Engagement and Wellbeing

  • Thursday, March 28, 2019
  • Sally Hill
At PCC we are striving to maintain a positive climate for learning by developing strong relationships, authentic engagement practices and high and consistent expectations, thereby increasing student engagement and the development of a growth mindset in all students. 

The core elements underpinning our positive climate are; SWPBS, Berry St Education Model Implementation and the embedding of Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships practices. 

The School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework encompasses our four core values of We are Learners. We are Responsible. We are Respectful. We are Safe. These behaviours are designed to promote consistency across the College and are unpacked within the Student Matrix. The Staff and Community matrices outline the expected behaviours for staff, parents and community members which model these expectations for students. 

The Berry St Education Model is a research based approach which provides strategies for teachers and students that strengthen relationships and build acceptance, connectedness and belonging. Outcomes include; improved emotional and social wellbeing, increased self esteem, increased capacity to build ongoing healthy relationships, increased resilience and growth mindset, and higher levels of engagement and attendance. 

The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships is a Government initiative rolled out in all schools and aligns directly with the Personal & Social Capabilities strand of the Victorian Curriculum. The initiative promotes and models respect, positive attitudes & behaviours towards others and teaches students how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

Prior to school resuming this year our staff completed their third Berry St Education Model professional learning day, with a focus on Stamina and Engagement. During the term we have undertaken a College wide commitment to ensuring students are ‘ready to learn’, which has included relationship building, the establishment of consistent structures, routines and expectations, and developing students’ understanding of their ability to manage their own emotional wellbeing. 

By the end of Term 1, all students will have their own ‘Ready to Learn’ plan in place, which will include the self regulation strategies they have identified that work best for them as individuals.Our final BSEM Curriculum Day on 5th April will focus on Character Strengths. These BSEM skills and strategies will not only assist our students as learners at school, but also as socially and emotionally competent adults. We are excited about building on this work throughout the year and will be providing information and gathering feedback from all stakeholders as we go. 

In the interim please take some time to talk about the learning environment with your children, including terms such as ready to learn, self-regulation, de-escalation, mindfulness and being present, centred and grounded.

Kind Regards,

Robyn Fincher
Assistant Principal
Positive Climate and Engagement

Walk and Wheel Wednesday

  • Thursday, March 28, 2019
  • Sally Hill

We hold Walk and Wheel Wednesday every week to encourage our students and their families to actively travel to school as part of a healthy lifestyle. In 2016, we were selected by the Wyndham Council to be part of the Active Travel Schools Program, which allowed us to install three Active Travel Paths. Students and their families can follow the markers on the footpath which will take you to one of our School Crossings, which is the safest place to cross the road. 

The locations of the paths were selected based on where most of our families live. Families can hop on the path at any point. Parents of older students, may choose to use the paths as a drop off and pick up point as there is ample parking along each path! There are also markers that have been placed where students need to cross the road to remind them to ‘Stop, Look, Listen & Think.’ 

The purple path starts at the park on Florey Avenue near Nossel Drive. The path will lead you through the park and along Tom Roberts Parade until you reach the school crossing.  

The orange path starts at the corner of Pritchard Walk and Penton Way. This path will take you along Miles Franklin Blvd, Enright Parade, Niland Cres, Fairbridge Rd, Holdsworthy Rd, Brownlow Drive, and Donaldson Pl to the reserve on Breasley Parkway. Walkin along Breasely Parkway will then lead to Tom Roberts Pde and the school crossing. 

The blue path starts at Cheetham Creek on Lennon Blvd. This path will take you through Nolan Reserve to Sidney Nolan Walk, and to the lights at the corner of Tom Roberts Pde and Boardwalk Blvd. Markers after the lights will lead families directly to school. 

On Wednesdays from 8.20-8.40am, staff and student leaders will be at some of the entrances around the College, handing out tokens to students who actively travel to school by walking or riding. Students who use the School Crossing may also be spotted and receive a token even if they came to school in a car because they crossed the road at the crossing! 

Please remember that if your child is riding a bike, scooter or skateboard they need to wear a helmet. We hand out two tokens when students are wearing a helmet! While the weather is nice, let’s get outdoors and actively travel to school! It’s a great way to start your day.


Rebecca Thornton

EAL & Community Partnerships Leader