Engagement and Wellbeing

Engagemet & Wellbeing

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Student Wellbeing

Students’ health, safety and wellbeing are essential to learning and development. An inclusive, safe, orderly and stimulating environment for learning is critical to achieving and sustaining students’ positive learning experiences. At Point Cook College we are committed to;

  • Providing a safe and stimulating learning environment to ensure all students can achieve their full potential.
  • Optimising individual student academic, social and emotional development and growth.
  • Creating a positive and consistent framework to manage and monitor the learning environment and develop processes and programs that support the health and wellbeing of our students.

Student Engagement

Student engagement refers to the extent to which students feel connected to and engaged in their learning and with the broader school community. It spans students’ motivation to learn, as well as their active involvement in learning. Engagement also refers to students’ engagement as they make critical transitions through school and beyond into further education and work. At Point Cook College we are committed to;

  • Improving student engagement across the school so that every child is connected and challenged in their learning
  • Maximising student involvement in their learning and broadening educational provision to increase opportunities for all
  • Ensuring all key areas of student transition are coherent, planned and supported
  • Creating opportunities within the College community for student voice