general office to ensure that your email address is correct, so that you receive College correspondence.

Congratulations to our students who participated in the College swimming trials, well done on your efforts, from all reports students represented our College with exemplary behaviour.

Friendly reminder to all students that in P-6 you must wear a hat during terms 1 and 4. It is essential that students have a College Sun Smart hat and a bottle of water with them daily. Hydration in the heat often causes headaches and the inability to concentrate during learning time, so please ensure that all students have their College hat and a water bottle daily.

Over the past few weeks, I have received numerous amounts of feedback in relation to a multitude of things across the College. I thank each of the parents who have offered this feedback and hope that we can continue to develop a strong partnership moving forward. I would like to remind parents that we now have a parents and friends association, held at 2 pm every second Tuesday. PFA is a great way to be a part of the College Community, we strongly encourage parent involvement and would like to see as many parents as possible on the PFA, for further details please contact Rebecca Thornton at the College.

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

This newsletter is the final newsletter for the year. It is with great pride and pleasure that I get to farewell you all for a short while, whilst we all enjoy a break. It has been an action-packed year at Point Cook College with many firsts and lots of continual success across the school year.

We are very thankful for our community support and we enjoy sharing memorable moments with you all; it was great to see many of you at our Community Helpers Afternoon Tea last week.

Memorable moments across the last couple of weeks; Launching the 5/6 Canberra Tour, Year One Movie Night, Year Two Sleep Over and Year One and Two Camp program, Prep Camp Day, Community Helpers Afternoon Tea, Year One Two and Prep Assemblies showcasing their amazing semesters work.

That’s not all, there are more to come across the last week of the term students will have the opportunity to meet their 2018 teachers and home group, 5/6s will attend Adventure Park celebration day and our Year 6s will celebrate the end of the primary years.

Last week the year 6s also had the opportunity to step up to the secondary years. Students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and engaged with the activities to experience what school will be like for them during 2018.

If you are leaving the College at the end of this year can you please ensure you complete an exit form available either from your homeroom teacher or the Office. This will support us in our planning for 2018. Throughout this week students will have the opportunity to meet their 2018 teacher and home groups. It is an exciting time for our students and teachers as they get ready for next year.

2018 will be another action-packed year at PCC, I look forward to meeting many more of you across the school year. If you haven't already had a chat with me please feel free to come and say hello, you will find me out in the yard most mornings prior to the school day.

If you are farewelling the College this year, every great wish for you and your family’s future endeavours.

Wishing everyone a happy and festive New Year. Stay safe, be happy and enjoy family moments. Looking forward to continuing to develop the Primary Years at Point Cook College in 2018.

Merry Christmas!

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Prep Camp Day 2017

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

The Prep Camp Day was held on Tuesday the 5th of December. Students had a fun filled day, participating in activities such as the Giant Slide, Treasure Hunt, Bush Craft and Team building games. Many amazing memories were made with students enjoying their end of year celebration.

Check out students responses about the day below:

I liked the giant slide because we got to bounce on it on the way down. - Lincoln Prep RW

The best bit was going down the big slide coz it was lots of fun. - Stella Prep KW

We had a giant slide. It was fun it felt like I was flying. - Aarav Prep B

I liked going on the giant slide. I went sliding and surfing on it. - Lira Prep LB

The big slide was really fun. - Dylan Prep G

I liked the big slide because I could slide backwards. - Milla Prep J

On the camp day we went on the big slide. It was gigantic! Then we went to play the bucket splash game. I also liked the parachute because it was so fun! - Will Prep P

The Prep Team

Year 3 Incursion

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

On Thursday the 11th of November, the Year 3s had an incursion. When the incursion started we had a talk with Big Al explaining about indigenous things and non-indigenous things. When we finished talking we split up into our classes and got an Aboriginal sign painted on our face. After that we participated in three activities which were Aboriginal dancing, Aboriginal drawing and Dream Time story.

On the Friday, the next day we had the Colonial Show. We had the first 30 minutes of watching the show then we were sent off in groups to learn more about being a convict and soldier. During the show they surprisingly chucked water on us. It was a fun filled 2 days.

- Ruby and David 3TJ

The best thing I did was get burned by the T thing (branding iron). The T stands for Thief. – Lily S 3TJ

I will always remember how funny it was. – Hope 3TJ

I cannot believe I saw someone get chained up on a body chain. – Ruby 3TJ

My favourite part was when we were told the crocodile dreamtime story. – Rayat 3TJ

I was surprised about when Big Al told us that he lived in a cave under the Murray River. I never knew you could live under a river. – Prithvii 3TJ

I was surprised about when Big Al kept banging on the table during storytime. – Ava 3TJ

My favourite part was Mrs Taylor almost getting whipped. – Andy 3TJ

My favourite part was watching Pancake play the didgeridoo. – Olivia 3TJ

The best thing I did was when Sargeant Kennedy showed us the weapons. – Jeremiah 3TJ

Tabetha Taylor

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Friday, December 01, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

The end of week 8 term 4! What an amazing couple of weeks it has been.

The Year 6 Boys' Basketball team came third in the state championships! Well done boys, the whole school was behind you, eagerly spending the day awaiting updates on your performance, special mentions go to Miss Peters for her coaching efforts.

We welcomed over 160 prep families into the College on Thursday evening, holding our annual Prep Information Night. Thank you to all the families in attendance particularly on such a hot evening. Special mention to Mrs. Wallace and her team of teachers who helped out with the tours.

I spent some time in rooms observing the amazing learning our students are completing. It is great to see so many students engaged in learning.

Our School Council approved an amazing opportunity for our 2018 Year 5/6 students – a Tour of Canberra. The Tour will take place in October next year and we are holding an information evening on Tuesday the 5th of December for all 2018 5/6 parents to learn more. If the Tour is successful it is hoped that this will form part of the Point Cook College Camping Program and run every second year.

