Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

This newsletter is the final newsletter for the year. It is with great pride and pleasure that I get to farewell you all for a short while, whilst we all enjoy a break. It has been an action-packed year at Point Cook College with many firsts and lots of continual success across the school year.

We are very thankful for our community support and we enjoy sharing memorable moments with you all; it was great to see many of you at our Community Helpers Afternoon Tea last week.

Memorable moments across the last couple of weeks; Launching the 5/6 Canberra Tour, Year One Movie Night, Year Two Sleep Over and Year One and Two Camp program, Prep Camp Day, Community Helpers Afternoon Tea, Year One Two and Prep Assemblies showcasing their amazing semesters work.

That’s not all, there are more to come across the last week of the term students will have the opportunity to meet their 2018 teachers and home group, 5/6s will attend Adventure Park celebration day and our Year 6s will celebrate the end of the primary years.

Last week the year 6s also had the opportunity to step up to the secondary years. Students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and engaged with the activities to experience what school will be like for them during 2018.

If you are leaving the College at the end of this year can you please ensure you complete an exit form available either from your homeroom teacher or the Office. This will support us in our planning for 2018. Throughout this week students will have the opportunity to meet their 2018 teacher and home groups. It is an exciting time for our students and teachers as they get ready for next year.

2018 will be another action-packed year at PCC, I look forward to meeting many more of you across the school year. If you haven't already had a chat with me please feel free to come and say hello, you will find me out in the yard most mornings prior to the school day.

If you are farewelling the College this year, every great wish for you and your family’s future endeavours.

Wishing everyone a happy and festive New Year. Stay safe, be happy and enjoy family moments. Looking forward to continuing to develop the Primary Years at Point Cook College in 2018.

Merry Christmas!

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Prep Camp Day 2017

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

The Prep Camp Day was held on Tuesday the 5th of December. Students had a fun filled day, participating in activities such as the Giant Slide, Treasure Hunt, Bush Craft and Team building games. Many amazing memories were made with students enjoying their end of year celebration.

Check out students responses about the day below:

I liked the giant slide because we got to bounce on it on the way down. - Lincoln Prep RW

The best bit was going down the big slide coz it was lots of fun. - Stella Prep KW

We had a giant slide. It was fun it felt like I was flying. - Aarav Prep B

I liked going on the giant slide. I went sliding and surfing on it. - Lira Prep LB

The big slide was really fun. - Dylan Prep G

I liked the big slide because I could slide backwards. - Milla Prep J

On the camp day we went on the big slide. It was gigantic! Then we went to play the bucket splash game. I also liked the parachute because it was so fun! - Will Prep P

The Prep Team

Year 3 Incursion

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

On Thursday the 11th of November, the Year 3s had an incursion. When the incursion started we had a talk with Big Al explaining about indigenous things and non-indigenous things. When we finished talking we split up into our classes and got an Aboriginal sign painted on our face. After that we participated in three activities which were Aboriginal dancing, Aboriginal drawing and Dream Time story.

On the Friday, the next day we had the Colonial Show. We had the first 30 minutes of watching the show then we were sent off in groups to learn more about being a convict and soldier. During the show they surprisingly chucked water on us. It was a fun filled 2 days.

- Ruby and David 3TJ

The best thing I did was get burned by the T thing (branding iron). The T stands for Thief. – Lily S 3TJ

I will always remember how funny it was. – Hope 3TJ

I cannot believe I saw someone get chained up on a body chain. – Ruby 3TJ

My favourite part was when we were told the crocodile dreamtime story. – Rayat 3TJ

I was surprised about when Big Al told us that he lived in a cave under the Murray River. I never knew you could live under a river. – Prithvii 3TJ

I was surprised about when Big Al kept banging on the table during storytime. – Ava 3TJ

My favourite part was Mrs Taylor almost getting whipped. – Andy 3TJ

My favourite part was watching Pancake play the didgeridoo. – Olivia 3TJ

The best thing I did was when Sargeant Kennedy showed us the weapons. – Jeremiah 3TJ

Tabetha Taylor

Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Friday, December 01, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

The end of week 8 term 4! What an amazing couple of weeks it has been.

The Year 6 Boys' Basketball team came third in the state championships! Well done boys, the whole school was behind you, eagerly spending the day awaiting updates on your performance, special mentions go to Miss Peters for her coaching efforts.

We welcomed over 160 prep families into the College on Thursday evening, holding our annual Prep Information Night. Thank you to all the families in attendance particularly on such a hot evening. Special mention to Mrs. Wallace and her team of teachers who helped out with the tours.

I spent some time in rooms observing the amazing learning our students are completing. It is great to see so many students engaged in learning.

Our School Council approved an amazing opportunity for our 2018 Year 5/6 students – a Tour of Canberra. The Tour will take place in October next year and we are holding an information evening on Tuesday the 5th of December for all 2018 5/6 parents to learn more. If the Tour is successful it is hoped that this will form part of the Point Cook College Camping Program and run every second year.

I had the pleasure of working with some amazing Year 5/6 teachers to design an End of the Primary Years Celebration for our Year 6 students. Specific information was sent out to our Year 6 parents today.

The main event of the fortnight, the Year 2 and 4 Concert was spectacular! This was my 4th year being involved in the production and each year I have had the pleasure of watching our students' blossom up on stage. I can't wait for next years already! Special mentions go to the Performing Arts Team and the Year 2 and Year 4 teachers for the wonderful job they did in supporting our students to participate, well done all.

Only 3 weeks left until the end of year break, and what a 3 weeks, it will be! I can't wait for the Prep and Year 1/2 camping days, Year 5/6 Adventure Park Excursion and the various other, end of year celebration that will take place between now and the end of the year.


Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6