Assistant Principal News P-6 August 24

  • Thursday, August 23, 2018
  • Daryl English

Thanks once again to the many of you who attended our Primary Assembly last Friday afternoon. A reminder to the Primary Community that we will be having assemblies every second Friday afternoon, they will be conducted on the outdoor stage. Parents and friends are also welcome back in homerooms for the remainder of the afternoon to learn about what students have been focusing on throughout the term.

Congratulations to the amazing students who received awards last week. Well done to all of the students who received wristbands throughout the week and at the assembly, keep up the great work!

We are Learners

This week the students in Prep – 2 have been celebrating Book Week, sharing with each other and their teachers their favourite books. It was fantastic visiting their homerooms and learning about their favourite stories, I was even lucky enough to be able to hear some of our students read their books to me. The love of reading is something that I highly value and love that many of our students also share in this.

I have so many favourite books that it is too hard for me to choose! My favourites authors range from Dr Seuss, Julia Donaldson, Lynley Dodd, Roald Dahl, J K Rowling, John Marsden, Anthony Browne, Mem Fox, Pamela Allen, Alison Lester and the list goes on.

We are Respectful

Congratulations, to the College Primary Athletics team. On Friday the 17th of August the Athletics team competed at the Victoria University Athletics track. All students that represented the College did so with high levels of respect. They are to be commended for their efforts both on and off the track. Thanks also goes to the teachers that assisted the team on the day.

We are Responsible

It has been very rewarding walking around the College throughout the week see minimal rubbish in the yard. This means that our whole student body is being extremely responsible and ensuring that they place their rubbish in the bin and are not taking food wrappers outside. Thanks to all of you for ensuring that our school looks amazing!

We are Safe

Taking risks is a part of growing up. At times I have witnessed students taking unsafe risks in the yard this includes but not limited to things such as climbing fences, swinging in trees and doing interesting tricks on the play equipment. Whilst we do our best to eliminate as many of these activities as possible it is often hard to stop the accidents that can occur when children take these risks.

Asking our students to listen to what their bodies are telling them is key to learning when a risk is worth taking or not. Sometimes their heart may race, they might feel sick in the tummy or they could become a little dizzy. Having conversations with your children about why this is happening to them and using these signs as warning signals is a great way to develop their capacity to take safe risks. This will also support the work that we are doing with them as we implement the Berry Street Education Model throughout our homerooms.

Friendly reminder that Monday the 10th of September is a student free day, our teachers will be completing relevant learning which will lead to the development of the College’s Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.


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