Assistant Principal P-6 News

  • Friday, April 27, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

What a fantastic start to the term! Welcome, all new families to the College.

I hope that your children were all able to come home and talk to you about being Cyber Safe. On Cyber Safety Day our students experienced many valuable learning experiences that we hope they utilise when online. I had the pleasure of speaking to many students on the day, as well as congratulating our eLeaders. Well done to all involved in the organisation of the day.

Have you been on a magic carpet ride? I cannot wait for the end of term 3 when our amazing students will perform for you all in Aladdin Junior. If it is anything like last year it is bound to be amazing, let’s get behind our students and support their amazing work!

In week 1, you were all encouraged to participate in learning conversations with children and their teachers. It was great to see many of you on the night participating in these important conversations about your child/children's progress. If you didn't get the opportunity to book in please contact your child's teacher and make an appointment to see them. Parent-teacher partnerships are vitally important and we highly value them at the College.

Our amazing Parent and Friends Association is running an Entertainment Book fundraiser, if you have the opportunity to support this fundraiser it would be greatly appreciated. We do understand that you cannot support every fundraising effort the College has and therefore please support us in returning the book if you do not wish to purchase it. Thank you for your continuous support.

Thank you to our amazing Student Leadership Group who ran our whole College ANZAC day commemoration service. It was well conducted and all of our students represented the College with the highest level of respect. Thank you to all of those involved.

We would like to thank all families for supporting our staff by making arrangements for care for your children. Our curriculum day focused on the Berry Street Education Model and all staff participated in learning the ‘Body’ component of the course. This is a whole College focus and over the course of this year and beginning of next, teachers will complete 4 days of training that will assist us to strengthen our already Positive Climate at the College.

In the upcoming weeks our year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students will be taking part in NAPLAN. Further correspondence in relation to how we support our students through the NAPLAN assessments is also in this newsletter. At Point Cook College we value our capacity to develop a Positive Climate to support our students to do their best. We value students' efforts and strongly support them to put their best foot forward with anything they are doing.

As a community we often have concerns relating to an issue that has occurred at school. We asked that any of these concerns are firstly addressed with your child’s homeroom teacher. If you feel that the concern was not dealt with please contact the year level neighbourhood leader, they will best decide if the issue needs to be referred on to an Assistant Principal or if they are best to deal with it. I strongly encourage that all of our community go to the College website and access our SWPBS matrix for our community.

Are you all, ready? Our annual Athletics Carnivals are coming up (3/4, 5/6, 7-9), we would love to see as many of you as we can at our carnivals supporting our students to create an amazing atmosphere of sportsmanship. These days are highly valued at the College and this year they are compulsory for all students 3-9. There is no cost associated with the day, as the bus cost was included in your Essential Learning fee, please ensure that you complete the COMPASS permission form. It is important that you understand there will be no classes for the attending year level on the day of their athletics carnival.

Kind Regards,

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Junior Indonesian News

  • Friday, April 27, 2018
  • Rachel Wood

Sometimes parents ask me what their child needs to do for Indonesian homework. My answer would always be provide more comprehensible input! You can do this easily by subscribing and watching my youtube channel.

Please visit ‘Indonesian Fun for Juniors’, and watch it with your child. Get them to tell you what the stories mean, in English. It makes the students feel great to know more than mum and dad! I have been madly adding new videos, so there are lots of options to view. Prep students can watch ‘Harimau dan Elsa’ and Years 1, 2 and 3 can watch ‘Banyak Donut’ as well as any others they like. Make sure you watch some of Bu Cathy’s videos in the Playlist, they are great!

Here is the link:

And if you subscribe, you will always be alerted when new videos are posted!

If your child is interested in participating in Sayembara Lisan (Indonesian speaking competition), please ensure they pick up the information sheets from me in the Junior LOTE room. The competition will be held at PCC on Tuesday 8th May so $5 entry fee needs to be paid via Compass by Friday 4th May. Students or parents may contact me at

Ibu Anne