Language Experience

  • Thursday, March 28, 2019
  • Sally Hill

Language experience is a great way to promote reading, writing, and vocabulary in our students. It involves students experiencing hands-on activity where topic vocabulary is used by the teacher to help define the new or build on the experience. Teachers assist students to use this vocabulary throughout the experience.

Once the experience has been completed teachers ask students to assist them with brainstorming the new vocabulary. Using the new vocabulary the class generates a sentence or two about the experience. Students themselves then have a go at either writing their own sentence using the vocabulary brainstormed or if they are in the early stages of writing they can copy the class co-constructed sentence. To add understanding to their sentence students then draw a picture to match the sentence.

Teachers utilise these sentences across the week. They may break the sentence into parts and ask students to put the sentence in order, developing their knowledge of sentence structure and reading. They may pick words out of the sentence to work with students to learn how to spell, reiterate what the meaning of the word is. This experience benefits the majority of students and can be altered to suit higher year levels. It gives students a supportive structure to experiment with their writing skills producing fantastic results, no matter their entry level.


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