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  • Thursday, March 29, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

GO MIDDLETON! Well done and congratulations to Middleton House. It was great to see Middleton students enjoying their house celebration last week. Thanks to the College House Captains and Ms. Van Braam for their wonderful organisation of the celebration.

A timely reminder to all students to uphold the SWPBS expected behaviours of ‘We are Learners,’ ‘We are Respectful,’ ‘We are Responsible,’ and ‘We are Safe.’ Demonstrating these expected behaviours and wearing the correct college uniform helps your house to receive tokens, these tokens go towards a collective total. The house with the most tokens at the end of the term wins a house celebration. Parents and guardians you can find copies of our expected behaviour matrices on our College website.

Divisional Primary Swimming Carnival. It was wonderful to see many of our talented swimmers heading off to represent our College at the carnival. Well done to all students who made it through to the divisional and congratulations to Ellie Swift, Savannah Cope and Brian Lee who also represented the College this week at the Regional Swimming Carnival.

A big thank you to all parents and guardians for having their children ready for College Photos. It was great to see lots of toothy grins and some toothless ones! Our students looked amazing in their full school uniforms, if you haven’t already, you can purchase your photos online through your Compass accounts. Please contact the general office if you need to update your Compass or account.

Yummo! Thanks to all the parents and friends of the College who participated in the Harmony Day afternoon tea. Well done to Ms. Rebecca Thornton for her leadership with the afternoon tea. It was great to see many parents in attendance and wonderful to try lots of different foods from many cultures.

What a great day the Year 6 Gala Sports was. All students demonstrated our expected behaviours and enjoyed the sunshine at the various sports. It was great to watch a bit of the girls’ cricket who were fortunate enough to make it through to the next round. We wish the team well in moving forward.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! Well done to all students who participated in Ride 2 School Day. It was a lovely start to the day watching many students participate in the movement. Great job everyone.

Big thanks to the Parents and Friends Association for their organisation of the Family BBQ and Activities Night. It was wonderful to see many of you enjoying the night. If you didn’t get a chance to make it, be on the lookout for more of our wonderful family events and be sure to join in.

What a wonderful event the Prep Easter Hat Parade is. I’m sure that everyone enjoyed the parade, I know I certainly loved watching all the little bunnies hopping around the Gymnasium!

It is with great enthusiasm that I wish to welcome Miss Faye Hatzigeorgiou. She will be joining us from term 2 until the end of the year and will be teaching Prep H. The college has made the decision to add an 8th Prep class commencing from term 2 due to the increasing numbers we have had since the beginning of the year.

Farewell Mrs. Hall. It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Mrs. Hall who has been with us since the opening of the College in 2010. Mrs. Hall has made the decision to move on from our College to broaden her career. We wish her well in her endeavours, thanks for all that you have done for our students you will be greatly missed.

On that note, I would like to wish all of our families a happy and safe Easter holiday. I hope that the Easter Bunny is good to you all. Please enjoy the break. A major thank you to our wonderful teachers and support staff, what an action-packed start to the year we have had. I am proud of each and every one of you; thanks for everything you do for our kids. We couldn't do any of our work without the community partnerships that we have. Huge thanks go to our families for your ongoing positive support. It is greatly appreciated.

Have a great break everyone, we will see you on April 16th!

Kind Regards,

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6


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