High Achiever Program

In 2021, Point Cook College we will be establishing a High Achievers Program for students in years 7-9.

Students will be able to access the program via a successful application. Links to the application form as well as further information can be found below.

The aim of the High Achiever Program is for students to:

  1. Access advanced curriculum to extend and motivate students to achieve excellence
  2. Address the individual academic needs of high achieving students
  3. Incorporate programs to encourage the development the 21st century learning competencies
  4. Develop deep understanding and critical thinking skills
  5. Enhance their ability to work with more abstract and in-depth course material
  6. Become effective problem solvers
  7. Extend their analytic and creative skills
  8. Successfully work as independent and cooperative learner

All applications must be submitted by the 15th May.

Application form

HAP powerpoint (pdf)

Students will be notified via email of an interview time. All interviews will be held at the College from July 13th. We look forward to receiving your application.

Tracy Peters

7-9 Sub-School Principal