Assistant Principal News P-6

  • Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • Daryl English

Assistant Principal P-6 Newsletter

Wishing all our families a happy and safe holiday, we hope that you get to spend quality time together.

Farewell to the students and families who are leaving us, we hope that your time at Point Cook College has been valuable.

We are Learners

What a fantastic week and a half we have had at the College enjoying Literacy Week. It has been wonderful to see so many of you engaging in literature. Reading is such an important part of learning and is a foundational skill that we all continue to build on throughout our lives.

It was fantastic to see pirates everywhere on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What a wonderful positive climate it created across the College. Thank you to all who were able to support the day.

We are Respectful

Congratulations to our year 3 and 4 students who attended their camps over the last two weeks. All students demonstrated high levels of respect towards their teachers, helpers and camp staff.

The year 3 students participated in Surf Life Saving Victoria incursion at school last Thursday, and then sleep over before heading down to Anglesea surf beach the next morning. Students participated in a range of beach activity, majority of the students labelling body boarding their favourite!

The year 4 students went to Lady Northcote, located on the Werribee side of Bacchus Marsh. They enjoyed a range of outdoor education activities, including water safety and canoeing. They all had a fantastic time.

We are Responsible

Thank you to everyone who has demonstrated high levels of responsibility across the term. It has been fantastic to watch all students grow across the term and develop higher levels of responsibility. Students have been able to demonstrate this through a range of activities such as camps, excursions, kids teaching kids conference, premier’s reading challenging, out of uniform days, school musical, running assemblies, student leadership opportunities such as the eSmart leaders and many, many more.

We are Safe

I urge all our students to take safe risks over the holidays. Remember to think before you act, we want everyone to return to school happy and safe, ready to have a great term of learning.

Kind Regards

Lizzie Tout

Assistant Principal P-6

Assistant Principal News P-6 September 7

  • Thursday, September 06, 2018
  • Daryl English

What a turn out we had for both the P-2 Book Week Parade, the P-2 Father’s Day afternoon and the 3/4 Investigation Gala afternoon; there sure is lots to be celebrating throughout the College at the moment.

This term we have lots of extra-curricular activities that we are very thankful you are supporting, we also understand that cannot support everything. If you are ever having financial difficulty please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Mrs Robyn Fincher, Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing, there may be ways we can support your family with College activities.

We are Learners

Huge congratulations to our Tournament of Minds Teams. Four teams of students headed down to Deakin University, Sunday the 27th of August to present their solutions to long term challenges they had been working on across the term. Our teams, represented the College at high level demonstrating high levels of learning in their solutions. Two of our teams received honours for their solutions. Well done to all involved, thank you to the teachers who supported the program, a great effort by all.

We are Respectful

We said goodbye to our Bali Partnership School Students at the end of last week. I was so impressed by our welcoming and respectful attitudes that all of the students had towards our visitors. Over the period of their stay I saw children helping students around the College, greeting them in Indonesian, and genuinely asking them questions about their culture. Well done to our students for their amazing demonstration of respect.

We are Responsible

It is the week of weeks in our Performing Arts calendar. The time has finally come, and I for one and super excited to watch our Musical Theatre Cast and Crew perform tonight in Aladdin Junior, I hope you all were able to purchase tickets.

The musical has taught our students some amazing life long skills one of those being responsibility. The students have had to develop the capacity to miss out on there lunch times, give up after school time and manage their learning responsibly in order to take part in the performance. They are all to be congratulated for their amazing efforts, I am sure that in the next newsletter I will be writing about the spectacular!

We are Safe

It has been wonderful to see many of our students participating in eSmart week, it is such an important part of our curriculum. Thank you to the College Community for your engagement with this week and the wonderful costumes and support you gave on today in helping us to support the Allanah and Madeline Foundation.

It is always important that we remember to demonstrate our learning all of the time not just in weeks where the College is focusing on it. Please ensure that you encourage your children to demonstrate eSmart behaviours both at school and at home.

Friendly reminder that Monday the 10th of September is a student free day. Teachers will be working on creating a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, that will assisting them in developing a strong teaching and learning program for our students.

We acknowledge that there are lots of extra-curricular activities happening across the College over the next few weeks. These include year 3 and year 4 camp, Literacy week, Footy Day, and our very first Movie Night. Literacy week will include participating in Talk Like a Pirate Day on September the 19th – students will be encouraged to dress up like a private, also in the same week on the last day of term is Footy Day. Footy Day is a gold coin donation and raises money for State Schools Relief, who support families in need. Please do not feel that you are required to support all activities, it is a family’s choice what they can support.