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  • Thursday, October 06, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

2017 Prep Transition

Important Teaching, Assessment and Reporting Term

Extra Curricular Activities Calendar

This is just a reminder to all families, who have children starting in Prep next year. Our 2017 Prep Transition Program starts this Friday. If you have a child who is starting in prep next year, but have not enrolled them, now is the time to do so. Please see one of the ladies in our front office to get the enrolment forms. If you are undecided, please read the link on school readiness.

This is the last term of this school year and it is a long, but very important Teaching and Learning term. There will be a lot of new curriculum content taught as well as a lot of revision of content already covered. Assessments will be ongoing and there will be a final report close to the end of the term. It is therefore essential that all students attend school as well as get to school on time. Please assist us with this and ensure that all students attend unless they are unwell.

Please continue to refer to the Extra Curricular Activities Calendar as it is continually updated with important upcoming events.

Marg Holness

Assistant Principal P-4


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