House Captains 2018

The College consists of 4 different Houses. Newton, Edwards, McNamara and Middleton.

Newton House

'Newton' was derived from a man named William Ellis Newton, he was born 8th of June 1883 in St Kilda, Victoria. As a child he was a keen sportsman, but grew up to become something more, something greater. He was a flight lieutenant in World War II. Fellow airmen nicknamed Newton 'The firebug', claiming that wherever Newton flew he left fire trailing behind him, on the ground of course. On 16 March 1943, Newton lead an attack against Japanese positions at Salamaua in Papua New Guinea. He was hit by heavy ground fire and caught fire, ironically. He was taken into Japanese territory with Sergeant J. Lyon. Both men were sent to Lae, where Lyon was later executed. Newton returned to Papua New Guinea, Salamaua and on 29 March 1943 he too was executed. Newton’s fearless approach to flying and the manner in which he attempted to save his crew by piloting their burning aircraft as far from the Japanese position as possible earned Newton the Victoria Cross, a very prestigious medal. Newton’s body was located and buried in the Lae War Cemetery. He was a hero, he died a hero.

Edwards House

We are named after a World War II veteran called Air Vice Marshall Hughie Idwal Edwards. He was in charge of the royal RAAF No. 105 Squadron in 1941 where he led a 12 engine attack on the heavily defended port of Bremen. Since then, Edwards has been the Governor of Western Australia and has become the most highly decorated/awarded Australian of the war. Since our house represents such an important figure we hope to honour Edward's name as much as we can. We aim to share our knowledge and respect of the school and its values to the student community and help make the school reach its full potential/a better place/as good as it can be.

McNamara House

A little history about how yellow house got its name, McNamara. Frank McNamara was the first Australian Airman to be awarded the Victorian Cross. His final air rank was Air Vice Marshall. He was born on the 4th of April in Rushworth, Victoria. He died 2nd of November, 1961 in London, England. He was in the First World War, 1914-1918 and the Second World War, 1939-1945. The Units that he was in were 1st Squadron AFC, 5th Wing No 67 Squadron Royal Flying Corps and No. 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps.

Middleton House

The name Middleton originated from the War hero Rawdon Hume Middleton. He was a pilot officer and he was enlisted in the RAAF under the Empire Air Training Scheme. Middleton was a very quick achiever and completed 29 operations in 13 months. On his 29th operation he was to fly from Italy to England. On route a shell struck the plane and exploded. Middleton and his second pilot were left severely injured. Middleton lost sight in his right eye and the aircraft was extremely damaged, however he continued to fly to England. The last days of Middleton were when he was flying to Northern France and his plane had only 5 minutes of fuel left. Tragically he and his crew of five died in the crash. Middleton’s bravery will be remembered.

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