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  • Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Daryl English
Engagement and Wellbeing

Positive Climate
Creating a positive climate for learning impacts a wide range of outcomes for students including health and wellbeing, motivation to learn and achieve and academic performance. School Wide Positive Behaviour practices are firmly embedded in our culture, which we promote by valuing our expected behaviours of; We are Learners; We are Responsible; We are Respectful; We are Safe. This year we are introducing two more key elements in the Positive Climate domain which will support all students to develop academically, socially and emotionally within a safe and inclusive learning environment.
The first new element is the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) initiative which promotes and models respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. It teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence and aligns seamlessly with the Victorian Curriculum Personal and Social Learning domain.
The second new element is the Berry St Education Model ( BSEM) which is a positive education approach promoting strategies which are built around the creation of strength based classrooms. Earlier this year staff participated in a Curriculum Day centred around the first BSEM domain – Body. This domain focuses on understanding the impact of stress on the body and its regulatory abilities, in order to develop student capacity to remain present, centred and grounded and thereby ‘ready to learn.’
Today our Curriculum Day focused on the second, and most critical domain of the BSEM - Relationships. Strong, positive, relationships between students, teachers and parents are integral to creating a learning environment that promotes trust, validation and safety. The remaining three BSEM domains will be introduced during Term 1 next year.
You will hear more about BSEM strategies and RRRR practices across the year and we encourage you to support our learning partnership by asking questions and exploring them with your children.

Year 7/8 Space Camp 2019
We are very excited to be exploring a unique learning opportunity for our current Year 7/8 students to attend a Space Camp Study Tour in September 2019. If the tour gets off the ground our goal is to make this a biennial event. The tour will be of especially beneficial for students with an interest in the STEAM curriculum, but also to those who have a passion for space exploration, or even  just plain excitement.
Eduschool Tours will be conducting an Information Night at the College on Monday 6th August from 6.30 -7.30. Please come along if you would like to know more. Year 7/8 parents will receive another COMPASS alert regarding this event, which we ask you to respond to if attending for organisation purposes. 

Uniform Blitz
The recent uniform blitz revealed that most of our students are taking responsibility for meeting our uniform expectations and demonstrating pride in their appearance as well as being representatives of our College community, which is fantastic to see. Thank you to our families for assisting students to achieve this goal.
Unfortunately most issues around uniform seem to lay with our senior students, which is disappointing given they set the tone for the younger students and are usually responsible for their own choices when it comes to decisions about what to wear.
Of those students who are not in correct uniform, the most common explanations are ‘I don’t like wearing  (a specific item), ’ ‘I don’t have any….” and  ‘I forgot.’
The most common problems in 7-9  include wearing non school items; black socks, black tights or leggings, branded hoodies and wearing sports uniform on non sport/PE days.
For our primary age students the challenges include visible layers of clothing and the wearing of non school trackpants and jackets.
The Uniform policy and guidelines ( both on the website) are specifically designed to provide a range of options to meet students’ preferences and we have support available for families who may be in need of assistance. Please seek assistance via the College if required.

Acrylic Nails
We have increasing numbers of students arriving at school with Acrylic or Shellac fingernails. While this practice is not encouraged, please remember that all nails are expected to be kept short for health and safety purposes. Nail polish or colour must be either clear or natural in line with uniform guidelines.

Semper Dental Visits
Dental check ups will return to the College in the week beginning 29th October. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is extremely important to overall health and we are happy to be able to assist families by making this service easily accessible. Please watch the newsletter for further information.

Have a fabulous fortnight everyone!
Robyn Fincher
Assistant Principal Well Being


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