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  • Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • Daryl English

Assistant Principal P-6 Newsletter

We are Learners

Our Teachers are Learners too!

As parents, you may have noticed that during term one and two your child's homeroom teacher, along with their teams mates had a day of release together. These days are called Professional Practice Days. During these days your child's homeroom teacher along with their Professional Learning Team (the group of teachers they work with, for example, the Teal MAG) work together to learn and develop their professional practice so that we can offer high-level learning opportunities throughout the College. We highly value these days at it gives our teachers the opportunity to inquire into an area of focus and development.

The Music Bus

Our 1-4 students this term were given the opportunity to express their interest in attending an instrumental music program organised by ‘The Music Bus’. We are excited to say that as of next term students who have expressed an interest will be commencing their lessons. Music is a great skill and passion to have in life and we strongly value the program at the College.

If your year 1-4 student missed the opportunity due to absence and this is something you are interested in sending your child to please head to the following website: or alternatively call 1300-1-68742 for assistance with this.

We are Respectful

Congratulations to the year 1/2 team, successfully heading out of the College this week on their excursions. It was great to see our teachers giving our students opportunities to investigate areas of interest in Science.

Part of the group attending an excursion to Werribee Zoo to further extend their knowledge of biological science on Wednesday. The other part of the group attending Science Works on Friday to extend their knowledge of Chemical Science.

Well done to all students involved, you demonstrated high levels of respect whilst representing our College.

We are Responsible

Last week Mr. Vetere, Mrs. Ryan and I spoke with a group of year 5/6 students about the College. The students demonstrated high levels of responsibility through open and honest feedback about the programs and process we have in place. It was a valuable session which allowed us as leaders of the College to give our students voice into what is working well and ideas for improvement.

We are Safe

Unfortunately, I have had reports from parents and teachers that our students are not adhering to our expected behaviour of ‘we are safe'. Often seeing students not wearing helmets when riding bikes and scooters and unfortunately riding their bikes or scooters in the schoolyard or inappropriately as they exit or enter the College.

I urge all parents to have regular conversations with their students if they are making their own way to the College about the safety processes required. Addressing things such as, wearing the correct safety gear, crossing roads in the appropriate place, ensuring that they check for vehicles when crossing driveways and being mindful of others who share their travel space are all expectations of our students. Your cooperation with this would be greatly appreciated. Our teachers will be conducting similar conversations during homeroom time.

This is the last newsletter prior to the break, we wish all of our parting families the best of luck in their new location and hope that your time at PCC has been valuable. We hope that all of our students enjoy their break and get to spend quality time with their loved ones. Come back to us safe and eager for a fantastic term 3.

 Kind Regards

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6


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