Global LYNCs project – Connecting with South Korea

  • Friday, September 15, 2017
  • Rachel Wood

Since Term 2 of this year, Students of 3MK have been linking with students of Yongji Elementary School and Yulgeum Public School in Korea through the Global LYNCs project. Students and Teachers participated in a video-conference using Zoom Application and collaborated with students in their partnership schools in Korea. So far, they have had four digital classroom lessons sharing and learning about both countries’ culture, food, celebrations, sport, songs and animals. Students also had opportunities to learn to say hello and thank you in Korean language.

On the 13th of September, students of 3MK had the opportunity to share their learning about the life cycle of an Australian animal. This presentation was made by the students combining 2 different applications – Keynote and Notes. The project has helped them to build their knowledge on our inquiry topic “Living and non-living things” and the students have used their research skills, creative thinking and ICT knowledge to complete this project while working collaboratively with their partners. Each of their work was finally put together as one presentation to share. Students had done an impressive job that they could feel proud about.

Below is some writing about the video-conference by students in 3MK:

I really liked participating in global LYNCs. I as a Korean also learned new stuff such as Korean animals, Korean school curriculum and many more. This is a great experience I really wish my life would stay like this!

- Bella Shin

My class is very lucky to have GLOBAL LYNCS we did group work, learned lots of facts and communicated with Korea. We did lots of creative work. The Korean students were very funny.

- Gurtaran Singh

As a student of PCC, I'm excited to know that we are the only class in our school to do this fascinating project. I have learned a lot of things during Global LYNCs, such as difference in schools in different countries, national animals, foods, and cultures. I really wish I could do this all year!

- Pari Bang

I think we are very lucky to be able to do Global LYNCs. We get to learn a lot about Korea and their culture. They told us about Korean animals and they taught us how to do some taekwondo moves. We had lots of fun using two different apps and using our creative thinking. I think its lots of fun learning about Korea.

I like working with Mrs. Krishnan and my class doing different projects and presentations on different Aussie things. The Korean people are very nice and friendly and their classroom is very colourful.

- Emily Thomson

Global LYNCs to me means having an experience to learn all about the schools Yongji & Yulgeum in South Korea. It also helps me with my listening and presentation skills. I like thinking of the similarities and differences between South Korea and Australia eg. Culture, curriculum school + more.

- Faye Gracio LAN

Meenakshi Krishnan


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