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The College is committed to working with families to build strong school attendance foundations from an early age. Regular attendance supports students to;

  • maximize their full educational potential and increase learning outcomes
  • build a positive connectedness to school and learning
  • build relationships with staff and fellow students
  • actively participate and engage in their learning

It is important to remember that daily attendance is key to consolidating opportunities for learning. Missing the equivalent of even one day a week adds up to twenty percent of learning time in a year, which is quite significant. If your child is going to be absent from school you will need to either leave a message on the College absence line on 83487117 or advise the homeroom teacher via the COMPASS Parent Portal.

Long term absences while not ideal, are sometimes unavoidable, eg; family holidays, medical procedures. Notification of a long term absence is required in writing either prior to or at the beginning of the absence.

To view the Attendance Policy and guidelines click here

Attendance Support

Children who are reluctant to come to school often create what seem like ‘acceptable’ excuses and parents occasionally can be tempted to allow students to have a day off for a ‘special treat.’ It is important to keep in mind that if not monitored, regular absences can quickly develop into patterns of non attendance. While we do not expect nor want students to be at school when they are ill, aiming for attendance on all other days is the expectation.

In some cases, absences can be related to underlying issues or anxieties that may or may not be directly related to school. We can provide support for families to address some of these issues but only if we work together. We encourage you to begin conversations with the college if you notice any pattern of ‘school avoidance’ or are struggling to get your child to school, and we will continue to converse with you if we have any absence concerns. It is important to remember that the longer the problem persists, the more difficult it can be to re-engage your child in their schooling. School engagement is a partnership and we are keen to provide strategies and support to get your child’s attendance back on track.

Chronic Lateness

It is important for students to start the day on the right note. Being ‘organised and ready to learn’, an example of the ‘We are Learners’ expected behaviour, is key to creating a positive tone. Students who arrive in plenty of time to organise their belongings, make connections with friends and teachers and understand the day’s routines events and learning expectations are best placed to optimise their learning opportunities.

  • Homeroom doors open at 8:40am.
  • Instruction begins at 8:50am.
  • School finishes at 3.00pm.

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