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Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing team at Point Cook College consists of the following members: Engagement and Wellbeing Assistant Principal, Assistant Principal P-4, Assistant Principal 5 -9, Inclusion Co-ordinator, Speech Pathologist, Youth/Social Worker and Middle Years Wellbeing Co-ordinator. Their role is to manage high level wellbeing support across the College by allocating resources and providing assistance for students and families. Initial concerns regarding student wellbeing should be directed to the home room teacher who may seek advice from the relevant Neighbourhood Leader and/or community level Assistant Principal. These matters will then be referred to the Wellbeing Team for case load management or support recommendations.

Student Support

A key role of the Wellbeing Team is to provide support for students who are experiencing social or emotional challenges. This support may be either individual or group based, short or long term, depending on needs. If a student is recommended by the team for ongoing support parents will be asked to sign a consent form. The Support Centre is currently being developed as a safe space for students with identified needs to visit. The Centre currently houses our wellbeing team, withdrawal and community spaces and will eventually include indoor and outdoor program and play areas.

Students in Years 7-9 are able to visit our Youth/Social Worker to seek confidential advice or assistance. These students will be supported to inform parents should matters be raised that impact on their immediate safety or wellbeing

  • Improving student engagement across the school so that every child is connected and challenged in their learning
  • Maximising student involvement in their learning and broadening educational provision to increase opportunities for all
  • Ensuring all key areas of student transition are coherent, planned and supported
  • Creating opportunities within the College community for student voice

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