Studies of Asia and Intercultural Capabilities at PCC

Studies of Asia and Intercultural Capabilities are priorities at Point Cook College and we support our vision of Creating Tomorrow Today by establishing pathways for students in our increasingly global society. We value individuality by embracing diversity and celebrating the efforts of all individuals.

The demographic of our local community encompasses a large proportion of families with an Asian background. It is important that every child in the College has the opportunity to become inter-culturally capable, understand diversity and develop the skills to operate effectively across all cultures. We are committed to programs that promote our understanding and connection with Asia including the Global Links Project, the Leading 21st Century Schools-Engage with Asia Project and our participation in the Bastow Leading Asia Capable Schools Course.

Following the launch of our Studies of Asia Program in 2011, we have worked to ensure Asia Literacy is evident in Teaching and Learning programs throughout the College. Currently the college is working in on a Bastow pilot project to develop Intercultural Champions.

At Point Cook College we celebrate all cultures and emphasise inclusiveness through recognising similarities and differences. The College is passionate about global citizenship and preparing our students for their participation as culturally responsible citizens.

The College promotes and highlights aspects of this learning through:

  1. Indonesian Language program
  2. Japanese language program
  3. Intercultural Capabilities Curriculum
  4. Partnership School Project with Bali Singaraja SMP1- Homestay and Cultural Tour (alternating years)
  5. Development of the college Welcome Wall & Sign Post

Internationalising Point Cook College

On the 12th March 2019 we welcomed a delegate of 25 Principals from Indonesia in to our college. The Indonesian principals were here (through the Monash Education Department) to learn about how a college of our size runs, the Positive Climate work we are continuing to do, the curriculum and assessment we use and how we engage the students of PCC in their classrooms. The delegate spent the entire day at the college and met with staff and students from all year levels. Many of the delegates explained that our college would be ‘a dream school’ for them. They were amazed at the work our students are producing and the variety of subjects we offer at PCC.

Commencing in 2020 Point Cook College will be growing its ‘Studies of Asia identity’ by introducing Japanese to the curriculum with a prep to year four program as well as a planned study tour to Japan for the senior students and ambitions of entering into a partnership agreement with a Japanese school.