PCC Bulletin - Term 3, Week 7

Book Week Celebration

Thank you to everyone who got involved with our Book Week celebrations today. We hope it brought some joy into everyone’s day. 

We certainly appreciate the efforts made by our amazing staff in dressing up for the day. I certainly know that our on-site students had a fun day!

A few of the amazing characters we had on-site were Mary Poppins, Cat in the Hat, Oompa Loompas, Unicorns, Princesses and  more…

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Reports came out today that suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a lesser impact on students’ literacy and numeracy achievements than expected. Victoria led the way in the results and we will be sharing PCC outcomes soon. Whilst it is very pleasing to know the impact is far less than expected, we do recognise that different students and schools will have varied experiences. But overall, things are looking great!

“These results will be welcomed by governments, schools, parents and carers as a first national insight into the educational impact of the pandemic,” said ACARA CEO, David de Carvalho.

“The results suggest that persistent effort to improve outcomes pays off,” he said. “It is testament to the resilience of students, teachers, parents and carers, and school and system leaders during these challenging times.” 

This just reassures us that the efforts and hard work being put in by our teachers, students and families across remote learning is so important. Keep up the amazing work. More update will be available for next weeks bulletin!


Athlete Development Program

As we have previously shared, Point Cook College are proudly offering a high performance athlete development program. The purpose is to assist our emerging athletes in their pursuit of sporting and academic excellence. We will provide the best possible environment for young athletes in developing their sporting attributes and their sporting pathways in their chosen sport.

We have had a great amount of interest in our new Athlete Development Program so far. Applications for the 2022 Program are currently open and are due to close on Tuesday 31st August. Please check out the ADP info on the website for more info and to apply. 



Dogs Connect

We have been lucky enough to have cookie on-site supporting our vulnerable kids during lockdown. Cookie is still learning and already he has been able to build relationships and use his skills to support our young people. It’s been excellent seeing students form positive and calming relationships with him.  We look forward to welcoming all students back in site to continue his good work.

The Dogs Connect program has found scientific connection between the support and connection with a dog and how it relates to some really powerful experiences when we connect in a safe and authentic way.

Wellbeing dogs connect with many, many people in their role as support for people in schools. Wellbeing dogs bring opportunities for positive impact and offer the natural connection between mankind and dogs, as well as eagerness to interact with many people. 


Colour Run

The Colour Explosion School Fun Run is coming to point Cook on 12th November 2021. We all need something to look forward to. What better to get excited about than an explosion of Color and fun.

Visit myprofilepage.com.au to create your child’s cybersafe fundraising profile. Instructions are in your child’s sponsorship booklet that was sent home before the lockdown. You have until 12/11/2021 to fundraise, so make sure you get cracking!

Out top three fundraisers so far are doing an amazing job. Well done to Himmat, Leighana and Jameela for leading the way!


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