I had the pleasure of working with some amazing Year 5/6 teachers to design an End of the Primary Years Celebration for our Year 6 students. Specific information was sent out to our Year 6 parents today.

The main event of the fortnight, the Year 2 and 4 Concert was spectacular! This was my 4th year being involved in the production and each year I have had the pleasure of watching our students' blossom up on stage. I can't wait for next years already! Special mentions go to the Performing Arts Team and the Year 2 and Year 4 teachers for the wonderful job they did in supporting our students to participate, well done all.

Only 3 weeks left until the end of year break, and what a 3 weeks, it will be! I can't wait for the Prep and Year 1/2 camping days, Year 5/6 Adventure Park Excursion and the various other, end of year celebration that will take place between now and the end of the year.


Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Congratulations to our College community on running an amazing Twilight Market. It was great to see so many you enjoying yourselves. A huge thank you to Miss Rebecca Thornton and her team of helpers for making this event possible.

It is with great pride that I get to share with the College Community the successful of our Year 6 boys’ basketball team. They are off to the State Championships on Monday the 20th of November, I wish them every success, no matter the outcome the whole school is proud of their achievements and in particular their sportsmanship.

Thanks to all of our teachers and students who are continuing to demonstrate our expected behaviour of ‘we are learners’. It gives me great pleasure visiting classrooms and observing our wonderful students and teachers in action. Our focus on learning is a credit to all involved in the process including our wonderful community.

Prep to Year 2 STEAM challenges - have you heard about the wonderful STEAM challenges being completed in your child's P-2 classroom on a Friday? They are fantastic! It has been great to see students working in collaborative groups to create solutions through a superhero theme.

Our 3/4 students have been looking at the history of Australia. Our year 4 students have recently visited Polly Woodside where they learned about travel, how people and products were transported around the World in the late 1800's and in particular to Australia.

The 5/6 team have been busily working on their own projects through the Genius Hour program. Students have been able to investigate strong passion areas through these projects. It has been amazing to watch how these projects are coming together and to see the excitement in the students as they work to put their learning into presentations. 

A further reminder about hats. It is extremely important that students wear their hats in the warmer weather, this week we have had hot weather and unfortunately, I have noticed a large number of students without hats. Please ensure you remind your child to bring their hat to school and encourage them to wear it.


Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Friday, November 03, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Thanks to our House Captains for running our House Assemblies last Friday and those of you from our community who attended.

Twilight Market is fast approaching and it would great to see many of you on the night. Your donations would also be greatly appreciated, please refer to Facebook posts about details.

A very big thank you to all the parents who attended our Parent Forums on Wednesday the 1st of November. As a leadership team, we found the sessions to be extremely valuable in informing the strategic direction of the College.

The last of our year 5/6 Camps were held this week. MAG Crimson made the most of the camp, even though the weather may not have been the best. Thanks to all the teachers who assisted with the camp. By all reports, the students demonstrated our expected behaviours and represented our College well.

P-2 Transition is well on the way and students are enjoying learning together through STEAM challenges. On Fridays, students in P-2 get together in mixed age groupings to collaboratively solve mini challenges. It gives students the opportunity to make new friends, learn how to work together and be creative. This year’s theme is Super Heroes.

In week 3 the Year 4 team visited Polly Woodside as a part of their integrated studies topic of history. From all reports our students represented our College well, upholding our expected behaviours at all times. We value parent support with excursions and incursion as these experiences give our students opportunities to make ‘real life' connections with their learning. If you need assistance in funding student's excursions please see your child's homeroom teacher.

A reminder that Monday the 6th of November is a student free day and Tuesday the 7th of November is the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday, students are not required to attend school on both days.

Tickets went on sale for the Year 2 and 4 concert (28th of November) this week. I’ve already purchased mine, I hope you have yours!

Safety! Unfortunately, there are people in our community who are not following the road rules during drop off and pick up times. A reminder that the bus stop on Tom Roberts parade is not a drop off zone, it is extremely dangerous not only for your children but, also for those around you to be using this space as a drop off zone. I also see on multiple occasions double parking, please ensure that safety, for all comes first.

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Friday, October 20, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Welcome back to Term 4. We hope that all students and families had a fun and safe school holiday. We are looking forward to the warmer weather, please remember to send students with their hats and drinks bottles full of water. Full school uniform is required throughout the year, please ensure you let your child’s homeroom teacher know if you are having trouble with this.

All this term we have started off with lots of extra-curricular activities, Team Teal and Indigo attending camp Anglesea. I was fortunate enough to attend Indigo's camp and thoroughly enjoyed catching the waves with the students. By all reports, our students were yet again extremely well behaved demonstrating our SWPBS behaviours at all times. Congratulations to our year 5/6 Boys Basketball team who have won again and are moving on to the Regional Finals early in November. The boys played extremely well, winning all of their games and representing the College in an excellent manner.

Congratulations to our 5/6 students who represented the College at the Regional Athletics finals this week, well done to those who progressed further, we wish you well with your endeavours moving forward.

On Friday the 27th of October we will be holding House Assemblies, commencing at 2:15 pm, parents are welcome to attend. Middleton will be in the Gym, Edwards on the outdoor stage, Newton in the Agora near the 5/6 wing and McNamara out the front of the College near the Prep homerooms. This is a trial event that we hope to continue moving forward into the year. Our house and College captains will be running the assemblies in conjunction with teachers.

It was great to see so many students focused, the first week back, ready for learning. Let's continue to maintain this focus and keep up the good work.

Thanks to all teachers and parents for their ongoing continuous support, it makes our College a great place to be!

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6