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Through our ethos and values, Point Cook P-9 College empowers our community with knowledge for a positive, present and sustainable future. We are committed as a college to creating awareness of Environmental Issues that the world faces- offering opportunities to make a difference at a Local, National and Global level. As a college we are accountable for implementing, evaluating and improving our sustainability practices.

Point Cook College P-9 has achieved three star recognition state-wide as a ResourceSmart School. The school continuously aims to integrate Sustainability Education into curriculum and improve practices in Energy, Biodiversity , Waste and Water across the school campus.

Students at Point Cook College P-9 have the opportunity to be actively involved in selected annual State, Nation and Global Sustainability awareness days and undertake learning opportunities relevant to these days.

Students across year levels have opportunities to be involved in sustainability projects, partnerships conferences and events so that children make an active and positive difference to improving their environment on local, national or global levels.

Sustainability Education at Point Cook College aims to ensure strong learning connections are made in local ecosystems and with organisations who work in these ecosystems.

Point Cook College offers opportunities for children to be active in making a difference towards a positive future for our planet.

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