Principal's Message

Update re:Term 3 Remote Learning

As you are aware Daniel Andrews announced that students at Point Cook College in Years P-10 will be returning to remote learning commencing 20 July 2020.

As we move into remote learning we will again offer onsite supervision for students whose parents are not working from home, students with a disability or who are considered vulnerable. If your child fits the criteria above and you require supervision from 20 July please email your request to the College email

We will forward you the relevant documents to complete. Once the relevant documentation is submitted your request will be assessed and you will be informed of the decision made.

Please note if children can learn from home they must learn from home.

To access remote learning materials for your students click on the appropriate link below

Please stay tuned for further information. Our website will be updated frequently and we will stay in touch on a regular basis through COMPASS and the College facebook page

We have done this before with great success and we will do it again.

Link to P-2 Sub School Home Learning Page

Link to 3-6 Sub School Home Learning Page

Link to 7-9 Sub School Home Learning Page

Link to Wellbeing Information

Please remember the advice we gave during term 2 remote learning is still relevant:

We are all in this together and the following outlines the expectations for all parties. Please be patient and ask any questions you have regarding the information provided. Adherence to the normal classroom behaviours and etiquette should still apply with some minor modifications. The protocols are based on our Point Cook P-9 College E-learning agreement & SWPBS expectations. Please remember that all network policies apply to our network, equipment and digital online spaces provided by our College, whether on or off campus. This includes those digital channels created by our staff for staff-student communications. Therefore, the use of the Google Meet videoconferencing presence or other forms of video conferencing have expected protocols that need to be met by the Point Cook P-9 College teachers, students and parents/guardians.

Students will be expected to:

* Wear appropriate clothing every school day

* Adhere to the college Digital Technologies Student Acceptable Use Agreement found on Compass as a reminder of what is expected of them

* Model an online presence of appropriate behaviour

* Adhere to the cyber safety principles and never share your private information

* Be aware that your presence may be recorded by the teacher and/or the system for future student and teacher educational purposes.

* Be aware of your physical surroundings. Discuss with your parents/guardians where a video conference can best take place in your home.

* Be aware that all who participate in the video conference can be seen by each other. Body language is important.

​In the coming days and weeks we will add to our programs. We thank you for your continued partnership during this time and look forward to working through this journey with you.

Mandy O'Mara

College Principal