Full Cycle Program

Full Cycle is a program at the College. To read more about the program please visit the Full Cycle web site by clicking the following link; Full Cycle

Here is a short run down of how our Full Cycle program works:

  1. Used/pre-loved bikes are donated to Full Cycle
  2. Bikes are assessed by our students and either stripped or repaired
  3. Sessions are ‘hands on’ and rely on the competent use of hand-tools
  4. Learning tasks are catered to individual abilities and needs
  5. Together students learn all about the basics of fixing and refurbishing bikes
  6. Students get greasy and engage in the mechanical processes
  7. Confidence and self efficacy is developed according to individual needs
  8. Documentation of achievements and learning are showcased on our website
  9. Bikes brought to life are donated by students to people in need within our community and beyond

Winners = Students + Teachers + People in Need + PCC + Humanity!

The Key Values of Key Cycle are:


Our journey always begins with recycling in mind.

We value our natural environment and contribute to its improvement by recycling and reusing bikes and parts.

We strongly encourage cycling as a means of transportation to reduce congestion on our over populated roads whilst contributing to cleaner air.


Learning through experiences teaches us many lessons

We believe in lifelong learning for personal and community betterment. Learning new skills and knowledge today will broaden our possibilities for tomorrow.

We Embrace

Risk taking - Respect for others - Critical thinking - Problem solving - Team work - Fun

Community - Give

Donating bikes to people gives us a meaningful focus

We exist in the community to provide a service for its people.

Our work aims to build a more inclusive and supportive community.

We embrace diversity of experience, identity and opinion and believe that collaboration is our key for social change.