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Years 7 – 9 are the Middle Years of a child’s education – they are years that provide students with various opportunities to develop both breadth and depth in their learning and ensure that they are ready to follow their learning pathway into the Senior Years. Middle Years students are young adolescents who are going through a period of rapid emotional, physical and intellectual development; therefore the curriculum offered is designed to engage the students in their learning by making authentic connections between classroom learning and real life.

The year 7-9 learning program at PCC focuses on:

  • Developing the whole person – academically, socially, emotionally, physically
  • Balancing explicit, point of need teaching with authentic experiential learning tasks
  • Providing student choice whenever possible
  • Scaffolding learning to develop independent learners

Throughout the Middle Years the curriculum focus at PCC develops into a more Discipline based approach. Students maintain their learning in English and Mathematics and begin their formal studies in Science, Health, History, Geography, Economics and Civics and Citizenship (formerly part of the Inquiry program). Learning is connected across Disciplines, planned and delivered by dedicated year level teaching teams in specific year level spaces. All students in the Middle Years have a Homeroom base for their learning, moving to Specialist Spaces for classes as required.

Students in the Middle Years have access to specialist learning areas of Health and Physical Education; The Arts (Visual and Performing Arts,) Food Technology, Science and Language Other Than English (LOTE- Indonesian). Students have the opportunity to attend Outdoor Education Camps in each level and participate in the biennial overseas trip to Indonesia in Year 8 or 9. There are also a range of year level specific activities and events, designed to maximise student engagement and to celebrate learning success in a variety of formats.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a significant component of learning, integrated in all curriculum areas. In the Middle Years students are learning through real life ICT applications. Our Year 7-9 students are also engaged in a 1:1 iPad program (parent funded).

Year 9

As students enter into their senior year at PCC, they have opportunities to participate in a range of events and to develop a learning program that matches their interests and potential future directions. All students participate in the point Cook Scramble, the Melbourne Experience, the Year 9 Retreat, PCC Graduation ceremony and the Pathways Program.

Pathways Program

Middle Years students learn best when they have a choice in what they are learning and can connect what they are doing now with what they want to be doing in the future. At PCC we offer our Year 9 students a chance to select the focus for part of their learning program.

Students get to select 4 subjects to study, in addition to their core program. By making these choices students have the opportunity to follow an interest and to experience the breadth of subjects that are available to them in future years.

These subjects range from Art through to Theatre Performance, with subjects covering Technology, Health and Physical Education, Environmental Science, Music, Dance and Drama. Students study 2 Pathways subjects each semester.

There is a Parent Information night held annually in Term 4 for Year 8 parents and students to explain the program and the processes involved.

Please see the Pathways Handbook for more information.

Year 9 Pathway Handbook 2019 (PDF)