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The provision of a positive environment for learning underpins improved engagement, wellbeing and learning outcomes for all students. PCC began implementing the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) approach in 2015 as our whole school framework for creating a safe and supportive environment for students, staff and the wider college community.

The SWPBS framework promotes and maintains a safe and orderly learning environment that focuses on establishing a consistent approach to behaviour management and positive recognition of acceptable behaviours within all settings, all of the time. We recognise that learning social skills and socially acceptable behaviours moves at a different pace for every student and that some students will need more support than others. At the heart of SWPBS at PCC is our Behaviour Purpose Statement and our four core expected behaviours; ‘At Point Cook College we develop academically, socially and emotionally within a safe, engaging and inclusive learning environment.’

  • We are Learners
  • We are Responsible
  • We are Respectful
  • We are Safe

The Student Matrix unpacks examples of each expected behaviour and is ‘taught’ and displayed in all learning environments across the College. The Staff and Community Support matrices have been developed to support the student matrix by promoting the modelling of the types of behaviours that we want our students to display. Our acknowledgement system for recognising expected behaviours is linked to our House Community structure. Students displaying expected behaviours are acknowledged with tokens and wristbands that earn points for each house. House communities with the highest amount of points at various stages throughout the year are rewarded with a celebration for all members of the winning house, promoting a sense of connection to a wider community within the college. The following links provide more details of the expected behaviors at our College.

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