Prep Scienceworks Excursion Report

  • Friday, November 11, 2016
  • Rachel Wood

Last week students in Prep visited The Scienceworks Museum as part of our P-2 STEAM inquiry. During our excursion, students participated in a program called the ‘Toys and Forces Show'. We learnt all about the forces involved in making toys move and we had a lot of fun trying differnt toys that fly, spin and spring. We found out that toys move when we give them a push or a pull.

Students also got to explore other parts of Scienceworks such as the Nitty Gritty Super City and Sportsworks. Here are some of the students' thoughts on the day:

Taksh (Prep A) - 'I played in the city and I saw the whole lego city of Melbourne. I used the digger with my friend to pick up lots of balls.'

Dave (Prep B) - 'The piano played music all by itself! The bus ride was lots fun!'

Darcy (Prep C) - 'I liked the space walk where the man was in the box asleep. We got to see how toys do stuff. I got to throw the beach ball to Cooper.'

Taha (Prep D) - 'I liked the ship in the super city because I like pirate ships and they fight badies.'

Anaya (Prep E) - 'I liked when we were playing upstairs, I played with the blocks and a wheelbarrow to make a wall.'

Sabreet (Prep F) - 'Science can help build things that are hard. I liked when we went to play in the city and I saw the creatures in the glass.'

Pippa (Prep G) - 'We watched the toy show. The girl held the toys and used force to make them move. I liked the ball because it bounces.'

Ethan (Prep H) - 'I liked the running race with my friends. I liked the basketball too!'

A big thanks goes to all of the helpers who came along and joined in the fun!

Rachel Wood


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